Thursday, May 29, 2008

And so it goes...

Here I am almost a week being back home with the details of my trip. I always think it's more fun, and faster to read if it's in list form. But if you actually make it through all the pictures, you make up the time it would've taken you to read a whole novel on my trip. But I wanted to make sure everyone in them had access, and this is the easiest way, so please don't feel the need to look through all three of four hundred, or something like that.

Wednesday 5/14:
  • Mom and I flew out of Baltimore. It was so nice to have a flying buddy.
  • We stopped at Amber's house where she and Melody were about to start preschool. I got to see Julia for the first time since Christmas!
  • We went home to mom and dad's where I got to see Drew for the first time since my wedding day! And the engaged couple Elise and Jeff were also there to greet us.
  • KC's place came in later. His parents picked him and and swung by to get me so we could sleep at their house that night to prepare for the big wedding weekend.
Thursday 5/15:
  • In the morning we did various last minute wedding tasks, and a little shopping. I saw one of my high school friends at a store in Orem.
  • We picked up KC's sister Camille from the airport.
  • We had a wonderful time with all the Robinson side friends and family at Michelle and Cisco's wedding dinner at Carrabas, one of our favorite places.
  • We all raced home after to watch the office finale that had us all laughing to tears. It was such a classic. The Kevin storyline...the best.
Friday 5/16:
  • The big day of the Wedding!
  • Camille was getting a last minute haircut so I thought I'd go with her for a last minute eyebrow wax. Turns out I didn't quite have enough to wax, but she insisted on plucking a little. I thought it was nice of her, until she rang me up for $10. Seriously, I can pluck myself thanks.
  • The ceremony was at the Provo Temple, just blocks from KC's parent's house. It was beautiful and they looked so happy. It was fun to hear Grandpa Carlson perform another sealing. It reminded me of our wedding day.
  • We had a nice lunch that Janice had prepared with all the relatives. We rested a bit and got back to work decorating for the reception at a newish venue, Noah's Ark.
  • It was a gorgeous day and a lovely reception on the tented roof. We especially loved the ice and custard dessert they had.
  • My parents left us a car and we drove to Melody's new house to sleep over. We were pretty exhausted.

