Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catching up

I had to take a breather after that long post about the trip but I suppose it's time to come back to the blog. We've had some fun happenings around here. On Friday we were having the best weather. It was a nice cool breeze and I couldn't resist eating outside. I also figured it was too windy for the mosquitoes so I took advantage. We had cheese steak pizza, and perfectly ripened ice cold nectarines. It was very nice.

The next morning, Saturday, we had our yard sale. Yes, the thing that has kept stuff piling up in our little hallway for months. Matty and the gang were getting things together too. We had a couple dressers, broken and not, many clothes, bags, toys, and free homemade cookies and suckers. Cheverly had silly rules about signs. You have to register, pay a one dollar fee for one authorized sign, and put it up in an authorized location. I was very annoyed at the time going through the silly process, but all was well in the end. Good thing Craigslist was an option. We planned on no one showing up but actually got a few shoppers. We made a decent chunk of change, but the best part, aside from how excited jack was about customers and selling his toys to other kids, was ridding my home of all unnecessary items. All my old clothes are out including some shoes that were hard to part with. Before everything went to the salvation army, the Grahams and we exchanged a few things and then it all went.

We went immediately to a ward picnic and more time in the sun. It was nice to visit with friends. Luckily Matt and Cortnie told me about these new citronella bracelets that you can wear to keep mosquitoes away. I didn't get one bite all day.

KC's mom flew in on business that night and was staying in DC. We decided to have dinner in Georgetown. We don't go there often enough so it was nice to have an excuse to go there. After all, it's only a short distance from our house. We ate at Clydes, a local, chain that was very delicious. We did some shopping and walked along the water. It was a beautiful night. My throat was getting a little froggy by this time of night and I was praying and it was just the result of a long day in the sun and wouldn't amount to anything. The next day my voice became worse and so did the cough. It's not a major cold or anything, but enough to take my voice and keep me coughing for a couple days. I have a history if losing my voice and it's not too pleasant. Maybe tomorrow I'll find it again.

Sunday was kind of catch up for me. My substitute apologized that she had forgotten to teach both of the two weeks that I had asked her to. Luckily our primary presidency and kids are flexible. I told them what had happened without mentioning any names and they just laughed. I just made up a lesson since my manuel was still in the hands of another. We had lunch with KC's mom at our place. It was nice to see her again. It had only been a couple weeks since we were together, but it's always nice to see people in your own neighborhood.

Our friends the Millers invited us over for a game of Settlers that I was playing for the first time. It was fun to play a new game even though I lost miserably. And you can always guarantee there will be popcorn at their house. This time they put parmesan on it so it was extra good. We were debating on going to IHOP at midnight, it being Sunday and all, but our long weekend demanded a good sleep for work on Monday.

They invited us again yesterday along with a few other friends for a graduation ice cream party for a couple of the guys. There was so much ice cream and toppings, it was hard to stop eating. We played more games, part of which I slept through, and had a fun time. I really enjoy the time we spend with our friends here. It feels like we really have become close.

So there is the catch up. I just felt it was a nice weekend that I didn't want to let go by without recording. Now, what to do with all the garage sale money we made?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Whew, that was a trip! It was so great to get away to be with both sides of the family, but it's always hard to leave the people we love. I promised my real journal that this would have more details so it is very very long. I tried the slide shows instead of a few pics so that it would take up less space. I'm not offended if you just read fragments.

I'll begin with California. The Robinsons have a time share with Marriott and this year they chose Newport Beach. We arrived on Saturday afternoon to a not so hot Orange County. It was in the upper 60s, lower 70s the whole time. I quite liked the weather. Better than blazing hot, in my opinion. It didn't make for very fun wave jumping at the beach, but much better for touristy type things. Anyhow, they showed us around this resort where we were staying and it was something. There were multiple pools and hot tubs, a sports court, a tot lot, a fire pit, tetherball, activities for the kids everyday, and beautiful suites to stay in. The lobby even had a choice between ice cold lemon-lime, and mixed melon water to drink. I had anticipated waking up well before anyone else so as we were walking around the wonderful Marriott property, I was making note of things I might do at 3 am when I wake up. Not only do I normally wake up earlier than most, but we were also three hours earlier than Maryland in CA. There were eight of us in the suite and we fit quite comfortably. That night we ate at the cheesecake factory until we were very full, but didn't forget to order several cheesecakes to go. We ate them after a rousing game of Hoopla.

