Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dear Anonymous Dinner Donor,

020We are deeply grateful for the deluxe lasagna, (including a bright cheerful bow, and sweet note) that was left on the doorstep while we had a houseful of sick people.  It was the perfect answer to what’s for dinner tonight. This sweet gesture couldn’t go un-thanked, so whoever you are, our full tummies and full hearts thank you.  

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Big Boy taking Baby Steps

Well done, my Alex! That’s two out of three. I’m scared. But it’s so cute to see their little legs scurry about.

Bennett still just likes to stand up and sit down over and over. Sometimes beating his chest like a gorilla and laughing.005

Thursday, January 27, 2011

We made it.

Ah, to be over a terrible sickness. A corner has definitely been turned in our little home. Besides a few lingering symptoms, we are all happy and well. What a difference! Rested happy babies are just so much fun! (And so are rested parents-phew.) It’s pretty icy/slushy/snowy out there, so we’ve been having some snuggly days watching Wonder Pets, reading books, and eating warm soup. So this post was mostly to push that depressing one down a bit, and proclaim our happiness that we are healthy and hope to stay that way! And a few pictures too of course.

The kids love Aunt Lili because she think of things like this.008

They thought the little theater we made them was pretty entertaining. 017

Ruby rarely passes up an opportunity to say cheese. Poor penny got sick too. 022

The boys having a standing competition. I forgot who fell first. Alex has another little talent to show you, if I can ever get on video. 059

Thanks for bearing with all my ranting and raving. It’s just gonna be there, so feel free to skip the un-fun parts if you’d like. Hooray for good health!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I hate winter more than I can say.

Come one, come all to see our hot new group, The Wheezers, featuring our hit new single, RSV. IMG_8374

Okay, all joking aside, we are all very very sick, so don’t come anywhere near us at all! After about a week of Ruby’s constant wheezing and coughing spells finally getting the better of me (I had talked to the doctor on the phone about it, so I wasn’t completely irresponsible waiting this long), we took them all in (thanks again for the help Camille!). The boys, having just finished a course of antibiotics for ear infections needed a follow up anyway. The boys’ ears are still infected, and Ruby, though happy when she’s not in distress, was worrying the doctor quite a bit with her unstoppable wheezing. I have been treating her at home, and it wasn’t making a dent. The doctor had me a do a couple more treatments in the office, and then, much like Bennett’s first experience with Asthma, sent us to the ER for further investigation. After dropping off the others, Ruby and I went on our way, right at naptime mind you, to what felt like our death. I knew what this would entail, and I wasn’t excited. I just wanted my little, healthy girl back. We got right in and started on the hour long Nebulizer treatment. She didn’t like it at all. She was sweating and crying, with the occasional smile as I tried to distract her with pat-a-cake, and peek-a-boo. When it was over, and the wheezing persisted, I knew something was wrong. I’d had a nagging feeling from the moment her hacking began probably a week earlier, that is was something other than a post-cold cough. After an x-ray, and a swab test for RSV, she was confirmed positive for the virus. I was shocked. I thought this illness was only one to be afraid of when babies are tiny, but of course, then it could be fatal, so the older they are when they get it, the less dangerous it is. Thank goodness we had the vaccine for it last year. Anyway, the doctor said we probably couldn’t stop the wheezing, and as long as her oxygen levels were fine, which they had been the entire time, and she was eating and drinking well, we’d just have to ride this thing out. She was walking around talking to the nurses so cheerfully, telling them about her baby. When the doctor asked me if I thought she needed hospitalization, I said, I think we’ll be just fine at home, as they could all clearly see, has her happy, upbeat moments. Thank the heavens she could come home. She was very happy to tell the doctor “buh bye”. She did finally get some rest on the way home, but not before another scary cough attack, causing me to pull over on the freeway to console my poor baby, and force her to drink some water. Stupid, stupid RSV.


(She was pretty scared during the very short x-ray, but not too scared to smile for the camera.)024025028

And let’s just rewind to last week, when I started feeling something coming on. Since then I have been tirelessly fighting the adult form of this disgusting illness with a horrible case of bronchitis that started with body aches and fever, chills, and sweating for a few days until it developed into this never-ending, head-pounding, chest-tightening, cough of my own. It literally feels like there are a million ants in my chest with every breath, triggering cough attacks all day long. My tongue is raw from cough drops, and I gag and shiver through dose after dose of cough syrup. It’s really making me sympathetic to what my sweet ruby is going through. She and I have spent a lot of time in the bathroom together with the shower running as we hack away together. And not having a voice for 5 days is quite annoying when you are talking to doctors everyday. I hate this thing.

