Wednesday, June 30, 2010


How is it that the kitchen sink was empty when I started the dishwasher, yet it magically filled back up again before the dishwashing cycle was even over? In fact, that seems to be a problem with the laundry baskets as well.


This one has two parts.

Work hard,

play hard.

A couple things to add:

  • They all love those silly split-pea maracas/rattles I made with old little bottles. It’s so funny what interests babies. Lately my cell phone, hair, and earring are also very popular among the trio.
  • Have I ever mentioned Ruby’s Hemangioma on the  right side of her neck? Well, it’s a birth mark type thing that started out as a red speckled area, and got bigger over the months. It doesn’t bother her, and we hardly even notice it anymore. The docs say it will actually go away pretty soon. I think I’ve seen it start to shrink already.  I joked when they were really little that I wished one of the boys had it instead so I had a sure-fire way of telling them apart. But nope, Ruby got all the distinguishing marks.
  • This has nothing to do with the videos, but I just have to say that it’s amazing what nice weather can do to me as a mom. It’s like I had this whole new outlook on life as we took our morning walk in the 69 degree breezy air this morning. It’s been too hot to even try to get out with the babies, so we’ve been feeling a little stir-crazy in here. And I think we’ve been promised pleasant weather like this (getting into the upper 70s instead of upper 90s)  for the next several days.  I’m not sure how we’ll celebrate, but we’ll have to find a way.  Maybe we’ll go feed the Koi fish at the Arboretum, and/or a drive-thru ice cream cone (of course the babies would get watermelon or something, instead of ice cream).

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I know that last video wasn’t all that exciting. I just loved their funny green faces. Let see what else I have to share.

We call this crib playtime (i.e. a sneaky way to give mom a little more free time after naps.) When the lights are on, and I give them toys, they start to party. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

DV #2

They sit in their actual booster seats to eat more often these day, but the bumbos are much easier to clean up after a messy meal. I will really miss those when we’re done with them.

The boys’ teeth are much bigger now. And sharp! My fingers are feeling it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Daily Video #1

It’s been too long since I posted any videos. So not like my usual over-uploading self that you are all used to. I had an idea. I have several that I’d like to post, so why not just make it a daily thing for the next week or so, as to not overwhelm anyone with too much to watch. What do I have for you today?

Let start with some older ones I’ve been meaning to get up. Here is a goodie from Utah. Juju, we “lut” you too!


I might as well do two today since this is also an older one. Then we can move on to the more current videos. This is another good one from our time in Utah, at Cami’s house. A little overtired, perhaps? This girl is gonna be trouble.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad News and Good News

We finally are on our way to owning a triple stroller. I have been researching my little heart out for almost a year, and finally came to a conclusion. I decided on the Valco Twin Runabout with the added toddler seat a long time ago, but have been waiting until we actually felt like we needed it and would use it (they cost A LOT of money, so I wanted to be sure). It’s great because it’s neither too wide, nor too long, and has great reviews. So all we had to do was purchase. Ha.

So you’ve probably noticed in a few blog posts that we have been using a double stroller, besides the connected umbrella strollers we also use a lot. Well, we found a used Valco for a great deal (about half price) on craigslist, and felt it was worth getting a babysitter and going all the way up to Baltimore to retrieve it. We aren’t big craigslist people. I just don’t usually have the energy or willingness to chase after things when we could just buy them ourselves. But this seemed like enough savings to make an effort. After giving them the wad of cash, we were on our way and joked about how we forgot to call the company and ask if this slightly older model would fit the toddler seat on the market right now (it was on my list that day but I forgot). I had looked extensively online and the pictures of both models looked the same so I guess I just figured it would fit. So the next day, just to be sure, I gave them a call only to find out the upsetting news that the toddler seat that the retailers have in stock right now, that we absolutely need, does not fit the non-refundable stroller we just paid for. By this point, I was telling myself I would’ve just rather paid full price for a new one than to deal with the mess I was in. And all of this, mind you, was when I was feeling the wasp bite allergic reaction coming on. I was in a frenzy for sure.

I was feeling foolish and annoyed with myself. But I was trying to tell myself it was only money, and it wasn’t worth fretting over. But the bottom line was, we needed a triple stroller so I had to figure something out. So I turned into a pushy mom with a job to do. When I called Valco (known for their great customer service), I demanded, in the nicest possible way, they tell me how I can find what I need. I tried looking for a used one, to no avail, so I was desperate for any information. She finally told me that the only thing left to try was emailing the corporate office in Australia where they have everything manufactured and stored. Why didn’t she tell me that in the first place, instead of leaving it until after I begged for a solution? So I emailed immediately. They are in a very different time zone, so I waited patiently for a couple days, all the while calling Valco a couple more times to see if I could get someone else who knew more and could help me out. I also put our stroller up on Craigslist and our neighborhood listserve and only had one interested person who didn’t end up buying it.