So the next day, I did wake up hours before anyone else so I decided to take a stroll to the tetherball court and get a little exercise. I was in my pajamas and the only jacket that I brought. It was a beautiful crisp morning and I was so excited to be out instead of staring at the ceiling until the others began to stir, which is what I normally do in these situations. I actually had a lot of energy running up the stairs and straight to the tetherball court where I instantly fell into the freshly sprinkled mud surrounding it. My whole right side was coated in dark, thick, mud. I wasn't sure what to do so I kept walking and stumbled onto some sprinklers and had a nice little shower. Than I went in to the pool gates, before pool hours, to soak my feet in the hot tub after a slightly traumatizing experience as it was at 5 am. Eventually I went home and showered and whispered KC the story. Later we went to church where the Temple also was. It is a beautiful temple and we took many pictures. Then we went to LA where KC's sister Camille lives. We went to the La Brea Tar Pits and found out very fascinating things about the fossils found there. It was even better when we found out there was a dog show on the property that day. Then we then went to The Getty museum. It was massive and so much to see. It was also getting very cold. Camille took us to a great burger place where you can customize your's however you want from the meat to the sauce with many options for each component. Mine was a turkey burger on wheat, with gruyere cheese, banana peppers, grilled pineapple, sprouts, and avocado, with a horseradish mayonnaise. It was amazing and the sweet potato fries were great with it.

Monday we did some shopping and lunch at a huge mall. We went to the beach, and it was suddenly cloudy so we just played in the sand for a while. KC's cousins and a new wife don't live far so they came for dinner. We had grilled teriyaki salmon, and smores at the fire pit later on.

Tuesday was all about Disneyland. Michelle wasn't feeling well when she woke up, and the parents had recently been to Disney World, so it was Nicole, Casey, Camille, KC and I that headed to the happiest place on earth. It was silly that we could only get a reservation for 4 at Club 33. Camille was really nice about not making me feel bad for having her be the only one that didn't get to go. It was an amazing lunch of appetizers, London Sirloin, and a great dessert buffet. I'll probably never look at Disney Land the same. Since Camille is a local, I told her to bring some friends some time and I'd try to get her in. We stayed as long as we could walk, and enjoyed finding lines shorter than we thought, in some cases. The new Nemo Submarine ride was a 6 hour wait. I'm glad those people were in that line and not the ones that we were in. I had a quest to find that wonderful pickle we always get there and it was delicious.

The vacation to California was so wonderful. I feel like I’m getting to know the Robinsons so much better and they are really welcoming me in as one of the family. They are so close and I love that because mine is the same. They did so much for us including driving everywhere, providing all the food, and planning fun things to do. I’m so glad KC comes from such a loving family. I know ours will someday be that way too.

So off to Utah I went. It was nice short flight and there to meet me was Mom, Melody and little sleeping Julia. I was in tears looking at her in person for the first time. Dad was driving. I was pretty hungry so we stopped off at Crown Burger. It more than satisfied us and we didn’t even finish the two we were sharing. Amber was slaving away making all the fixings for CafĂ© Rio Salads exactly as they make them at the restaurant. Turns out it is pretty close to the recipe I had on my food photo a while ago. The slow cooked, brown sugar, salsa, chicken and tomitillo cilantro dressing that I had made into tacos. This was better and so like the real thing. We ate it after one of Katy’s baseball games where she did very well.

The next day I helped with Julia’s bath and then had a fun time with Grandma Julie who came to visit. We had to get a picture with the namesakes. We had lunch, took lots of pictures and took naps. The Pecks had more games that we watched, and then had pizza at their house. The kids wanted to sleep over at Nana and Papas so we had a slumber party. Man, the party never stops. Unless it’s forced to when you wake up with some bad stomach bug at 4 am and throw up for 12 hours straight. Mom came down with it about 5 hours after I did. We were two poor pitiful girls all day. Melody came over to see us and was nice to get a few things at the store we thought would help. I wanted to hold the baby so bad, but I could hardly open my eyes without wanting to puke. Since I went into the hospital last time, I knew what kind of great medicine they gave me to stop the nausea, so I asked my dad to take me. What is a trip to Utah without a trip to the ER? They gave me an IV again to replenish my fluids. They could barely find a vain since I was so dehydrated. I felt much better after more medication and a shot. They also gave me a prescription that mom think helped prevent her from throwing up a few more time. What a waste of a day!

We made it up the next day with shopping, black and white movies, and dinner on the deck. I didn’t forget to stop at Purple Turtle after visiting Grandmother to have a coconut dip cone that I love so much. I may have over done it eating all I did after being so sick, but I was so hungry!