Saturday 5/17:
  • Melody, Elise and I had planned to go get massages at the Utah College of Massage therapy, and were really looking forward to it. We knew the lines might be long, and we were right. We wouldn't have gotten in for hours, so...
  • We called KC and Jonny and got everyone at my mom's house, minus Drew, to come with us to breakfast. We ate the most delicious Kneaders breakfast food. As much as I wanted a massage, it was much more fun to be with everyone, especailly since KC was flying out that day.
  • My parents and I took KC to the airport where I had to say goodbye for the next week and a half. Not fun. I don't like to dwell on this part.
  • We stopped at NPS and got many treats, and then they dropped me off at the theater where Melody, Jonny, and Katy met me to see Prince Caspian. Thanks again for treating M&J.
  • We had a fun bbq at Amber's, where I got to play with the tiny new kittens. I was in love.
  • I went home with the Rejholecs where I stayed the remainder of my nights. I think we watched Lost, or the Office or something.
Sunday 5/18:
  • We walked to church. It's quite entertaining with Julia. I forgot how loud Utah sacrament meetings are. So many children.
  • We went to my mom's where everyone came over and we had delicious dutch oven shredded pork. Matt also contributed a container filled with a mass of melted gummi coke bottles complete with a pair of scissors to cut it apart. That boy.
  • As I was going to sleep. I watched a bit of Nacho Libre, since everyone in my family is always quoting it. A total classic.
Monday 5/19
  • Melody and I did some errands, one of which is my new cell phone. I'm still getting myself oriented to it.
  • We met up with a good friend Sarah, for lunch at a cute bakery Flour Girls and Dough Boys. It was delicious and so fun to catch up. I also Melody and I downed a huge cinnamon roll and I bought jalapeno cheddar bread and a cream puff the size of my head, for later.
  • We went to my mom's to put Julia down and take a break. We watched Lars and the Real Girl. I loved it! I seriously need to watch it again. It was so touching and I highly recommend it.
  • We went on a grocery run, and went home to make dinner. I think it was Italian sausage and rice stuffed tomatoes tonight.
Tuesday 5/20
  • Melody had preschool today, so I went to hang around at Amber's while they taught downstairs. It was the last day for this class so it was low key.
  • While they were teaching, I played with the kittens, painted my toenails, went to Target and picked up our Rumbi Grill Lunch, watched the ANTM finale (I wasn't expecting that outcome), baked a cake, played bubbles with them during recess, chatted with Todd about the acid staining he was going on the patio, and I think that about does it.
  • We went back home and rushed to assemble an ice cream cake we came up with for a little surprise party we were having for Elise since she's be in California for her real birthday. I like doing ice cream cakes at least a day before the event, but we realized no other days would work. We made a banana split cake with choc/staw/van ice creams layered with chocolate cake, oreos, strawberries and bananas. It didn't set up as much as I would've liked, but it was delicious all the same. Everyone came over to Melody's and we gave Elise her wedding present from all of us, a KitchenAid.
Wednesday 5/21:
  • We went to preschool again. Jonny surprised Melody with two dozen pink roses since it was their anniversary.
  • Mom and Dad picked up Cami from the airport and stopped by. Baby Jane had changed quite a bit and was getting passed around all the time.
  • While melody and Amber stayed and taught, I left with mom, dad, and Cami.
  • We stopped at Cafe Rio and I'm so glad we did.
  • We rested and then got ready to all go to the temple for Elise's first time. It was so nice to be there, but I missed KC like crazy.
  • Another good friend Marianne and her husband Paul were babysitting Julia, so we got to chat with them quite a bit, until we were all tired. But not tired enough for a little ice cream, and them went to bed.
Thursday 5/22:
  • This was the day of the big preschool graduation. My niece Allyson participated even though she still has one more year. It was so cute to see all of them do the actions to the songs.
  • All the girls, except Elise, went to the mall. We all splurged on some clothes. And I got my favorite onion rings at Iceberg. I've missed those babies.
  • We went home and Melody and I made a chicken pot pie for dinner.
  • While it was baking, the three of us made an attempt at a crossword puzzle, gave up to eat, and then vegged in front of Lost or something.
Friday 5/23:
  • We put Julia down for her nap at Mom's and a few of us went to get all the food for the wedding at Costco. I remembered to get my raw tortillas which I am happy to saw made it home still pretty frozen.
  • We happened to see my brother Matt as we were walking out. Usually I'm afraid to randomly run into people I know in Utah. It's a weird fear of mine, unless they are good friends. This was an exception.
  • We got everything for the food organized and had an idea of how we would lay it out.
  • Jillian, and Katy had a dance recital so I did their makeup, they got their hair all curled, and the Rejholecs and I went to see the cute dance numbers. The girls were darling.
  • We then watched Beautiful Mind, which I forgot how great and sad the movie is. I watched a lot of movies during the trip for some reason.
Saturday 5/24:
  • The other big day, Elise's Wedding. It was such a beautiful ceremony, and gorgeous weather. It had been cold and raining for days, so even with a little wind chill, we were happy to see the sun.
  • We had a delicious brunch with beautiful toasts from the brothers, and a slide show that made everyone cry.
  • We rested a little while we figured out which Disney princesses we are online, and then had to get to work preparing the food and setting up the front yard to look like a reception.
  • The reception was absolutely beautiful. I hope it was just how Lili pictured it. It went just with her personality and everything was so cohesive. And it was fun to see people I know.
  • I ended up with a raw throat that day, but made it through.
  • This was also a big day for KC. He moved us in!
  • It was interesting to see two completely different, but equally beautiful weddings back to back.