We had some visitors last week, KC’s sister Camille and her boyfriend Tyler. I felt so bad the whole time they were here that I couldn’t be the hostess I wanted to be, and that the kids were sick. Not to mention Camille and Tyler didn’t feel their best either. They were incredibly helpful, and were so patient with with messy house, and my missing voice. We did manage to make it to restaurant week again, to try a place I’ve been curious about. It was a good time, and we laughed at our waiter a lot. We’d love to have them again when everyone is well and happy.IMG_8342IMG_8369

It’s been exhausting, to say the least. Of course I called my mom to vent to her about all that has been on my plate lately. She and my dad actually had a trip planned and paid for, for the beginning of February, so my wonderful mother moved her flight up and joined us on Thursday. Mom to the rescue again! I am a blessed girl. It’s incredibly handy have the extra hands as I am nebulizing a good portion of the day, and sometimes night. We will also have a lot of follow-up appointments that I could use a hand with. And it was KC’s birthday yesterday, so I could at least do a little grocery shopping to buy a cake and dinner makings. But there wasn’t much more celebrating than that. My poor 34 year old hubby. At least we went out earlier this week. And just maybe we can swing something else fun when the kids are better. Anyway, it’s wonderful to have my wise mother here to help all of us through this.

So now, we are just hibernating, fighting through this virus. The only thing to do is nebulize, and treat them with steroids, both of which might not do anything. They are all also taking antibiotics for the ears. (Did you know that the pharmacy can be even more of a nightmare when you have multiples?! Yes, you can have more than one kid with the same birthday and the same last name!) At our latest appointment, the pediatrician was very concerned about Ruby, strongly suggesting that Ruby is admitted to the hospital, but she said we could make a decision after another treatment at home, and a nap. That was a pretty low point for me. I was SO relieved that Ruby was a little better when the doctor called to check up on her (she just get so worked up at the office while we are nebulizing her, no wonder she sounded so bad.). At the hospital I’d probably be nebulizing her around the clock. Torture for all involved. It’s a very depressing feeling, holding a child that is wheezing through every labored breath, and coughs until she is purple and gagging several times throughout the day and night. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so helpless as a mother. Luckily, they are all happy for a good portion of the day which is so reassuring to me, and can actually play through the continuous wheezing and coughing. When Ruby gets into one of her coughing fits, I have a little routine, where I put her in her “coughing place” with her blankie, a bottle of juice (mostly water) and let her watch a show until everything in her little chest has calmed down. 031Or we go turn on the shower and breathe in the steam. Being the in the thick of this myself, I know how intense that feeling to cough-until-you-want-to-die is. I really really really hope the boys don’t get as bad as Ruby. I don’t know how many more beet-red, teary faces I can handle. They do have yucky sounding coughs, and need an occasion neb., but I have a feeling we are all slowly getting better. I know this cough is going to linger for quite some time, but hopefully it will calm down a little bit, for heaven’s sake. I’m not kidding when I say these kids are not going anywhere but the Chick-fil-A drive thru until the winter is over. I will be so happy when everyone is breathing clearly, sleeping well, and the house is good and sanitized ! Sorry about my complaint after complaint. This is just really running our lives right now. I’ll add a happy picture to make this post a tiny bit redeeming. See, Ruby isn’t too sick to enjoy her sitting-on-anything habit. This time it was the ball popper.044

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And. . .Action!

Just open, feed, and enjoy.

Ruby is off in her own little world. It wasn’t until I watched the video that I noticed her silliness.

The boys decided to give the ol’ bum scoot a try. I think they liked it.

Even playing under the tent is fun. The possibilities are endless.

All those baby DVDs are actually paying off.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I’m going to stop apologizing for posting so many pictures, because it’s just going to keep happening.

Last night was much better. Now I can get a post together instead of trying to sleep in every spare moment.

