Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I know.

I haven't posted in a while. We've been playing with Grandma Robinson. Let's see what I can dig up.

Enjoying what used to be lovely weather.008

Bennett 029

Our big kid boosters! (We don’t used them a lot yet, but it’s was fun to try them out.)043


The cute taggy blankets that Janice made them.085

So some games work for some babies and not for others. We really like this game cause Ruby likes it, and it’s fun to see her laugh ( you’ll notice us playing the same thing in some videos in the last few posts- oh well). I love how she plays with me even when she isn’t looking at me, and vice versa. The boys giggle a lot too, but for some reason we have more videos of this funny girl.

I really tried to think of anything else to post about besides these lovelies, but it's all babies all the time around here, so there you go. (And I realize the title of the last post was a little braggy. I just meant they are awesome to hang with, you know? The keep me company and it's just fun.)

Oh, I did cut three more inches off my hair. Just no pictures of it yet.

Easter is coming up. I wonder if the Easter Bunny will stop at our house this year.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

These babies are awesome.

Can I just say how much I love to  look at, talk to, sing to, laugh at, kiss, and squeeze these babies. I just can't get enough of them. Being alone here is going exceptionally well. I am able to feed them in 30 minutes or less watching them all as they are in their car seats with bottles propped. (Don't worry, I watch them closely.) And they seriously slept for the entire two hours of several of their designated nap times. That 45 minute intruder must have heard me and decided it was a good idea to stay away. Things are looking great. We're having a blast together.

And even though there was thunder and rain outside yesterday, I thought we better start wearing these summer clothes now before they outgrow them (even if it means wearing long sleeves under them to stay warm)! We did have absolutely gorgeous weather over the weekend, mid 70s. I loved sorting through the babies new spring and summer clothes, even though it makes me sad to put away the winter clothes I love so much. We went to the temple on Sunday for Brit's last day with us, and it was a beautiful day indeed. How I am LOVEING the spring!

    034 035044 046 006 025 031

Monday, March 22, 2010

Goodbye Auntie Britney.

Britney is gone. I'm sad. I'm alone and lonely. She filled the house with such cheer and optimism. It was like I had a girlfriend here all the time to chat with, share fashion advice with, watch movies and TV with, laugh at the cute things the babies do with. . . Now what do I do? The babies, KC and I all have benefited from having such a great girl around. We made the most of staying inside all the time by watching some of her favorite movies, some of my favorite movies, and some movies new to both of us that have turned into our favorite movies. We played in the snow like little kids, we sang duets to the babies, we made fools of ourselves entertaining the babies, and we shared common memories from our childhoods. She was also very eager to help around the house and with the cooking, both of which I repeatedly told her were not part of her job description. It's been such a great experience having someone so capable, responsible, energetic, willing, and cheerful to help me in this important responsibility I’ve been given.

We've definitely had some low points when the babies were harder, but we always seemed to bounce back to the fun we were having before. I think having Britney here really kept me in line during the times when I felt really low and out of sorts. She always had me laughing and entertained with her whit and personality. I wish her the very best with her upcoming ventures in her life. The babies will always be told of the many helpers that kept me sane all these months, particularly how much Britney sincerely loved and cared for them day in and day out. What a sacrifice she made to put her life on hold to help in this time of need. I really can’t say thank you enough. She is one of a kind and we feel like better people having her around. We’ll be checking her blog with anticipation to see what is next in her life. We love you Brit.

The last time I was alone in my house was after the babies were born, but before they came home. It’s been a while . I just got finished with my first solo feeding and play time. To be truthful, I was nervous to be alone for a day and half with the babies when I never have been before, but it really wasn’t so bad. Quite fun in fact. We do miss Brit’s songs and baby talk around here, but we’ll have to make do with videos and pictures when we need her around. I really feel like I can do this, especially with the babies' new and improved sleeping habits and happy demeanors. Anyway, Janice, KC's mom will be here on Tuesday evening, and Nicole, his sister will follow in about a week. Then when they leave my mom is back to join me. So I'm probably going to enjoy this little bit of alone time while I have it. But I'm sure I'll be ready for those helping hand when they are here.

Again, we miss and love our Britney and can’t wait to see you again! This is to tide you over.

Oh, and the babies have a message for you.


007 012 013



Sunday, March 21, 2010

12 hours straight!