Sunday 5/25:
  • Not feeling quite up to par, I skipped church, and offered to stay home with Julia. She slept most of the time, so her mom and dad got to have a little date at church alone.
  • We went to my parent's where we ate wedding leftovers, and watched the House Finale.
  • The Rejholecs and I got to visit Grandmother. It's always nice to visit with her.
  • After the baby was asleep we watched a most romantic movie, Persuasion. Not a good movie to watch away from you husband.
Monday 5/26:
  • You made it! Almost done!
  • We acutally didn't have to go anywhere right away. I leisurely packed up and we headed to the bowling ally where we met the Pecks, and Matt and Jack. I am sticking to Wii bowling.
  • We went to Amber's for a picnic (it was raining on Memorial day) and watched P.S. I love you, another movie not to be watched with out a husband to hold.
  • I had to say goodbye to the kids, and Julia. It was so hard. Jillian wouldn't let go, and kept saying things like, "I'm never letting go", "A million kisses wouldn't be enough". It was nice to have some comic relief at that moment.
  • We went to yet another movie, Indiana Jones. Pretty funny.
  • I realized I forgot my water bottle (it was new fancy one. I couldn't let it go), so I got to see the kids again. They are so precious. I just cried as I said goodbye to everyone.
  • I stayed at Mom's so the parents, Drew and I played a few rounds of Rummikub, and watched a little IT Crowd. My cold had peaked that day, so I was pretty exhausted and had to get up really early, so I fell into bed.
Tuesday 5/27:
  • My parents kindly took me to the airport bright and early, and I had a nice, uneventful flight, including a two hour layover. It was surprisingly pleasant, and I was so happy to see KC meet me at the baggage claim.
  • We caught up over dinner and he took me home to our new place.
  • Here are all the pictures, hopefully in chronological order. And if you start to get tired, remember that there were hundreds more that I took not included in all the slide shows.

And that leaves me where I sit now. In a house still not quite together. It's slowly getting there, and I'm not in a huge rush. I was surprisingly able to make well balanced meals from the freezer for the first few days back. I finally went on a decent grocery trip for the first time in a few weeks. It's good to be home but I really miss everyone back in Utah. We extend an offer to any visitors as we now have ample room for you to stay with us.

This post took me a few days to write and organize, so it might have also taken you that long to get through if you were interested enough to do so.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A good kind of chaos

Whenever I leave the house for more than a day, I like to leave it perfectly clean so that when I come back from a hectic day of traveling, I can relax in my serene living space, and think about nothing but recovering from the trip. This time that is not the case. I kept forgetting that I was coming home to a different space. I knew it in the back of my mind, but it hadn't quite set in until KC took me through the front door instead of walking through the gate, around the back, and down the steps. It was all very strange. I walked in to a dish drainer and clothes in my living room, toiletries in the guest room, and the microwave cart in the dining area(and this doesn't even begin to describe how strewn about things are. I had to make a walking path into the kitchen). All of these things begging for a place to belong. But this is exactly what I asked for. I just wanted everything everywhere, so I could put it exactly where I want it, and not have to search forever for simple things like toothpaste, although I still had to. I couldn't stop telling KC I was so overwhelmed. In a good and crazy way. Coming back from such a wonderful trip, to such a big change and so much to do. I'm also overwhelmed by the many hands that did all this work. KC showed me a closet that our littlest helpers filled up from a closet downstairs that they were instructed to clean out and relocate in another closet upstairs. I perfect job for kids. They arranged things so cute that it will be hard to change it, although, I did have slightly different plans for that space. We were truly blessed with all the helpers that came over. Thanks again. You are invited to the housewarming for sure.

So, even though this is not how I usually like to come home from a long trip, it is a good challenge, and I am pretty excited to tackle it. And to be here with KC again feels so good. I was crying like a baby when I had to leave my family, but I belong here with my love, there it no doubt about that. I was like a giddy little girl when I wrapped my arms around him. I just love that he's just a few feet from me right now.

Okay, I promise I will recap the trip (I know you are all dying with suspense), just as soon as I can find time and energy to do so.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Missions Accomplished

So I'm coming toward the end of my stay here in Utah. Julia is sleeping and I gladly volunteered to stay here while Melody and Jonny attend church baby free. I think it goes by faster when I stay longer because I always think my leave is so far away. Whereas, if I'm only staying for 4 or so days, I think about when I have to leave everyday and try to pack as much as possible in each of the days making them feel longer. I still have two days to spend here with my family and the best part is that they are completely care free. No weddings, moving, or anything else in my way to prevent me from just relaxing and having a good time. I did develop a minor allergy feeling, sinus cold yesterday (it's inevitable that I get some sort of ailment every time I'm here) but I'm willing to take any drugs possible to push it aside. It's not going to get in my way. It's been wonderful staying here with the Rejholecs in their new adorable home. They have been most hospitable and I feel like Julia and I have become best of friends. Maybe she'll even remember me the next time I see her. It's bittersweet thinking this is almost over. It's been a whirlwind, but I've loved every second of it, and I'm constantly thinking of the moment I get to squeeze KC so tight. I don't like to go to weddings without my love. Luckily I had a lot to do.

