Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thanksgiving with the Fam

Note: There were some issues posting this, so don't mind the inconsistencies with the pics and other things. I'm just glad it posted at all!

I haven’t been to Utah for Thanksgiving since I got out of high school. But with the triplets being older and easier than ever, and the the baby rapidly growing without seeing many of her extended family, we decided this was the year to make the trip. Here’s how it went down:
Kids, excited about upcoming events as usual, added it to the calendar. Also that they could earn a doughnut for not biting nails. They did.
The girls liked to take periodic naps. Not the boys.732_thumb1737_thumb1
Probably our best trip yet. Everyone got along so well, and the baby only nursed once, with a little baby food in between. Is it really getting easier?!1037_thumb2
We happened to stop at an amazing park in Grand Junction. 803_thumb1807_thumb1813_thumb1815_thumb1908_thumb1919_thumb1
So happy to get out of the car and start snuggling Nana!964_thumb1
Always the first stop for the kiddos.1007_thumb1
Getting reacquainted with cousin-twin, Ada.1020_thumb1
Love this childhood home1038_thumb11048_thumb11053_thumb1
Played with Michael and Daniel. Those chunky boys have grown! 1083_thumb11106_thumb1112_thumb

Started Thanksgiving Day off right.

Cranking out cranberry sauce was a highlight for me at their age.1236_thumb1
A Drew-organized turkey trot! Freezing but so fun.1254_thumb11257_thumb11261_thumb11262_thumb11266_thumb11290_thumb1
Lol at Ruby’s face.1296_thumb11304_thumb11305_thumb11311_thumb11312_thumb11324_thumb1Uncle Todd earning some points with the extra sweet, sweet potatoes.1326_thumb11329_thumb11342_thumb1
Youngest and oldest cousins! It was so great seeing Jordan again since we returned from his mission in August! 1337_thumb1
The girls/Mom went on a little overnighter at a nearby hotel, and well, things got a little out of *hand*.1353_thumb11414_thumb11355_thumb11380_thumb11393_thumb11409_thumb11423_thumb11426_thumb11430_thumb1I know, we’re ridiculous. There were tears of laughter. Maybe you had to be there? We have Matt to thank for the funny little hands. We stayed up until early morning hours talking about everything. I love sister time.
Of course we had to get mom one of these shirts for her birthday!1456_thumb6
Finally met our sweetest little new cousin Theo, who happens to have the coolest, fluffiest read hair ever. Such a sweetheart! And look how big hazel is next to him.1471_thumb11473_thumb11481_thumb11482_thumb
Love this pic of hazel and Grandma.1486_thumb1
Ruby LOVED chasing around Cami’s cat. Hope he wasn’t traumatized after we left!1502_thumb11515_thumb11534_thumb3
Always fun to visit Grandmother. 1553_thumb11558_thumb1
An impromptu performance of Scripture Power. 1561_thumb1
Matt and Jack, always bringing something fun and exciting around. The kids were beyond thrilled to go for a spin.1578_thumb11582_thumb11587_thumb11592_thumb11573_thumb21604_thumb11608_thumb1
Brtiney helped with the triplets for a couple months back in the day. Now she has two of her own! These cuties are only a couple weeks apart. 1621_thumb11623_thumb1
Grandma gave them these Santa hats, and they wear them constantly.1645_thumb1
Driving home through Wyoming. Cold!1652_thumb61656_thumb1
The kids have made it a habit of kissing the ground whenever we get home. It grosses me out.1660_thumb1
So happy to be free after the long drive. 1669_thumb5
As you can tell, we had a wonderful time, as quickly as those 4 days flew by. Seeing the kids play with their cousins is one of my favorite things. I’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude this year, and being with so many people I love made it even more clear how blessed I am.
Yay, got that done before Christmas. Two days!!