Finally, I got an email from Valco in Australia stating that they do in fact have the product I was looking for, and gave me the email address to contact the only retailer that ships to the US. Of course, the wild goose chase continues. But still, reading that was music to my eyes. So after a several emails to a friendly man, Shane, and a couple weeks of waiting for his company to get one in from another state, with updates here and there, they finally had one ready for me. I got this news yesterday, and was so relieved. Annoyed with all the loops we had to jump through, but relieved we had made it to this point. Otherwise I’d have a huge pointless stroller, would’ve been out a few hundred bucks, and still had to figure out our triple stroller situation.

So then went the purchasing process. It was going to cost a lot to ship by freight, but I seriously didn’t care. We called a bunch of our credit cards to see which one had the lowest foreign exchange fee (thank you AmEx for your 1% fee charge), and then researched how to call overseas with our cell phone provider. We called Shane at the hefty price of 1.49/minute, and gave the credit card information. He was awesome, and we were off the phone within a minute or so. I thanked him profusely. He treated me like a very important customer, even all the way over here in Maryland. And his Australian accent was quite charming as well.

So that’s that. Our toddler seat to complete our stroller will be here in approximately 8 weeks. It seems like a long time away, but I think we’ll be using this stroller for the next couple years, so I think it will be worth it. I understand this story isn’t the most exciting or interesting material for you to read, but it represents a lot of work on my end, and I didn’t want to forget it. I was only trying to be smart with our money. What we moms will do for our children. Well, I guess the stroller is more for me. But still, a happy mom= a happy family, right? 118Lots of lessons learned here. But really, we did still save a lot of money, and have a stroller we love. In fact, we have already been enjoying it as a double, just carrying the third in Ergo baby carrier. We’ve been taking morning walks in an effort to be a more active family. And in the morning it’s only like 75 degrees instead of 100, so the babies can enjoy being outdoors too. I can’t take walks alone during the day in that kind of heat. 115

We have put a lot of thought into the gear we have/have not purchased, strollers included. All of the 6 strollers we have bought up until this point have had a very important place, and we haven’t had to spend a lot of money on them. The stroller frames were excellent for when they were newborns and all the doctors appointment they required. We also loved having the double and single for ease of maneuverability and it cut the cost way down. (We knew we’d only use those for a short time-the triple frames are 400 bucks! We paid less than half that for the two.) And the umbrella strollers are awesome, and will still be used a lot, even with the triple stroller. If I have to take only one somewhere, or for traveling, they are perfect for such occasions. But I know this triple stroller will be invaluable. I can’t wait to get it up and running. At least it’s so hot right now, I don’t even care go to the park or on walks, so I’m not too annoyed it will take a while to arrive. By the time it gets here, it will be cooling off and I will be dying to try it out in the nicer weather. It would definitely make trips to the mall easier than it was when I went yesterday. (I know I am crazy. But it was nice to get out of the house, and the babies behaved so well. I never expect to be productive on these types of ventures. Just some variety to the day, that’s all. But I should probably save these types of outings for a day that isn’t 100 degrees.) Here we are in Old Navy. 003

I hope all of your stroller shopping experiences aren’t as obnoxious as ours.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Asleep and Awake

The babies are rolling all over the place these days. It’s great, but a little scary since I haven’t baby-proofed a single thing. Our play yard is ready to go though. I think we’ll get great use out of that. Anyway, since they love to roll to and fro during playtime, it was inevitable that they’d also try out this new found mobility during naptime. They are not used to sleeping on their stomachs, so this has been a small hurdle in their good sleeping habits (for some reason they didn’t realize that all they had to do was roll back over and all would be well). They all discovered this freedom at different times too (all within about a week though), so each time someone else decides to roll onto their tummy in bed, they cry and cry interrupting everyone’s quiet time. I have turned them over a time or two when I know they are especially tired and can’t figure out how to get out of this predicament. But I just decided that it’s all about learning to self-soothe, and they can take care of themselves. It only took a couple days (per baby) to get used to this new sleeping position, and now they can sleep on their back, tummy, side, whatever they desire. I even find them horizontal, or with their head at the opposite end of the crib from how I placed them. I have wondered a lot if I should’ve taken the swaddles away when I did (though we still put them on waist down as a blanket) since it was such a hard adjustment for them, but I am glad they are doing well now, and are learning more mobility because of it. I’m pretty sure their heads aren’t as flat anymore either.

A baby sleeping peacefully in their crib is one of the most loveliest sights. Wouldn't you agree? Sometimes when naptime is over and I hear the chattering in the nursery, I go in to find only one or two awake. It's so sweet to see them sound asleep through the noise of their siblings. This is rare for me to see, since I would never want to risk waking the babies by going in while all are asleep (but sometimes when I miss them, I very quietly creep in before I go to bed and feel all their tummies go up and down a couple times). So I have to take some pictures when the moment presents itself. I also love seeing them happily playing in their cribs after naps. I turn on the lights, give them toys, and they are entertained for another 15-30 minutes. It’s so fun to hear my rested, happy babies talk to each other in their room. I keep the windows covered, so with it being so dark in there, it’s hard to get good pictures, but you get the idea.

