Friday, August 15, 2014

Firework Shirts

School has started and that means a lot of craziness and things to write about, but first I wanted to get one more summer post in. The Fourth of July!! It was really fun this year. I always love this holiday, and it gets better and better as the kids get old enough to enjoy all it has to offer. The night before we got to have some friends sleep over because their mom was having a baby! This was very exciting for the triplets. We decorated bikes for the church breakfast the next day, and they all  looked pretty awesome.074

This didn’t last long. We humored them for a few minutes until Ruby was put back in to her bed.078

Last year Melody suggested tie dye shirts for the Fourth of July, and looks like it will be a tradition over here. The kids aptly named them firework shirts, and we all love making them. The kids designed their own this year (with a little help), and they turned out great!175

We had to take two cars with all the bikes.081090Not sure By Bennett added the bag, but whatever.091094

The breakfast was fun and a festive way to start the beautiful day. The cute girls were picked up by their dad and got to meet their new baby brother! We went home for lunch and relaxing until we met some friends at Centennial park. It cooled down a lot and we played and splashed and talked for a good long time. 100101

We decided this was the year we were going to brave the crowds and take the kids to some real fireworks. We’d heard our town puts on an awesome show and headed over to Salisbury Park for the festivities. I knew there would be a lot of people, but I was not prepared for the massive crowds we arrived to. We braced ourselves, and stuck with the plan (usually I’m a path less traveled kind of person, but it was for the children) and the kids were actually jumping for joy as they got out of the car and saw the fun things there was to do. I love seeing them happy.104113115119

They were so patient as we waited in lines for the bounce houses and slides, and those sorts of things, and were just so delighted to be there. There was live music on a stage, and we even bumped into a few friends. Definitely a happening place.121123

What happens when someone asks how old they are.129

Soon it was time to settle on our blankets and wait for the show to begin. Some crankiness started to come out, including myself from the whining, but as soon as the fireworks started, all was forgotten, and we enjoyed them thoroughly. I haven’t seen a real show like that in a while, and it was fun. The kids were amazed! I loved hearing their exclamations after each burst. 135139150

It was a beautiful night, and we managed to get home in about 20 minutes (it was only a mile or two from home) instead of the hour we were expecting. Benefits of parking in the far lot!

Since we never got a chance that night to do the fireworks we bought, we put on a little show the next day. It would’ve been more fun in the dark, but we wanted a decent bedtime, and the kids didn’t know the difference.

We stated with snaps! What kid doesn’t love those?!180183

Then we moved onto cones and flowers and others. That smell is so familiar from my childhood. So glad to create these memories for them too!193198

Sparklers! They definitely had fun with those. 214217218

An excellent weekend with my family that I love. Already looking forward to making next year’s firework shirts!