Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One Month Down

And what a sweet month it’s been. I don’t have a lot of time for a detailed account (how DID I update so much with triplet babies?!) but I have millions of pictures to document. Here are just a few ;)

Before her umbilical stump came off, we had lots of sponge baths. She didn’t love it, but I did.238

Eventually she enjoyed the bum soaking.406

And Ruby always took over the bath water to give her toys a little pool party.417

This is Ruby’s preemie onesie that she has been using as doll clothes for the past few years. Fit Hazel like a glove.010018020

So full of sleepy smiles.290

At her 10 day check up. 5 lb. 10. oz. sometimes she finds her thumb. 351360

A few dads took their girls to see Cinderella. Ruby was thrilled to go on this little date, and I heard she even shed a few tears in the movie. I’m jealous I didn’t get to go along!423

The boys found that you could print recipes off They got their hearts set on one, and I finally gave in one day. Alex calls these apple “crips”, and I loved playing in the kitchen with him!508515

St. Patrick’s Day came and went without many festivities, but the kids didn’t let it pass without wearing the signature color.  099108109

KC’s mom came to visit for a few days. She kept he kids very busy with lots of fun activities and outings which gave me plenty of rest time with the baby. It was also the first week of spring break (it’s two weeks for us) so it was nice to have Grandma here to switch things up. The kids had a blast! 530531542616706759850

Aunt Nicole also came for a night. We’re so glad we could see her one more time before she moved.301

The weather has been so amazing, and I was in the mood to get out, so at just two weeks old, Hazel made her first park appearance. It was fun for me to hang out with my friends again. 934935

Alex was also taking advantage of the great weather by taking his coloring outside.050 - Copy

She looks so little in daddy’s arms.747

She didn’t pass the hearing test twice in the hospital, so we had to go back after two weeks to retest. Of course it was freezing and snowy that day. She Passed! It isn’t unusual for early babies with quick deliveries to retain some fluid in their ears and have to be retested. 756

Love when she rolls up in a little cuddly ball. Like a round little hazelnut.069 - Copy

This Rock and Play bed, aka the Taco, is where she sleeps next to our bed at night. She looks bigger in there every day.143

The kids can’t stand how cute and tiny her feet are. Neither can I.245

During the first couple of week, I often had a nursing audience.260

Just some general morning curtness. We usually play on my bed for a while while we’re waking up and she’s so happy and calm. 677799787

One Saturday, the kids stayed out from about 9 am to 6 pm with the kids on the street. Being a kid is just the best.95710161018

They spent their time making electronic devices out of paper. This is Bennett’s phone with apps and games and everything. He was so excited about showing me the apps and games.  1021

If they’re all laughing this hard, you know their joking about boogers, bums, toots, or poop. 1059

A little sleep deprived.1074

Homemade play dough to help us through spring break.1079

Glad she likes the swing.1084

Sink baths are the greatest, ever. 1210

A little bug went through all of us. Bennett had the worst of it and put himself down for a nap.1241

keeping me company while I cleaned out the car.1250

Her biggest fans. They laugh so hard at every little thing she does. The LOVE when her eyes are open, and laugh their heads off if she holds their finger or touches them at all. As I write this post they sigh at every cute picture of her. They truly adore everything about her. 1273

Some friends took the kids to the park, and when they came home they also brought their guinea pig to play with for a while. The kids were in heaven.1342

One of her favorite places to relax and be cute. 1360

I call this series Milk Drunk.1405

Looking so different everyday.14101411

Ruby LOVES her toys and is often found in her room playing with them for hours.  I love listening to her make voices for each one as they talk to each other. 1426

Love that her bum still fits in the palm of my hand.1431

Another one of Ruby’s preemie outfits. These sisters make me so happy. 1459

Matching nightgowns. Hazel’s is for a doll. I couldn’t find it for a while and I know it would’ve been a perfect fit right when we brought her home. At least we got some pics before she had totally grown out of it.1679

I was excited for the kids to finally go back to school for obvious reasons, but also because I wanted to start walking them home from school with the baby in the Moby. I never did want to walk to or from school during the pregnancy, so it’s nice to finally have the energy. 1698

She usually screams in the carseat. It’s fun.984

She still sleeps most of the day, usually swaddled up tight, in the taco, bassinet, on the Boppy, in the swing, in the bouncy seat, on my bed, or of course, on me. Sometimes she goes down effortlessly and stays there for hours, other times I have to hold her to keep her that way. She eats every 2-3 hours during the day, 3-4 (occasionally 5) hours at night. I get tired, but I know this won’t last forever so I’m enjoying my little baby while I can. I hate that she has to grow but know that each stage comes with new cute things that I wouldn’t want to miss. I just can’t stand how beautiful she is and how much I love her. 1259

We’re so happy that she’s here.838841