Sunday, May 04, 2014

Easter at Home

I just really love holidays with kids this age. Yes, sometimes it’s adds to the ever-present chaos, and they probably eat nothing but sugar for six meals straight, but somehow we always manage to make some good memories, and those are what seem to resonate in my head after all is said and done.

Easter weekend was as beautiful as ever. There was all kind of rain in the forecast, but I never thought it would actually rain on our fun. I can’t remember an Easter with bad weather, so I was holding to my faith that this year wouldn’t be any different. We started the weekend by dying eggs on Friday. It’s amazing how far we’ve come when I think about past Easters, and trying to do these kinds of activities. It was still messy and little crazy, but actually very manageable. The kids knew what to do, and were sweet to follow instructions for the most part. Progress!002_thumb246251255257

My best hiding spots.007_thumb008_thumb[1]011_thumb

The next morning, I went out with my running group bright and early, and then later that morning, ran a little local 5K with my friend Christina. The dads and kids were great to cheer us on! My kids LOVE going to races. 275277

Such a great running buddy! So happy to have found one.278279

Our friends run this shave ice truck, and they just opened up for the season! We were their first customers! A great way to end a race.284285

I took this bandana off after a run one day, and Alex decided to wear it for a couple days after. A good look on him, in my opinion. 290294298

I was getting tired at this point, but the festivities were just getting started! We went to a park with a big group of friends where the dads hid some eggs, and the kids hunted. It went perfectly, and the kids had a hard time limiting themselves to 12. We had a picnic and played at the park as long as the kids wanted. it was a blast. 335340342345346348351353I took an amazingly relaxing two hour nap after all of that.

The next morning, I was expecting the kids to bombard us at the crack of dawn to go find their Easter baskets. Well, Ruby came into our room alone, and had already found hers! She was begging to wake up the boys, because she had found theirs too. Ha! I guess I’ll have to tell the Easter Bunny to hide them harder next year. I loved the excitement of the morning, and guess what? NO EASTER GRASS! Love that decision I made. 022_thumb023_thumb024_thumb018_thumb377381382027_thumb031_thumb036_thumb393

We were having friends over for dinner, so we set up the night before so we could enjoy a leisurely morning. And the kids didn’t even mess it up. See, progress!089_thumb[1]

I did have a few last minute things to do.404

Carrot cake, for the coconut and non-coconut peeps.046_thumb


We were actually ready with enough time to take some quick pictures. Not that we had new clothes or anything cute like that, but it’s still fun to remember the day.058_thumb[1]074_thumb070_thumb

Dorks :)004064_thumb071_thumbAs good as it got with all three. No progress here!079_thumb084

Church was lovely, and I taught my first lesson as a Relief Society instructor. KC was kind enough to come home quickly between classes to put the ham in the oven. Love that we live close enough to do that!

The crowds arrived shortly after church, and the feast commenced. Everything was wonderful and delicious. Love hanging out with this great group of people.013011020

I remembered that I bought these cute cupcake cups last Easter. the kids loved them.014

A truly happy, beautiful day. I love that the kids are old enough now to talk more in depth about their Savior and his resurrection and what it means for our family. Love my family, and I love my Savoir, and I’m so glad to have this day as a reminder of his love for me.