The New Year celebration was great fun over here. We had a lovely spread of hors d’oeuvres. The Ribeiras are to thank for the stuffed, fried olives, and the coconut chicken. I could’ve eaten my weight in those. Everything I contributed was pre-made, but hey, I have three babies. I’m not as adventurous in my culinary endeavors as I used to be. Good thing Jeff is here to make up for where I lack.IMG_8213IMG_8214IMG_8217IMG_8218

There’s nothing like a serenade from Daddy to help cheer you up, eh Alex?035037

Mr. Bennett is finally deciding that it’s pretty fun to be on two feet. Steps are yet to be taken. Alex, now it’s your turn.006

The cute shirts we got at the NICU Christmas party.013

Ha! I got you again, Lili. And Penny too!049

There’s no end to the fun you can have with babies.004001Okay, maybe there is.023

Ruby’s favorite reading place. I think she likes the privacy. And don’t worry, she has a diaper on.026IMG_8244

These boys, on the other hand, do not. (I know the tv is on a lot, but it’s a great distraction tool while changing diapers and clothes. When you have triplets, and one wants to play with the poopy diaper you just took off someone else, and another one is climbing on your back, you’ll understand.)



Ruby is quite the girly-girl. She LOVES her pettiskirt we got from my talented cousin Sara’s Etsy shop, with a gift certificate from my Grandma. Thanks to both of you!IMG_8250IMG_8256

What is so fun about the storm door? They seriously cry every time someone closes the door before they get a chance to play here. IMG_8260Alex wants to put an end to the fun.IMG_8259

Time for pigtails again. She looks way too old for me.IMG_8287IMG_8288IMG_8290

The boys were jealous while she was getting her hair done, they needed some combs to feel included.IMG_8278

One drawback of having your sister live with you: you think every night is an occasion to make a treat. We were feeling oatmeal chocolate chip pizzookies this night. IMG_8231

This is where they can usually be found when I’m in the kitchen. Sometimes all three of them crowd there and whine at me until their food is ready. Lovely. At least they were happy on this occasion. I’m sure I’ll miss this cooking audience one day. IMG_7908IMG_7921IMG_7925

Next up, videos. But I’ll save that for tomorrow, as this post was quite lengthy. That’s just what happens when you have lots of kids and lots of photo-ops.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Getting Back into the Groove

As KC and I were having a leisurely Mexican feast at my FAVEorite Mexican place, we delved into the topic of what we could improve on, with our family in mind. Ever since I became pregnant, then was on bedrest, and then brought home three very needy babies, things have obviously changed around here. Some things for the better (three chubby faces to smooch every single day, etc.) and some things for the worse (never-ending mess, etc.). You see, a lot of what used to go on in our daily lives has been legitimately pushed to the side, and for quite some time. I’m sure most first-time parents feel the same way. And I know that most of what we used to find a priority will continue to take a back seat as our lives are still (and probably always will be) in a state of craziness (an always-clean house, in-shape bodies, or well-planned meals, for example), but I do think we can start to work some of the regular stuff back in. I remember when I was able to actually make decent dinners again some months ago, and it felt great. These are the kinds of things I’m talking about. Simple, everyday things that we really didn’t have time for while getting used to our new life as the parents of triplets. I feel like it’s finally time to get my life in order again, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

We also think that the babies are in a highly observant stage right now, and we should take advantage of this optimal learning period. Of course, they are still babies, and won’t really get it most of the time. In fact, they’ll probably pick up more on what we DON’T want them to see/hear, rather than what we do (like when Ruby was clearly mimicking my outburst this morning, forcing me to smile amidst my impatience) . But I hope that including them in family prayer, or watching me pick up the toys and put them away will set a good standard for them. It’s going to take years for any of these lessons to stick, I’m sure, but I keep thinking that this is my time to start teaching my kids little things like that.

It’s weird to think how my job is changing as a mother. At first it was all about keeping the babies fed, happy, and getting them to sleep in any way possible. Now they can almost manage those things by themselves, with a little help from the parents of course, while new things come into play. It’s time for everyone to get back into the groove. Only, I think this groove will be much more fun than before the kids came along.

Oh, and here we are on our little date. Those guys behind KC are the awesome duo that plays there every Friday night. 037039

I know, it’s lame when there are no pictures of the babies. Give me a couple days, and I’ll make up for it.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Can you see the resemblance?

Ruby, 3 1/2 weeks oldIMG_1611

Baby, 2 days old (the hat was given to Ruby in the NICU)024

Ruby is such a good little mommy.IMG_8233