Monday, February 24, 2014

“I love your love.” --Alex

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Yet another Holiday where we let ourselves eat all the junk food we want and pretend it doesn’t count. This year was definitely full of love with my little holiday enthusiasts, not to mention they are a pretty cuddly bunch most of the time anyway. They were beyond excited to pick out their valentines from the wide variety at Target. Alex chose Superman (was there ever a question?), Angry Birds caught Bennett’s eye, and Ruby didn’t surprise me at all by choosing Disney Princesses. No homemade valentines here! As cute as all those ideas on Pinterest are, there was no way I was going to make it any harder on myself than writing names on all the cards my first year of three kids handing out valentines to classmates. THAT was even almost too much for this mom. And no, I didn’t sit there and prod them to write their names on all of them. We did that for the teachers, and that’s all. Kept it easy on everyone. The kids couldn’t have been happier about them, so I say it’s a win win.

We had a festive week leading up to the 14th, and made homemade cinnamon suckers with my mom’s molds. Still so happy that I snagged those! They kids were thrilled to make them with me again. They were so interested in the process, and were truly helpful in putting the molds and sticks together. They were so quiet as I was pouting that extremely hot sugar, and I heard Ruby Whisper under her breath, “Look how gorgeous that is.” Wonder where she gets that appreciation for the art of food (; ? 101106

Another day we were heading to a friend’s house for dinner and were bringing dessert. I stuck with the theme for the month, and made white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. This little heart swirl was a cinch with the new medicine dropper I bought!  Thanks again to an internet stranger for that tip. Bad lighting didn’t make for the best pictures, but it was a fun little project that I hope to try again one day and fine tune the technique.062

They got to celebrate with their class a day early, since they don’t have school on Friday. We dressed up in Valentine appropriate clothes for fun, and since they are hardly all ever looking put together all at once, I made them do a little photo shoot for me, which only happened with the promise of not one, but TWO heart suckers. Alex and Bennett were happy to oblige, and even did poses together all on their own. Those hams of mine. Ruby was less excited, but we got a couple smiles out of her anyway.075082122130136146157106 166(Btw, I know almost nothing about photography or editing. I usually just point and shoot and post. No judging.)

Even better than the pictures than turned out are the outtakes. 108161170171187189191200

They had a cute little party at school, during which I didn’t have a camera. Alex was slightly confused about why he was giving away all his Supermans! He thought as they were going around to all the decorated boxes and bags, that they were supposed to take one OUT instead of putting one IN, not realizing a bag was getting filled up for him as well. Oh, four-year-olds. It took some conversation in the corner, but he finally came around, and they were ecstatic about their loot. I let them eat all they wanted, and they even shared with me! And it was a Twix, no less. The ONLY piece of chocolate they got! I was honored.150

On the actual day, I got an early start making a fun crepe breakfast for everyone, complete with cream cheese/ pudding filling, and raspberry sauce. Of course the kids didn’t appreciate it, but it started the day off in a festive way, so it made me happy at least. 176189

We met some friends at the park to take advantage of the gorgeous weather, and then headed to the dollar theater for some Frozen fun. They were perfect little angels watching that show they love so much, and getting so excited when a song they knew came on. During the closing credits, the kids just started to dance and sing their hearts out to “the different Let It Go”, (their name for the pop version of the song) and not only was I watching and laughing as they danced, but they had a good portion of the audience watching and laughing as well. Love that kids are just so carefree. And those kids can dance, let me tell you. After splashing in the puddles from melting snow, we went home and made pink (cherry 7up) slushies, and had some nice down/snuggle time. 200206228237

That night, we put the kid to bed early after some pizza, and we enjoyed some delicious sushi, and watched a great Redbox choice, Enough Said, all in the comfort of our own home. Oh, and we polished off an amazing pint of Blue Bell ice cream. We bought a new TV over the weekend (our gift to each other), so we could move the one we had upstairs, so it was a fun little date enjoying that together.245268272

I loved this day with all my Valentines. These are my favorite mommy moments, starting traditions, and making my kids happy with little things like heart-shapes peanut butter sandwiches. I remember my mom doing things like that to make life fun, and I love that she passed that onto me. It really doesn’t take much to make my kids happy. Teaching them how to cute hearts out of paper practically made me their hero. This is a fun time of life, despite all our chaos. I love remembering times like this.129

Now the kids are already well into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day. Another festive month, coming up!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The New Year (a tad late).

