Wednesday, August 26, 2015

School is in Session

Well, they’re real life first graders now, and they were more than ready to start this new adventure. We went to a little meeting with their teacher a couple days before school actually started, and this made them even more excited to sit at their new big desks we filled with brand new school supplies. I got a good vibe from their teacher, and while having them all in the same class might present a few little annoyances for her, it really was the best decision for me, and I know she understands that. IMG_20150810_150429

The next day was our last day of freedom. I wasn’t feeling well (still a little wiped out from strep the weekend before) so we didn’t have anything exciting planned. But I did tell them to write a few things on a paper that they really want to do on the last day of summer break. Making cookies was on all three lists (dance party, painting, computer, and playing in the sprinklers were a few more ideas they had) so we all made No-Bake cookies together. I’m confused by the fact that I don’t think I’ve made these with them before. But they loved every step, and were proud of their yummy treat. We need to make those more often. Pretty sure they were a major food group when I was growing up.IMG_20150811_142426IMG_20150811_143825IMG_20150811_144640

The next morning, they woke up bright and early, put on their new clothes we had laid out, cooperated while I took too many pictures, and headed to the school. They best word to describe these kids that morning is ecstatic. IMG_20150812_071849IMG_20150812_071852IMG_20150812_071854IMG_20150812_071921IMG_20150812_071928IMG_20150812_081535IMG_20150812_081556IMG_20150812_081631

We met on the playground with the rest of the school for a flag ceremony. They were so excited to see which friends were in their class. It brought back memories of my own first days of school with all the excitement and anticipation. Then they walked in a line with their teacher leading the way into the school and that was that. For the next seven hour they were under someone else’s care. It’s so weird that I’m not feeding them lunch at the bar in our kitchen anymore, or hearing them play together during the day. I had a pit in my stomach the night before thinking about all the changes, and how this really marks the beginning of real life to me. They are ready, and I am ready, it’s just a change. IMG_20150812_082851IMG_20150812_083203IMG_20150812_083303IMG_20150812_084320

After putting the baby down for a nap when I came home to a very quiet house, I couldn’t help but lie down myself for a quick rest. I mean, why not?! And of course, Costco was our first item of business after that. It’s wonderful having this time with the baby, and this time for myself. The kids are in good hands, and we are so happy to see each other when the day is over. We walk to and from school whenever the weather cooperates, and I love that time with them, hearing them talk excitedly about getting to school, and then about their day.IMG_20150812_093146IMG_20150812_114621

(Btw, best shopping buddy ever. Looks around and smiles for a while before silently drifting off to sleep.)IMG_20150812_123528IMG_20150818_092034

I’m surprised they still have so much energy when they come home. I clean up while they’re gone, and within minutes of them walking in the door, the art table and surrounding areas are filled with projects and papers. We’ve tried to get in a good routine with homework right after school, and they are learning what it means to work before play (it’s also been tricky to get them to not start projects before school, since we’ve always had mornings free to play, but they’re getting there.) They do seem to hit a wall in the evening where I can tell they are spent and ready for a good night’s sleep. All in all, I see good habits being learned, and I love seeing them grow and mature into this new lifestyle.

Oh, and they really miss baby sister while they’re gone. After thoroughly washing their hands, they smother her with kisses to make up for the time they missed. I have to remind them to let her breath sometimes. IMG_20150812_161352 

I know this year will go by too quickly as they always do, so I’m soaking up every minute, and am planning on being involved in their classroom whenever possible. I’m so grateful for kids who try hard, and for teachers who love what they do. And for some alone time, that too.

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Hazel couldn’t be left out of the first day photo shoot :)101H (2)134 (2)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Utah Highlights

School starts tomorrow. Yikes! I didn’t love that our summer break was so short (exactly two months), but honestly, I think we’re all ready for a change. The kids are great at entertaining themselves, but it comes at the price of a messy house all the time. Mostly creative messes, but still, it’s wearing me out. I’m a little exhausted thinking about having to pack lunches every day and be dressed and out the door every morning at 8:30, something we’ve never really had to do always having afternoon school. I’ve loved having our mornings free, but I’m sure I’ll get used to the new schedule and grow to love it too. It’s not like I’d be sleeping in anyway, I never do, it’s just a big change from what we’re used to. But we’ll get to all that later. Right now, I’m quickly going to write about our little trip to Utah over the 4th of July. Quickly, because time is not on my side right now, and also because I’m getting over a horrible case of strep throat that has completely wiped me out and sitting at the computer is kind of the last thing I want to do right now. So here are the highlights…

*Fireworks, outdoor movie and lots of treats in Melody’s backyard.

*Hiking with (Battle Creek Falls) and without (Timp. Cave) the kids.

*Tie Dying with cousins.

*Meeting new baby cousins.

*Brunch with Maryland friends.

*Fourth of July Picnic at the Robinsons.

*KC’s 20 year high school reunion.

*Bennett losing his first tooth!

*Hazel meeting so much family.

How’s that for a nutshell?! We really crammed a lot in that long weekend. There were some less pleasant things like Hazel being a little sick and refusing to eat on several occasions, and getting a flat tire at a rest stop on the way home (the best place to get a flat if you ask me!) but mostly, it was a fun-filled trip, and we were so glad we went. I loved introducing Hazel to everyone she hadn’t met yet. I wish we could’ve spent more time with everyone, but it just wasn’t in the cards to do a long trip this time around. Hopefully we make it back in the near future.

Next up, first grade!!