Sunday, November 22, 2015

31 and Moab

Melody and I decided months ago that we should meet up in Moab for our birthday fun this year. And that we did! We arrived on a Thursday night. I had my whole crew and she just had her two oldest. It was a longer drive than I was anticipating (so many stops!) but it was well worth it to see the kids so excited to play with their cousins and have a sleepover at Grandma Julie’s condo. The fun started right when we arrived. We met the fam at the Branding Iron and ate yummy food. Even baby tried some of my rib dinner. We were all pretty beat and everyone went to bed a little too late, but we had a blast catching up and opening some presents a few days early. In the interest of time, I’ll just post a bunch of pics to tell the rest of the story.


Hi baby.156515841587

Boys in one room. 1602

Girls in the other. 1606

I hate that we don’t get to see each other’s babies more often. 1618

KC showing the kids the ways of Chess.1624

Ruby looks up to older Julia so much. She wants to be just like her. Luckily they both brought their pink camera and purple jackets so they could be matching.16301631

Off to Arches. 1662

Sand Dune was the first, and was incredibly crowded with the fall break crowd. Our sand toys were very popular. The kids were having the time of their lives. 1677

I saw these shirts in an Etsy shop and couldn’t resist getting us both one for our birthday. We also got one for our mom for her birthday so we could all be matching MOMs.1690171617201723

Off to more arches.18261871

Ninjas fighting off evil robot kokopellis.1893


Cute sleepy girl.1904

Hiking is more fun in tie dye.1906


Doughnut break.19161919

After dinner at Zax, the boys went to town on these fossil kits they picked out in the souvenir shop while we made cotton candy. 20332041205820562061

Play dough has become a little tradition with our kids when we go to Moab. 20792080

For a final adventure, headed to Millcreek Falls, a place we’d heard great things about. And it was awesome! Such a beautiful hike just a few minutes from the condo, and just enough adventure for the kids. Loved it.211421172136215121602164216521872188219022052207

Ice cream before goodbyes.2292

Group hug. 2313

The only triplet who understand the beauty of a road trip nap, apparently.2339

She napped a little too. 2342

Alex’s version of an evil robot kokopelli.2398

And a little word search Alex made up to commemorate the trip.2416

So, my birthday was actually on Monday, a couple days after we came home. So we had a mini celebration that day too. I just love that I have this little group to keep me young as I get older.250825292527

We’re 31 one years old this year. Melody is one minute older than me and it’s always been a joke that that one minute actually makes a difference. Well, now that we’re in our 30s, I’m more than happy to take on the role of the younger twin. It was a fun birthday week, and I’m so happy I got to be with my birthday bestie for part of it. Happy 31st to us!