So missions that have been accomplished:

KC's sister Michelle's wedding. It was so beautiful and elegant. Just like the bride. We were delighted to be part of the great event. And Janice, KC's mom, is so organized, we all knew just what to do and when to do it. A wonderful and memorable event.

The move. Thanks to my extremely sweet, selfless, and very missed husband, and some very willing and very helpful friends, were are now, as KC put it, poured into the new living quarters. He is doing what he can to get settled, but I've given instructions to leave everything strewn about and let me do the rest of the dirty work. Not only do I owe it to him, but I'd like to know where everything is when I get home. I was hugely relieved when he told me it was "done" (there's still much to do) and I can't wait to organize my new space.

And wedding number two, my sister Elise's. It was so fun to be a part of my darling little sister's wedding. Even though it was a lot of work, I felt like it was a great time for my whole family to be united. We all worked and laughed together the whole time and I just loved it. When you have a big family, it's amazing at how much you can accomplish together. It was another beautiful and elegant event that I'll always remember.

More details on all of these events to come.

Another tiny, but very important accomplishment was that I remembered to buy a couple packages of the raw tortillas at Costco since they don't carry them at ours. They are in the freezer now. I just have to remember to pack them.

So, of course, in a few days when I'm home and have accumulated enough energy, I'll post way too many pictures, and way too many details for from my stay. The pictures will partly be for the parties involved, and for my records.

There's Julia making some waking noises. I know she's not supposed to wake up quite yet, but I'm always so delighted when she does. You'll see why when I post the millions of pictures I took of her.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Recent events

Since there have been a few fun things going on, I'll just put up a couple slide shows with a few captions.

Last Tuesday my sister Cami had her little baby Jane. It's been so fun spending some auntie time with her. I also love how the boys interact. Doesn't the first picture show how excited Ethan is? For all the detail on the birth and more (I mean a lot more) pictures, go here.

The week before that I had a big babysitting week while their mom played a main role in putting a friend's wedding together. We had such a fun time, and KC did a lot with us on the weekend. Here are some of the happenings.

My mom flew in the day after the baby was born. It was perfect timing and it's been a bonus having her here for Mother's Day. The M's day dessert was pretty good and I'll post it on EE pretty soon. We've had so much fun shopping, cooking, vegging in front of classic movies and mindless TV, while we take turns with the little Jane. I love my mom and all she does for all her kids. She's always worried about all of us and wants to make sure we're all okay. It's not easy with seven kids in seven different situations, but she manages to do it so well. She couldn't have come at a better time. I needed her more than ever right now and I have really been blessed to have her by my side this past week. Cami was able to kindly spare her last night so she could sleep over and help me clean and pack a little for the move. I'm flying to Utah for the weddings tomorrow (I get to fly with my mom! KC has a later flight so he won't miss so much work.) so I'm getting a little stressed that KC has to make sure it all gets done and moved up stairs by the time I get back. I won't even be coming back to the apartment when I get home. I get to come home to a house of chaos with boxes and piles of stuff all over the place. I don't mind doing the organizing when I get home, I'm just getting apprehensive that is all has to be done without my direction. I want to get as much done as possible, but KC will be back before me because of work (I will miss him so) and will live here for about a week before the actual move, so I don't want to have it totally cleaned out. And it will give him something to do on the lonely nights without me. But I am happy to get away for almost two weeks with my family. It will be a welcomed change this summer.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A squeak in the night