January has truly flown by, and I am just now realizing I haven’t even covered the New Year yet! Oh, how my blogging has taken a back seat this past year, but I have no regrets. It’s been a busy month, and blogging is the thing that had to give, I guess. Anyhow, we had a great time hanging out in Utah for the New Year!

It started the morning after Christmas bright and early. We had most everything ready to go (that was a lot of Christmas clean-up in one night!), and as soon as at least one of the kids woke up, we got the others and were outta there!101136141152153173177019186

The kids were absolute angels on the drive. Our new collection of Mo Willems books, helped, along with our trusty dollar store cookie sheets. I can see this drive getting even better as the years go on.

Since we left pretty early, we made it there with time to play! The kids didn’t waste any time digging into the Rejholecs  toys, and loved showing off the few new things they brought from home.200

And they “helped” undecorate the tree. That tinsel kept them happy for a good long time. Something to remember when I don’t mind cleaning up a huge mess.  221248

Ruby and Julia went to town with Ruby’s new tattoos. Even their belly buttons and backs!249

I chopped my hair! Sometimes I miss it, but mostly I don’t. Starr never disappoints. It was just what I needed to start the new year.  250251261265266

Grandma Robinson’s house always has new fun things to play with. She definitely knows the way to these kids’ hearts with dress-ups and art supplies!252351253

KC’s Russian Shapka!255


I actually made it to our annual high school friends crepe night! So great catching up with part of the gang.281

Grandma, Grandpa, and KC took the kids on the Heber Creeper! I stayed behind with my sisters. Looked like a blast! Lucky kids.028031033037045063

The things these kids come up with…286290294

Found Brady and Bennett playing quietly together. So cute. 267

Kangaroo Zoo, where we met up with the Taylors! 318322323

Hot tubbin’ at Nana’s, a much anticipated event. 324331

Non-stop cousin fun!338

The two ice cream makers, reunited.340

Ethan, the expert child entertainer.341

Britney, our sweet nanny’s/cousin’s baby boy!343

Love when I get to see some cousins, which is hardly ever. 345

Alex’s introduction to Angry Birds was this hat Grandma gave him. And then he became obsessed.348

Loved looking at old pictures of little KC. If you squint it looks like Alex/Bennett and Stella!350

The New Years Eve party at the Turpins! So much great food, so much crazy fun, and so much family. Loved it.354

My little drink bar, for fun. 356

Jonny out on a little firework show for the countdown (at like 8:00 pm). The kids were in awe. 360361364383

A little silly string before we called it a night.390391395384

The New Year Baby filled the shoes! The biggest ones they have, of course. That they there’s more space to fill!397

I had a little too much fun with Ruby’s mirror. 400401403404

The next morning Melody hosted her annual Crepe breakfast. The kids decided to make party hats (all on their own) which morphed into costume making. They also made costumes for a lot of the adults. It was hilarious. 417432



Another Snowman079

Another Rudolph081094


A baby090


My contribution to the spread. 423424096

I guess Alex was getting his holidays mixed up.428

Then we had to say goodbye. Never fun.437

But at least is a beautiful drive.441


Until it got really scary with slippery stop-and-go in the mountains for a couple hours. 442

But thank heavens they did this for about half of the drive, including the scary parts. (Thanks Dad for the Duck Dynasty DVDs I got to watch when all was quiet!) This road trip really was a great one for the kids. It makes me happy that I can say that. 443

And that was Utah in a nutshell. Wish I had time or energy to add more details, but  the memories are there. Miss all those people already. Now onto 2014!