Monday, October 29, 2012

Before I get too behind…

We’re all awaiting this Frankenstorm. There’s definitely an ominous feeling as we sit here and wonder what will happen. KC’s work is canceled, so at least we have him to keep us company/sane while we hunker down and pray for this all to be behind up a.s.a.p. I’ve been thinking of some fun things to keep the kids occupied to keep all of our spirits up while we’re stuck indoors. I’m hoping to get a few things done while we still have power.  One of which is recording the latest goings-on.

Fall has been good to us. There’s rarely a day when we aren’t out and about thoroughly enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and colored leaves.  But we have had some indoor fun too.

We went to a warehouse farmers market place to pick out some pumpkins. The kids were so intrigued by all the gourds and other fall produce. And, we got a super steal on some pumpkins.130033042052053

And what did we do with the pumpkins? Paint them, of course. Because with three three-year-olds, it just didn’t seem practical to use shark objects, and I didn’t want to clean pumpkin goo off of everything in sight. Next year. They were more than thrilled to paint them.158162172166167174

They found their winter vests and boots. Better than play dress-ups!101

One rainy morning, I just decided we should go for a walk. Unharnessed! It was so cute watching them make discoveries along the way. It wasn’t without time-out threats (to stay out of the street, or to get out of someone’s flower bed) or carrying people, but it was definitely a fun, new experience for us.110120126(random driveway.)128

Couch cuddling.154

Drew and Julie stayed with us for a couple days before and after their Cruise with the Ribeiras. Their first time here! So fun to see them and catch up! We miss them a lot.  190193182

It’s hard to say what my kids enjoy more: having visitors, or when they leave so they can jump on the guest bed. 218

Halloween sugar cookies. Another daring and messy, but worthwhile activity!074

They are most often running around naked. 145149152

KC’s mom send a cute Halloween package for the kids. This Skelton is pretty spooky. Especially when it shows through the blinds at night. The kids love it. Thanks Grandma!311314

We found an awesome new park close by. I may have played on some of the equipment for a while. It was hard to tear Alex away from the electronic station. He would dance there for hours. He also brings is crayons and notebook everywhere.022028030034Clog season is here!041

We had one last hurrah at Six Flags when we took the kids to Fright Fest. I had no idea they would have so many awesome kid events going on. They got free pumpkins at the entrance, got to go trick-or-treating, Ruby went on the hayride, they made their way through a spider web and hay maze, and Ruby hugged every single character she came across. And they ate too much candy. Good times. 014020030046055060065077082079086087090096098104113

While the Ribeiras were out of town, Jeff’s mom babysat Penny. We all have a lot of fun together.

We put the kids to work in the yard,132

went to Watkins Park,159168171178(The hug and fall game is a favorite.)190191192193194195(The kids were thrilled to see the beginnings of the big Christmas Light show. Can’t wait to take them again this year.) 197203

and we went to the Playseum. I can’t say enough good things about this place. 001005013018021027031038049058060063072084075081083086087089090098102113

Getting creative when mommy is tired of thinking of ideas. 048049055056057

A couple of my cute friends are having babies, so Lili and I threw them a little Fall brunch! I love a reason to bake, especially in the fall. 005

Apple Butter Cream Cheese Coffee Cake.006

Carrot Cake with Clementine glaze and toasted coconut.011

Cranberry Walnut Bread with Brie (Based off of this recipe.)016

Chocolate Cobbler (thanks for making this one, Lili!)023

Caramel Apple Cider.025


And the weather was perfection. We commented on how it was kind of fun to have leaves trickling down on us the whole time. even if it was on our food.026

I made some very rough (as in 5 minutes of work) felt pumpkins. An idea I saw on Pinterest, of course. But You should have seen their reaction when I brought each set out in a pumpkin candy bucket! I might as well have been Christmas morning. Without any instruction from me, they all made awesome little jack-o-lanterns. 012013014

How could I be mad about the mess when I walk into the room to find this?020

We stopped at a favorite park one day to find the amazing leaves ready to jump in! Pretty sure they’ll all be gone after today.

009015022031033Here, the kids are running for the number maker at the beginning of the trail. They can’t wait to find each number as we walk. It’s a great way to keep them moving along. 036038046

After the park, we went to they 3 year check-up. All is ship-shape. These appointments get easier every year!057064066069071

Geez, I didn’t think I had that much to catch up on. There have been/will be some Halloween happenings, but maybe I’ll save all that for another post. Now, lets get this storm over with and enjoy the rest of the season!