I was completely exhausted last night. I happily fell into bed and we proceeded to watch our nightly episode (or two, depending on how late it is or how long I can stay up) of LOST. I only made it about 15 minutes and was practically comatose. It was about 11:00 or something. I was well on my way to a full nights sleep (until 6 most likely) when I was awoken by a very quiet squeaking and rustling about every 3-5 seconds. It was only 1:30 am. We have massive amounts of squirrels in yards so I thought, and really hoped, it was one outside the window right above the bed. I listened for a minute or so before I woke KC up to determine what the sound was. He listened for a moment but it wasn't long that we agreed it was inside for sure. I was freaking out a little, worried that any movement would scare it away to who knows where.  KC thought for a moment and made a very good guess that it was a mouse caught on a sticky trap under the dresser. Di-sgusting! I thought it might've been a mouse, but I didn't want to admit it. I mean, I knew our house wasn't exempt. It's old, and there are other houses in the neighborhood with mice. But I'd never seen one, nor the traces of one, and the landlady has the exterminator come pretty frequently. It was just horrible listening to the little guy squeak it's little heart out trying to escape to no avail. It was struggling enough to make it out from under the dresser into plain sight still on the sticky trap. KC got some equipment together, and did what needed to be done-put it out of it's misery (outside of course). I  wasn't about to get close enough to take a picture, so you will be spared, unlike my brother's post on the varmints. We were all wound up from the eventful time, that we decided to finish the episode of LOST we'd started before, which happened to have a very suspenseful ending, not helping our riled up state. Anyway, this makes me even more anxious to move upstairs to be a little further from the scene or the crime. 

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Too bad

Poor Jason Castro. I was really rooting for him.

I'm a little glad that David Cook wasn't praised beyond all reason tonight. I hope it took his arrogance down a bit.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Simple Satisfaction

Don't you love it when your cupboards and drawers are completely full of clean dishes, and the dishwasher/sink are completely empty? When the counters and the stove top are sparkling with the lingering smell of lemony bleach in the air? I find it very satisfying. The same way I feel when I see an empty laundry sorter and all the clothes are folded and put away, or when I make the bed everyday. I know, it doesn't seem like quite an accomplishment for someone in my position, but I've actually been quite busy. We all have our moments where things get piled up, right? It's nice to just be able to take a deep breath, knowing you are caught up. That's what spring is for, right?

So, I mentioned before that there would be a change in our living situation. For the past two years we have been living in a basement apartment that has served us well. But we are making a little bit of a move. Not to far, just up the stairs. You see, our landlady has partially moved, leaving the upstairs vacant nearly all the time. She visits about once every 2-3 weeks to check her mail, etc. Months ago she proposed that we switch living spaces since she only really needs a home base for the night every once in a while. It has three bedrooms, with much more space than we are currently living in, so it was inevitable that she would raise the rent if we chose the proposal. We gratefully declined, as we are very happy with the rent we are paying now. She said she would think of a few more ideas to try to make it work. She is helping with the payment of where she is currently living, so she wanted to find a way to keep us as tenants (people really like the Mormon tenants around here), and still be able to afford it. She had to raise our rent, understandably, but still less than we'd be paying else where. We did a lot of apartment hunting since it might be easier for her to find someone to rent the whole house rather than just one level, but figured we'd stay put unless something really inspired us. So that is what all the shenanigans about the TV and internet was. She canceled her services, making the raised rent a little less of a burden. We were content for the next little while.

So the other day, while I was chatting with her about resolving some pluming issues, she proposed the idea again. KC and I had been talking about trying to get someone to rent the basement, that she would be equally pleased with, while we take the upstairs, more than doubling the rent she has coming in. We know we could find someone. I was ready to make that offer since I knew we still didn't want to pay any more than we have to. But before I could say a word, she stated that she wouldn't raise the rent at all, she would just ask that we pay the utilities, since she is paying to have the whole house cooled/heated for only the two of us downstairs. It didn't take us long to decide to gratefully accept her offer, knowing full well of what a great offer it was. I have been trying to work with this tiny space for so long, that I can only imagine the possibilities with a little bit more. I'm looking into some more furniture, but frankly I feel a bit overwhelmed with what to do with all the space. It will be so nice to have our friends and visitors sit on actual living room furniture instead of someone inevitably sitting on a dining room, or folding chair when more than 3 people visit. I kind of feel like we're growing up a little. And we'll get all the spring cleaning done with the move. Two birds with one stone.