Alex (He was just waking up in this picture.) 005027 096011012

Bennett 002030021 019092

Ruby006029045 049 103

In case you were wondering, those are cardboard diaper boxes that we are using as crib bumpers. I just get so tired of spending 75 dollars here, and 100 dollars there on things they’ll grow out of soon, so this is what I came up with to keep them from getting their little legs stuck, as they have a few times (oh, I felt horrible when I found out that is why they were crying in bed one day.) In Alex’s crib we are using a little bumper toy thing that their teacher gave us, and it works well, but we only have one. So for the others I taped up some cardboard on the sides they most often got stuck on, and it works like a charm. A little white trash, but hey, they don’t seems to mind. In fact, I think they like looking at the colorful images. You should try it out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Father’s Day is a significant Holiday in our house at last! I asked KC how it felt to celebrate this day for the first time, and he just shrugged and said the day of their birth was a much more significant occasion to celebrate being a dad, and that this day pales in comparison. That might be true, but I had fun making the day a little special for him. Not that I did anything that great (like the amazing Irises and Tulips complete with a vase he had sent to my mom’s house in Utah on Mother’s day). We did get to go to church with him without any kind of tantrum from me or the babies (a gift indeed), and later had a dinner of authentic Cafe Rio Barbacoa Salads (thank you google for the recipes), with key lime pie for dessert.  Sounded like a good summer meal. It was kind of selfish really, since I was the one craving it, but he enjoyed it too.  And with KC home to play with the kids, I was able to cook all day without interruptions! We had so much food that we invited some friends, the Milnes, to eat with us. It was such a pleasant, low key evening.

What can I say about KC except I love him, the kids love him, and he loves all of us. What more can you ask for?  We also love and appreciate our dads greatly. I’ve said so much about them on previous Father’s Day posts that still holds true. Happy Father’s Day to one and all.097

And why not a picture update while we’re at it.

We went to the doc. last week for a 9 month check-up. All perfect and healthy. And big. Alex around 19 1/2 lbs., Bennett 18 1/2 lbs., and Ruby 17 1/2 lbs. Consistent, eh? The doctor said they could pass for full term 9 month olds. Way to grow babies!


The boys showing off the pearly whites. 


Bennett013128He started to hate the show-me-your-teeth game.141

Holding bottles! They had their first solo feeding yesterday morning and it was wonderful. I just decided to give it a shot since they were holding them now and then, but this time it was for real. Ruby got lazy for the rest of the day and wanted it propped, but this is still an accomplishment for sure. Feedings have come a long way in the last nine months.147149154158159

So much to post, so little time. It seems like they come up with something new everyday. How can one keep up?!

Friday, June 18, 2010

One plus One makes Five!

My mom and I are M.O.M.s. That stands for Mothers of Multiples.  I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to have my mom to turn to with questions, reassurance, or comfort, though she has told me that three is WAY different than two. We have compared our pregnancies and experiences caring for our respective sets of multiples, which I know has brought us even closer.

I was so delighted to look through a great file of pictures my brother Matt made available to us and find so many gems among them. They really made me realize how much we have in common even more. So many pictures of my mom and family reminded me of pictures I have in my own folders. Take a look:

Here is Mom pregnant with Melody and me (not sure how far along). And Me and 29 weeks with the triplets, the last official profile shot before they were born. I am swallowing a huge amount of pride by posting that picture. Hey, it’s true to life, right?  That extra 60 lbs. was all for the babies. I remember how painful it was to even walk to pose for the picture. Good times.twi2IMG_1051


Though my mom wasn’t on bedrest, (and made it full term delivering two 7 1/2 lb. babies! Yikes!) I’m sure she did her share of bed-resting.  At least whenever she got the chance with four other kids running around.pregoIMG_1038   


Mom and me.emchTiny Bennett.004


Amber kissing me. amemAmber kissing Bennett. . . I think.018


I’m pretty sure that’s me in the carrier.  carrNot sure who I’m carrying. Definitely one of the boys. 045


In our Sunday best. Emily-left, Melody-right.MomTwinsA, R, B1-30-09 052


Entertaining an audience, as babies do. Melody-left, Rub. . . I mean Emily-right.cueB, R, A077


Sporting bonnets/hats. Emily-left, Melody-right.hatsB, R, A043


Cuddling. Looks like Cami and me. huggA, B068


This squishy face picture was surprisingly hard to find a matching one in my folders. This is close enough. squish040 (3)


Funny huh? I can totally see the resemblance of me in Ruby in some of those pictures, and have also found some pictures of the boys that look just like their daddy’s baby pictures. I’ll have to post those sometime. It was a blast from the past going through those virtually dusty files. I miss my tiny babies (though not my tiny amount of sleep or shower time).

Here’s to M.O.M.s! It’s not an easy task, but it’s the greatest!