It was so unreal to be with my new niece. Melody and Jonny are such patient, easy going, loving parents. They are so sweet to let all the kids constantly take their turns with the baby. (They all think the baby is their own, especially Jordan and Allyson.) I took more pictures than I really needed but I just couldn’t stop. I wish I could be more a part of her life as she grows up. Melody will have a lot to teach me by the time I have my own baby, so she better be keeping notes. I had a wonderful time spending time with everyone. Amber helped me make a beautiful watch with her beads, the kids and I had a slumber party, Melody and I were always together, mom and I were sick together, dad and I did an Ice Cream Run, and I presented Lili with a Club 33 keychain she would appreciate much more than I would. I feel like I really bonded with everyone and it makes me want to be with them even more. I also used the old BMW for my wheels the whole time and you know how I love convertibles. It was a nearly perfect trip, minus being sick and husbandless. Thanks to everyone for always making me feel so loved when I come home. I love you Julia! Check out her pictures. They are priceless.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Are you here in America?!

That is what Amber asked me when I was talking to her on the way home from the airport today. I guess Maryland is far enough be considered another country to her. Funny how she can make you laugh before you can even get a word in.

Anyway, I have spent the last few days in Southern California with the Robinson clan and we did so many great things. Of course I don't have my camera usb to load any pictures right now, but when I do next week, I will narrate all the fun we had through the pictures. That way I won't leave anything out. I took pictures of everything. It's kind of turning into a bad habit. I already took a million of the little baby Julia I came to Utah to see, and I've been here less that eight hours. I love her so much already. She is was beautiful and alert and patient with all her admirers (so are her parents). I can't wait to see her other little personality traits that come out while I am here.

KC is still in California and is leaving to go back to MD tomorrow morning. I'm sad that he's not here with me now as I get ready for bed. It's funny that only a couple posts down I was writing the exact same thing about his business trip. At least it has given me a reason to want leave Utah where I have so many people to be with and no work or church responsibilities (no wonder we love vacations so much.). Wherever my KC is, is where I'll go. Soon things will be all normal again. Until then, I'll enjoy this vacation and talk to hims many times a day via cell phone.

I told myself that this trip was going to be one that I do something I wouldn't normally do at home. We'll see what that turns out to be. Maybe I'll come back with a shaved head.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Mom just informed that I have a problem with homonyms. Just so everyone is clear, when I'm blogging, I'm usually writing pretty fast and not paying as much attention as I should to my spelling and grammar mistakes. I am very particular about homonyms: two, to, too--there, their, they're--where, wear, to name a few, and when I make a mistake in that area it's a silly one. I know the difference, but I don't intend to start being more careful about my blog just because my mom pointed this out to me. I just wanted to make it known and for you all to ignore such mistakes as they occur. My mom just took me through my last blog and helped me to correct all the errors that were made, and we were quite giggly about it and actually had a pretty good time. So if any of you fell so inclined to read my ENTIRE previous post again, there are some corrections, but I'm sure you'll still find a mistake or to! (Haha. That was intentional.)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lazy me

It's taken me this long to sit down and write about last weekend. The baby has been occupying my thoughts and KC is out of town for a couple days. I hate when he's out of town. He has a conference in Virginia, so it's not too far away and he'll be home tomorrow. I think I'll make it, but going to sleep alone is the weirdest part. I piled up the pillows on his side to trick my sleeping self. Only one more night to go.

Well Last Saturday all of the family we have here got together to go to Kings Dominion, also in Virginia. We rode up with the Turpins and had a good laugh at what the boys were doing the whole time. They sure have a lot of toys to make the ride a comfortable one. There was some kind of traffic, but it only put us about 20 minutes behind schedule. Matt's fam was just behind us by about 20 miles so it was a nice smooth ride and we were anxious to get to the park. Of course, we didn't realize that this was the first Saturday that the park had been open this season. It had opened on Memorial Day. Man the people just kept coming in. Don't they have a capacity limit? There was a constant flow of people walking through the gates, and I'm not one who likes to go where the crowd is going. No matter what it is, a concert, a movie, and especially an amusement park are places that I usually avoid when there are gigantic crowds. But I got over it and embraced the heat and the lines and tried to get my money's worth. It was so hot and humid so I really enjoyed the time we had at the water park. I would've been content to stay there the whole time, but the famous roller coasters were calling our name. I'm happy to say that KC and I were almost completely sunburn free with the exception of KC's neck, part of his arm and few spots on me--little places we just missed while putting sunscreen on. We are a very white couple and we embrace that trait we have. I used to hate being this almost fluorescent color and would rather be burned than white. Now that I'm older and wiser, sunscreen is a great friend of mine. The spots of burn we did get did show us that we would be in a lot of pain without our sunscreen, so we are very grateful. We did a few tube rides, and one that we even took everyone, kids included, on. It was funny to see them crying on the way down, and being happy that they did it when it was over. They are pretty brave if you ask me. After a little more wave pool, we changed, ate lunch, and went on a couple more rides. That's another things about parks like this. You stand in line forever, in our case with the Volcano, 1 hour 15 minutes, for a 30 second ride. We must all look like a bunch of dummies waiting in the heat that long. But we didn't have to wait in line at all when I got a text from Matt that they were going on the new Italian Job ride so I guess I shouldn't complain. We wriggled our way into the very front of the line where they were and didn't wait but 5 minutes. I think that's against the rules, but oh well. We were mad that they made Jack leave the ride right before we was going on because he was too short. He better wear taller shoes next time.

