Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Jaunt to Utah

Our Spring break lasted a little over two weeks. While I love having nowhere to go sometimes, I knew the days would get long and the kids would get bored. During the first week I was busy teaching  a couple classes (more on that later) among other things, but I had the second week wide open. So we made plans for a trip to Utah. It was perfect timing with Elise in town from Maryland, Camille from Hawaii, and Nicole also making the trip from Colorado. That mean both entire families would be there! The kids had been begging to to go Utah for weeks, so they were also happy with these plans. It was a very busy, non-stop week leading up to it, which made me look forward to a week of fun even more.

So, on a Saturday, immediately after teaching a croissant class, we hit the road. I had the spend the entire day before getting everything ready so we could leave right when I got home. It was a beautiful day, and a lovely drive. The kids are becoming quite the road-trippers. I hardly heard a complaint, and I didn’t have to use any sugary treats to keep them in line. Even with three short potty/gas stops, we arrived at the Rejholecs house by 9:30 pm, 8 hours exactly. I drove the last half, and actually really enjoyed it.

After a good night’s sleep, the fun began! KC had to leave the next afternoon to get a Monday morning meeting, which I was bummed about, but we had lots of fun plans to keep us busy. We tried not to stress ourselves out by packing our days full of events, but still managed to see and do a lot. I had a cold from day one, which exhausted me a bit, but with continuous dosing of Dayquil, I was able to keep up with all the happenings. We’ll let the pictures tell the rest.

The croissants from my class were great snacks for the road.030

These two took a great nap the first couple hours. 035

This one stayed wide awake the whole time. Those Color Wonder books were a hit!040

Even though we tried to hide the good treats in the front, Ruby yelled from the back, “ I smell chocolate!” 045

The triplets and Penny reunited after over a year! They have all grown so much.051

Bennett drew a picture to commemorate the day.064

And I got to play with Baby Link again! A much Chubbier Link than when I last saw him.1512281_10203633867238119_6048402031914567395_n

Lili showing them funny videos, like the old days. 071

Grandma Robinson’s house is always bursting with fun things to do.It was so fun to play with Stella and Marco again!074077080

Only on trips do I let things like this happen.084

This is about 1/4 of the grandchildren.10256043_10203633872078240_8522393218381949282_n

There was a lot of hot tubbin’!093


We wanted to recreate the picture we took of the baby boom my family experienced 4 years ago. I love that these cousins will always have each other!103105109123

I miss all those chubby babies, but I LOVE all those kids!121

Nora and Charlie! 147

The kids always look forward to playing with Ethan!148


My turn to get Link to sleep.179

My mom took the kids to a secret place in the attic to read in the dark. They were thrilled!180

Piper’s first birthday! We’ve loved being closer to them and getting to watch her grow. That girl is a doll. We love her!188196

Nicole was very patient as the kids wanted to help blow out the candle, and open presents.199

Taking a breather from the festivities downstairs.201202

Croissant-making party!204

Three generations of early birds! The first ones awake every morning. 223

Elise and I were up late on March 31st and came up with a last minute April Fools joke for Mom. We printed some of our best (aka ugliest) mug shots and put them all over her picture board where she puts her favorite prints. We told her we added some cute ones, and when she realized what we did, she laughed so hard there was a tear on her glasses. Mission accomplished. 226

One day there was snow that resembled Dippin’ Dots! 236238

Ruby helped herself.239

IKEA with Melody and Lili! All the kids got to play in the play place, and we enjoyed a well-behaved lunch afterward. A success!1487439_10203633897598878_3505450976852844194_n

Bennett and me taking a rare rest.249

Sitting in the back seat with this cutie.256

Sisters getting hot stone pedicures! So lovely.265

And more.10156071_10203633873798283_49122907963398198_n (1)

We went to the Provo Rec Center with the Robinson cousins. Such a blast! The Chick-fil-A lunch Grandma bought afterward really hit the spot.284

We met Camille, Stella, Grandma and Grandpa at this trampoline place. The kids were in heaven, and I didn’t realize I’d have so much fun too!297298301302303304308310

We just can’t stay away. 313

I was nervous about this, but recruited some adults to help me!318319

They did great! Especially this little dare-devil. It frustrated her that she couldn’t skate fast yet. Can’t wait to she was she does with that ambitious spirit in the future.326327331338340

Just like the olds days.348

Link is so entertaining in the bath.381

On our last day, I had some sick boys to take care of. Ruby had thrown up a couple night before, but it was short, and she was right back to her old self in the morning. I thought it was food poisoning, but I guess it was a bug. These guys were out for most of the day. Poor sweet buddies. 349351

The worst part for the boys was, we’d been looking forward to this slide all week! My dad’s friend owns these and lets him borrow them now and them.35610154453_10203634011241719_3317861652951583959_n

Luckily the boys fell asleep for a couple hours, so they didn't know what they were missing out on.359360

And then I got to play!10153682_10203634012161742_4283594842541637584_n10174808_10203634012761757_24704187439352577_n10245275_10203634011881735_4956350437084018550_n1012879_10203634014481800_4262296157995711585_n

And bake! Chocolate almond, strawberry almond, and cinnamon almost rolls. 367

The boy woke up feeling a lot better. They noticed what was going on outside and begged to play. I was nervous about letting them out there, and I didn’t want them infecting anyone else, but since it was outside in the fresh air I decided to let them go down a few times, as long as they agreed to rest in between, which they ere happy to do. I’m so glad no one else got sick because of us (as far as I know)! And that the boys got to play little.369377371

Ruby and some other cousins seriously played on that thing for like 8 hours. there were a few rain drops, but they didn’t care. I might have to fork over hundreds of dollars and buy one!376374

The next morning we had to say our goodbyes. Luckily everyone was feeling great. We stopped at the Robinson’s to pick up Nicole and Piper and to take a cousins picture. They have also changed so much since they took a picture all together last summer! Love all those cuties!3831001_thumb[1]

The drive went well. The kids complained here and there, but nothing too crazy. Piper was an angel baby! Sadly, this is the only picture I got of her. See her sleeping in the mirror? Nicole drove the last half, and I enjoyed chatting with her so much. The 8 hours truly flew by.385

Putty was a favorite toy.010

We stopped about 30 minutes from home where Casey (Nicole’s husband) picked them up and we parted ways. The kids appreciated getting to stretch their legs. 388

It was wonderful to have a daddy again! He had a lasagna in the oven for us, and it was so delicious after a long drive. We missed everyone, but it was great to be home, and we were ALL excited for school to start up again the next day. Until next time, Utah! Which I’m sure will be soon!