Sunday, May 10, 2015

April Events

And just like that, my baby is two months old. She only gets snugglier and softer as the weeks go on, so I really can’t say I’m too sad that she has to grow up, but maybe a little. When she was brand new, my heart truly ached thinking of her getting even a day older. I didn’t want to let her go for a second for fear I would miss something. But as she get older and and sweeter and smiles that cute new smile, I really love waking up to a new day with her. I get butterflies just thinking about her. Of course some things I don’t so much look forward to, like the evenings of non-stop crying, and the very long nights. But there are breaks and good days in between those to regroup and remember how incredibly lucky I am to be her mom.  I’m tired, but I’m happy, and I love this family I get to be a part of.

So, the biggest event as of late would be Hazel’s blessing day. I picked out the dress with my mom a while ago (her gift to all of her grandchildren), and knew I had to have it the moment I saw it. Picking out a dress so tiny when I was 30 weeks pregnant made me so excited. When I tried it on her and it fit like a glove, it was like a little dream had come true. She looked like a little princess.1055 KC gave a beautiful blessing, and apart from the stress of finding something that fit my post-pregnancy body to wear to church, I was on a bit of a high during the whole meeting as I held my sweet baby while she slept. I felt so rich and happy and complete. 060017028031036053

We had a little luncheon after with our visitors. We were so happy that a few family members were able to come be a part of the blessing festivities. My sister Amber was so sweet to bring her kids on a road trip to see us. Both KC’s and my parents also came to celebrate. Our great neighbors even came, and KC’s aunt and uncle made it to the meeting. The food and company was wonderful, and no blessing in my family is complete without the traditional Nightmare dessert. It was delicious as always. A perfect, beautiful day.070075086101507510103

Of course we had to make the most of our time with the family, so we filled the few days we had together with non-stop fun. The Hammond Candy factory, Aurora Reservoir, s’mores in the backyard, a girls night to the movies and more. I pushed through the feed-though-the-night exhaustion and so enjoyed a little break in the norm. It was sad to see them leave only a few days after they arrived, but I’m so grateful they made the trip.188206212215221229284321325328329331335342344353354355366371374384385458

Before all of that was Easter. I always wondered what Easter would be like for us this year, with Hazel’s due date being the day before it, but since she was born a few weeks early, I was able to recover in time to put a little effort into the day. The kids were lucky to enjoy two Easter egg hunts, one with our neighbors in our front yards, and one with our great group of friends. So much candy. But what can you do? They were happy and so was I. The Easter Bunny had prepared many weeks before just in case things were hectic, so the kids were happy to wake up to find that he didn’t forget to stop at our house with all the baby excitement. He hid the baskets a little harder this year than in the past, and that was fun.I wasn’t sure I was in the mood to dye eggs this year, but we did and tried the Kool-Aid version, which the kids thought was so amazing. And it actually smelled good instead of like vinegar. We had a simple ham dinner that hit the spot. It was also Conference weekend, so it was nice to just relax and be together and snuggle the new baby. A great weekend, and a wonderful reminder of our Savior and his love for all of us. How very grateful I am for Him.1501151615191523152515261529154115431546154815521572157415751576158715891591159215951601

There was more to April than that, but hopefully Instagram can fill in the cracks. This spring has been a good one. I really really love this time of my life, messes, chaos, long nights, and all.