Friday, September 27, 2013

End of Summer Sweep Part One

It finally feels like summer is really over with the heat wave behind us. As hot as it was through, it was NOTHING compared to the heat in Maryland. I dreaded summer every year I was there, and although some days were pretty hot here, it never really phased me because of what I was used to. Shade works here! Also, I got about three mosquito bites all summer, and they didn’t even show up until the end of the summer. Quite a change from the east coast. There are a lot of things I miss about MD, but the hot, sticky summers are not among them.

As usual, I didn’t have time to posts things as they happened, so it’s time for a picture party where I cover everything I missed between big posts. Since I have really been slacking, I’m going to break it into a couple parts. Here we go:

We found Ruby like this one Saturday night. All ready for Church!001

First of many homemade ice cream flavors this season, Cherries Garcia.043

Poor Bennett slipped and hit the fireplace. Still makes me cringe.046048

Sometimes it just happens.055057

We miss out little twin neighbors since they moved. 068

Love the play dough creativity.069

I believe they asked me to take this picture.071

Centennial Park is still a favorite. 074078

Ruby decorated her room with Beatrix Potter one day.265

We all really enjoyed watermelon season.269270

Fun with moving tape.276281286

We spent a day in Evergreen, CO where one of KC’s best friends Neal and his family were visiting. Such sweet friends and a gorgeous place. And just a quick hour from home! I can’t wait to go back.2963003053083193233271016171_10151438158866432_2052026123_n

I guess she gets bored of wearing pjs all the time.332

The boys don’t know what’s about to hit them.349

My friend Whitney invited us to her awesome complex pool a lot this summer. It was gorgeous. We loved it there.355358360363368

They refuse to take naps in their beds since we got rid of cribs. But there have been many naps on the couch or in the car. Poor kids are more tired than they want to admit. 440352381

We are always up for art time. This “self-portrait” of Ruby both cracks me up and creeps me out. 392002360

Amber gave us a bunch of alphabet stickers, and boy did those provide hours of entertainment. Love this palindrome I found. Must have run out of Ys.393

Occasionally I’m crazy enough to take them all out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And we still get a lot of stares. 400369

Our side street is one of the best things about this house. We play with friends all the time, trading bikes and toys around. So glad we don’t have to worry about too much traffic. 405

Usually Daddy is requested for reading time.012418

I have no place to call my own. 446

We love Friday Park days with our new ward friends. This time someone brought baseball gear, and the kids really got into it. Maybe next year…450454

My closet is a playground for Ruby. 469471

Laughing in the backyard. 484486488490

Alex surprised me with some “painted” (colored with makers) toes one day.529

Just cute.003006007

We had our first real dinner at our new table on Fathers Day. Turns out Salmon is a favorite among the kids. Love having space for all the plates AND the food. 018

Random photo shoot.092 - Copy101110117127137145

I had to go to Lowes one day before KC went to work. This boy woke up early and saw I was leaving, so I took him on a little date. The cutie talked about that for weeks like it was the best thing that ever happened to him. We need more little dates. 009

Love their color-coordinated outfits. They’ve really taken to the colors assigned to them for our convenience at birth. 021

The made up a game one day called “Hide the Lid.” Not a huge fan.035

I can’t push the swings high enough for this girl.048

Making random friends at the park, as usual.056

The mall fountain was a hit.079

We usually leave a trail of stickers wherever we go.081

They love the Disney Store. One, they were treated like royalty, with crowns, prizes, and activities just for them. 092097106

A favorite splash pad in Highlands Ranch.109114118124126

Didn’t you love doing this as a kid?129

On the last day of swimming lessons, they got to ride down the slide. Ruby was the only taker.494490

I was asked to teach an Éclair lesson for a church group. It was fun getting all set up to teach, and brush up on some skills. And I met some great ladies. 153156158160170

Bennett is always making some creation or another.


KC’s work had a luau. It was great. So much for the kids to do. And so much great food. 206213


He came out of church like this. Ugh.266

Playing in the unfolded laundry. Lovely.284

Good thing this the “art table”.289

Friend snuggles. 291

I think I heard them saying something about walking through a jungle…321

Alex was so proud of putting on his sunscreen all by himself. 337

Gotta keep Fuzzy Bear safe. 338

Love this hand-holding phase. 343

Still get a kick of seeing three plates in a row. They didn’t appreciate their waffle grilled cheese picnic lunch as much as I did.350

They treat the snow gear like dress-ups.379

One time our park group met at the Aurora Reservoir. A beach! We played for hours. It was beautiful.400415

He’s so proud.422

Our grilled pizza was hailed-out. So we baked them instead. Then it cleared up and we grilled. Best of both worlds!429432And we got a gorgeous sunset out of it.456458461

That night we had an incredible lightening storm. We brought the kids into our room and watched out the window together for a long time. There was much excitement! A fun memory. 467476017

Jen, Brad, and McKenna brought over their huge inflatable water slide! Kid heaven! Such a fun day with our good friends. 509513535539Ha! 556035051That is a “This is so awesome!” face, not a scared face. That kid has no fear.

That’s right, this is only part one. It was a big summer. More to come, hopefully before Halloween.