The heat was really getting to all the adults and we called it a day at about 5:30. The kids picked out some souvenirs and we were on our way. We rode with the Grahams on the way home and stopped for Arbys. If I had to choose fast food at any time, it would be Arbys. Their new Orange Cream shake is very good after a hot day in the sun. We slept well that night and again were glad we were sleeping on still white backs.

On Sunday, our ward had four convert baptisms. Cool, huh? It was quite an event and so many people stayed to witness this great event. I always love watching the baptisms and just thinking to myself the life they now have ahead of them. I never had a life without the Gospel, but I know the joy it brings to me and those around me. Man, to be without it would seem crazy to me. To not live with this knowledge. When I realize what is really happening when a baptism is being performed, it makes me so excited for them to live their new lives and see all the changes that will take place. Living with the spirit is an amazing thing. Now my class has two new kids. One who got baptised, and one whose mom did and will when he is eight. I really have to teach differently now. The kids before knew a lot about the scripture stories and the primary songs. I really to start from the beginning now because these kids really don't even know who Nephi is, or the words to I am a Child of God. It's refreshing to have a reason to liven up my lessons. I can't wait to see the testimonies develop in these children's hearts, and mine as I teach and learn.

Yesterday I went to a friend's house to talk about girl's camp. I also found a cute pair of shorts that she and her sewing machine helped me alter. And of course, we went to get ice cream at about 9:30 pm. It was a good way to spend an evening away from my love. Last time he was gone, I hadn't made any friends yet. I spent a lot of time with Cami and Lili since she was visiting and remember folding his laundry and being so sad he wasn't here. It's so nice to have friends and family here. We have met a lot of great people in our ward. I love it when you make it to that certain comfortable level with people. Like being able the open the fridge without asking. Maybe it's that I always had a best friend and was never forced to make any, and now I'm married, I don't really put myself out there to be a friend. There are some people that are good at involving people, and sometimes I let myself be one of those that waits to be involved. I'm going to try to be more of a go-getter in the future. If my friends hadn't invited us to game nights here and there, we might not have been so open to make new friends. I was completely different in high school, but life in the real world is not quite the same. I had to really pull myself out of a shell to talk to KC the first time, but he had to really push and pull to keep me coming to friend type things. I am very grateful for these gestures as it made me really understand the value of good friends.

Well this blog is much longer and more reflective than I anticipated, but I have lot to think about when I 'm not wondering what to put in KC's lunch, I guess. This weekend we're headed to California for the Robinsons summer vacation. And after that it's straight to see my new little namesake. I can't wait!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Julia EMILY Rejholec

Well, it has happened. My twin sister, the has had a baby and I am not there to see either of them. I am planning to go there in a couple weeks, but I'm dancing around waiting for the time to pass. Melody can attest that I was bawling streams of tears from the time she told me until we got off the phone and after. I was in a building that had no signal on my phone all morning, so when I got out, I just had a couple text messages saying I had pictures sent to me but I could only view them online. I was kind of suspicious but I just went on with my errands. Then I made my routine call to Melody and her excited "Hello?!" gave it away. It's almost as if it hasn't happened since I'm not there. I have to really convince my self that the pictures on her blog are real. I can't express the love I have for that little Julia Emily, and I haven't even seen her in person. Yep, her middle name is after me and it was a total surprise and that made me cry even more. Oh, Melody knows how to push my emotion buttons. Only 12 more days until I see the little Rejholec family. I love you guys!