Breakthrough people! My babies have learned to sleep through the night without a feeding. It all started on Friday night. We put them to bed around 7:30, and KC and I had a fun time out on the town in DC. We got back and heard from Britney that there wasn't even a peep from the littles. For the past week or two we have only been feeding them once between 7:30 pm and 7:30 am, and it was usually around 3 am or 4 am. I knew it was time to do away with this feeding, but I was giving in for a while, mainly because we had just dropped their 10 pm feeding and didn't want to cut too many feedings at once. So we heard the usual whimpers early Saturday morning, but this time it wasn't the expected 3 or 4, but 5:30 am! That is an accomplishment right there, since it was and hour or so later than usual. Alex was the only one awake. I tried to see if he would go back to sleep, but he wasn't having it. So we got him up and fed him, and put him back to sleep, which he did happily. And instead of waking the others to eat, our usual routine to avoid waking up multiple times in the night, I decided to let them sleep since it was only a couple of hours until the morning wake up time. And do you know what? Ruby and Bennett, the sweeties, slept all the way until 7:30 am. I was one happy mommy. Alex did okay too, sleeping as long as he did, but 12 hours is our goal, and we finally made it. Alex is next.

I wasn't planning on the next night to be as good. I know most things with babies are two steps forward, one step back. So being realistic, I was prepared to get up for a feeding in the night. When I heard the cries around 4 am, I went to get the culprits. It was Ruby and Alex this time, and Britney and I fed them. I told KC that we were leaving Bennett asleep and it was his job to get him if he woke up. Now that I know they are capable of sleeping through the night, I don't think we need to wake them up to eat anymore. So, Bennett went right ahead and slept until 7:40 am. He wins the prize. I love that my babies wake up happy and kicking. I love that I am getting more sleep (especially with this annoying cold I'm fighting), and I love that the misery of sleep training is actually paying off. Naps are another story. That 45 minute intruder is not my friend. We're working on it. But they sleep more now than they ever have before, and it's making us a happier family. Hopefully tonight I'll have three sleeping babies all night long. Won't that be a milestone to remember.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just ignore me and pay attention to her.


And just for fun.

Bennett ( a.k.a.  Houdini) often escapes from his swaddle during nap time.001

This is what our dishwasher looks like at about twice a day.    003

And this is what the counter looks like when we’ve emptied the dishwasher. Goodbye kneading space.031

Hey, look over here.008

If I’m ever alone. . . (yikes!)015

See ya later.004

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Fever

I think this year I’ve had Spring fever worse than ever before. Probably because we’ve been cooped up indoors all of fall and winter (and I guess summer too, being on bedrest and all) trying to keep these babies safe and sound. Yes, I know we took flights and have been to the store a couple times (to stay sane), but we are always rushed to get to our little quarantine, even if it was my mom’s house in Utah. I also knew spring would bring stronger, older and wiser babies that sleep better and are less fussy. So you can imagine my excitement for this awesome weather that is upon us, and in turn, the fun little people I get to play in it with. It’s so fun to have kids during the beautiful weather. I am a picnic kind of girl, and I can’t wait to take my kids to the park for one. I know they’re not quite old enough to enjoy anything from a picnic basket just yet, but I’m sure they’ll love the outdoors anyway.

So, ever since these 65+ degree days have been gracing us, I have been celebrating in several ways. Let me count them.

1.  Spring cleaning, of course. We have a screened in porch that we haven’t used much, especially since we didn’t have any good outdoor furniture and we haven’t had time to clean out the huge mess that built up there. (baby gear=lots of boxes to break down). the other day, I was tired of looking at the mess, and I  finally had time to do it, so I tackled this project. Now we have a lovely, mosquito-free outdoor area to play games, eat, or just relax. We have enjoyed this so much already. 053

It’s so nice to slowly make my house the way I like it again after a long spell of just letting things go. The pregnancy, nicu, and newborn phases of my life didn’t allow me to keep things how I like them. Babies require constant overhaul as they change so often, so I’ve been trying to keep their room and the rest of the house from getting too cluttered with things they’ve grown out of/will soon grow into. It’s a job, I’m telling you.


2.  A couple weeks ago I decided it was time to start making baby food for these growing babies of mine. It would cost us a fortune to buy baby food for all three of them. I know I might buy it on occasion, but for the most part, I’d like to make it myself. It’s pretty easy. I just chop, steam, grind, freeze, and seal. I’ve got a good little supply going (mostly carrots, and some green beans) and plan to make a variety for their little gourmet palates. I might just dedicate one day a week to this project, so stay on top of it. I also have a food mill I’ll use when they’re a little older. I hope they like it.035

3.  I switched my attire in my closet and drawers from winter to summer, and wore flip flops outside! Who doesn’t love a fresh set of clothes to choose from? Thankfully they fit (for the most part). I was getting so tired of the same old wintery things I wore everyday. I’ll still probably have to shop for some new spring looks to freshen up the old  wardrobe. Darn (hee hee). It is my first spring as a mom, after all.

4. I’ve made a decision that it is time to start working out again. I really, truly didn’t have time for this before now. And I didn’t let myself feel bad about it either. The babies needed me more than I needed exercise. But now with strict naptimes, and the babies sleeping 12 hours a night (we’re still working on them sleeping through that feeding they want between 3-4, but still), I am ready to feel the burn again. I’m starting with Pilates, and will soon fire up the elliptical. Awe, I miss my workouts. It was so faithful before the pregnancy. I hope I can pick up where I left off.

