Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tie-Dyed for the 4th of July!

And if that isn’t awesome enough, the Rejholecs were here too! We’ve never hosted their whole family the way they have done for us so many times, so this was such a pleasure! I don’t have nearly as much time as I would like to post about this in detail (more fun family events are about to take place, and this had to get posted before all of that!), but a quick summary of the wonderful few days we had together will have to do.

Cousins together again! It’s so heart-warming to see them all playing.036039042046

I just love this.051

Our first excursion was Civic Green Park. Such a lovely time.058063065

After an amazing dinner at Smash Burger, the kids had a little ice cream party.074

Melody came up with the idea to make the kids tie-dye shirts for the 4th, but I wanted to join the fun, so we made them for everyone!080109 - Copy112 - Copy083

121 - Copy

122 - CopyThe mess is all part of the fun, right?085

They spent a day with Jonny’s sister, and we met up with them at the park that night for Pizza. 091

We were told there were would be a bike parade at the ward party, so we borrowed a couple scooters from the neighbors, and had a decorating party.131 - Copy134 - Copy139 - Copy

The ward 4th of July pancake breakfast! 112114115The kids were all so proud of their tattoos.119

And the bike parade was a hit. Though I did almost get run over by some tween.123108138139

Then we were off to Centennial Park (where, coincidentally, my old ward was having their breakfast), and had a good time.142

This lasted about 20 seconds. It was the kids’ idea.145148

We decided it was time to take the triplets to their first movie! Monsters University was excellent. I think the previews will be skipped next time. They didn’t like how loud and flashy they were. There was a lot of lap sitting, and a few potty breaks despite us taking them before the show, but over all, they did great! Can’t wait to take them to another one!  154159160

The rest of the day was just back yard playing, good food, and good company. I made a flag cake that the kids were pretty excited about. Truly not as complicated as it looks, which was good, cause I wanted more time to play with everyone instead of making everything from scratch. We adults had our own Navajo taco dinner (third time this summer for us-I’m not complaining) after the littles went down. So lovely.

Love that Evy,166167172She was entertained by that water trickle for a good long time.173177183144147154156158190191162

I love seeing this flag waving in our front yard.  181

As if we hadn’t had enough parks, we also hit Belleview Park, one I hadn’t been to yet. It was fun. Of course the little stream was the best part for the kids.217 - Copy223 - Copy224 - Copy230 - Copy235 - Copy236 - Copy237239241

Melody and I were able to squeeze in a sisters lunch. That Indian Buffet was awesome, and just down the street!247

A few more random funnies.165212 - Copy249

All of my kids envied Gabe’s awesome hat. She was a darling to share it. 096 - Copy097 - Copy098 - Copy

Ruby and Juju were best of friends. So adorable to see them playing together. 166169

Cute/sad goodbyes.254255251

It was such a great week. I love spending so much time with my twin sister and her adorable family. It’s what we always hoped would happen. Well, really, we are hoping they move to Colorado, but we’ll take as many of these fun weeks as we can get until then! We are so happy that we get to see them again tomorrow, and for the next few weeks!