5. And we always have fun with the babes. What would a post be without pictures or videos of them? I know, boring. So here you are.

  Can you see Alex back there?045

Learning time.013

Thank you Britney for taking this precious pic.100_5041[3]

Can we ever take too many bath pictures?022    

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great Doctors

When I got pregnant, my fertility specialist sent me to Greater Washington Maternal Fetal Medicine and Genetics. From the first day there I always felt like I was the only patient and their top priority. Especially when I was staying in the hospital. They always checked up on me and made me feel as comfortable and reassured as possible. There were four doctors in the practice, and I got to know all of them. They all have amazing credentials, and I was comfortable with any of them, along with the rest of the great and caring staff. I was sad to move on after the pregnancy, as they mainly serve those with high risk pregnancies. It's funny how some of the most influential people in your life are usually only in it for a short time.

Anyway, I was so pleased to find that one of the docs, and now a friend of mine, was on the Today Show a few years back discussing an awesome sounding National Geographic program he took part in called Multiples in the Womb, and the advancing of technology with 4D ultrasounds. You can bet I added that to my Netflix queue immediately. I can't wait to see what craziness was happening in there when I the babes were in utero. And I have to say I was again reassured that we made the right decision to go with that practice to look after the babies and me during such an intense time, if he was asked to be a part in such a project. Check out his interview. I really miss Doctors Pinckert, Gallagher, Matia, and Manley (who was called out of bed at 3 am to deliver the little ones), all having a huge part in this great and pivotal time in my life. I'd recommend them to anyone I know.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My six month old babies.

I cannot believe how quickly time flies. As of Saturday my babies are six months old. They are growing so rapidly, it’s hard to believe they used to be so tiny. As I look through pictures and sift through clothes they used to wear, I really, really can’t believe how small they were. It makes me so amazingly happy seeing how far they’ve come and how healthy they are. SO Amazingly Happy. I think about this time last year a lot. I was pregnant but I didn’t know it yet.  I was wondering (agonizing over) which way my life would turn, until I found out our results a few days later. Well, we all know what happened, and it seriously still feels like a dream. We have come a long way to get to this point with infertility, a highly stressful pregnancy, three tiny preemies to worry about, and the shock of have three babies come home with us. Now that I’m getting more sleep, and the babies become more self-entertained, I feel like this is the icing on the cake we’re been drooling over so so long. I can’t wait to snuggle them after a nap (an how I LOVE those naps), or give them a bath and watch them splash like crazy. The hard times are much fewer and further between, and I am really living my dream. A lot of times during the day, I feel like I’m looking on someone else’s life. It feels so surreal.I can’t believe we’re here. I love being a mom, and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

Of course I have to say a few things about these little sweethearts of mine. We’ll do this individually, as they are all so different. I also want to show you some pictures of our adventures with our first solid food, Rice Cereal.

The things I love about Alex at six months:         081

  • He talks A LOT. I love when he makes his sounds as he furrows his brow and looks straight into my eyes. I wish I knew exactly what he is telling me.
  • He loves to eat. He always has. He was the first to learn to nurse, and would always finish the leftovers of his brother and sister’s bottles. And it shows.
  • He kicks his chubby  little legs wildly on any surface, and loves the doorway bouncer.
  • He likes his rice cereal, surprise surprise, and spoon feeds pretty well.
  • He is a VERY cuddly boy. So warm and soft.
  • He grins from ear to ear and giggles all day long! I’ll never get tired of that.
  • He has a very high pitched squeal that is emerging. Cute, but a little too screechy to do all the time.
  • He looks so grown up these days, and as happy as it makes me to see him grow and change, it is very sad to see my little boy grow up so fast.


The things I love about Bennett at six months:051

  • He is definitely the quietest of the three. Almost like he knows something we all don’t. Definitely a sign of intelligence. He does have a lot to say, but it comes out when the moment is right. I think it’s his way of standing out, as we all stop whatever we’re doing when he chimes in. Smart kid.
  • He didn’t quite like the rice cereal yet. He wears more than he eats, but he’ll get there.
  • He loves to kick his legs and play with toys.
  • He sucks his thumb and I can’t get over how cute it is. We find his arm out of his swaddle a lot when we wakes up, probably so he could find his thumb. So adorable.
  • He was the smallest when they were born, so I’ll always have a special feeling toward him for that. He’s a strong boy, and I’ll do everything I can to avoid middle child syndrome.
  • He is a very handsome fellow, and has longer hair than his siblings.
  • He has the most charming smile that can melt anyone’s heart. Often we find him smiling at us even if we’re all the way across the room, or talking to another baby. So easy to please.


The things I love about Ruby at six months:107

  • Well, she’s my girl, and that is something special right there.
  • She has the cutest raspy voice that I love. She talks so much and it’s so precious.
  • She’s pretty hyper. When she gets her legs going, and starts chatting away, she could go on and on for quite some time.
  • She is pretty bald, but easily makes up for that with her darling personality
  • She’s our funny eater. She’ll take a bottle or leave it. She’d usually rather look at her surroundings that finish a bottle. She’s our little petite girl, weighing the least of the three by a pound or more. Watching that girlish figure, I suppose.
  • Cereal was a half-success with her. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. I wonder what this means for her eating habits in the future.
  • She has her mom’s pail complexion, which probably means freckles. I never liked mine as a child, but can’t wait to see them on her.
  • I love her little Peter Pan legs and feet. Whenever she gets lifted in the air, her legs get really straight, and her feet go right out to the side. Like she’s flying with Peter himself. Maybe we should call her Wendy as a nickname.  
  • Her little hilarious laugh always gets our attention. It’s so different from the others. Her smiles are always abundant.
  • Here eyes are so beautiful, and eye lashes are getting so long. Such a pretty girl.


I need to stop now before I go on and on. I could write all day. These babies amaze me everyday. We have our moments of craziness and impatience, or course, but they are far outweighed by the moments of pure bliss that come with three happy, healthy, smart, funny, adorable babies. But I know we are in for quite a wild ride for the years to come. I better buckle up.


Btw,  I also did a little celebrating of my own for this six month accomplishment by doing this.045

Notice any difference? Perhaps a six+ inch difference? I know, you are all saying that you told me so. I never intended to cut my hair when I had kids, but I also never thought I’d lose so much of it after the babies were born. I guess I’d rather have it all grow back in together that have a mullet type situation as the top is full of new growth, and the length is all long and thin. And I have to say it’s really nice to cut my blow dry/curl time in half. And even if I do it in a bun (which I expect to do almost every day), it’s a much lighter and easier to put up.  By the time it grows back, I’ll be ready for long hair again. I know it’s still longish (actually kind of an awkward length-I’m debating cutting off a couple more inches), but I still really miss it. It’s been my friend for a long time, and through a lot of big changes in my life with me. And I think I’m just a long hair kind of girl.  But the change is nice at this point in time.

Happy six months my loves! Let’s hope the next six months are full of lots of laughing and lots of sleeping.  Love you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leave it to daddy.

I'm up in the middle of the night feeding and pumping. I don't really mind when I only have to get up once, which is the norm now. Much better than the recent past when I might have had to get up anywhere from 2-5 times per night. Anyway, I just had an instance I wanted to share.

Ruby has been especially chatty this feeding session. Usually in the night, she, or the others, will sleep through an entire feeding, but tonight that was not the case with her. And the warm milk didn't seem to quiet her much. She wasn't fussy, just wanted to play. KC was feeding her so of course he obliged. He's like putty in her hand (and lets face it, we all are). But with sleep training being at the top of my priority list these days, I asked him not to encourage her. No talking back in baby talk, no smiling back at her, no laughing at the ridiculously cute little words she says. She shouldn't be up in the night anyway, so I told him this was not play time and if she didn't want to eat she gets to go back to bed. So KC looked at Ruby, tried to wipe the big grin he had off his face, and in a clearly faked stern voice he said, "Yes, it's not play time." and there were probably secret chuckles and winks exchanged between them. Leave it to mommy to be the mean rule enforcer, and daddy to be the fun, break-the-rules guy. I'm in for it with that team. I better get used to it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lately I’ve been enjoying. . .

Walks in the gorgeous weather.


Orange rolls: Oh, it’s good to bake again.066

Bath time: We don’t always put them in all together, but it’s quite a sight when we do. 043110

 Groove shark: When I’m needing some new tunes, especially when the babies are occasionally crying it out during naptime, I go to this awesome website. You can basically listen to any artist or any song for free. I blast a different artist everyday when I’m getting ready in my room/avoiding the cries. So far: Jason Mraz, Train, Sarah Bareilles, Michael Buble.

Tummy time006114112



I know I always give you a picture/video overload, but I’m just gonna keep doing it, okay?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monday, March 08, 2010

The Princess

I was informed by my mom that Ruby is always getting the shaft on the blog while her brothers steal the limelight. Julia also has said that she doesn’t know Ruby as wells as the boys. I try so hard to keep things equal, so I don’t know how this happened! I better show you what she's been up to lately. 

  Dressing up like a ballerina.122  098123115

Practicing her tap dancing.  

Getting quite chubby (though still the most petite of the three).062

And being looked after by her over-protective brothers.043

They’re willing to take care of any wise guys that come her way. 064

Watch out. Bennett has a strong punch.066

I think Ruby will be safe with these two around. Don’t you?