Friday, June 13, 2014

Now when will I ever go grocery shopping?!

And just like that, Preschool is over! And while it doesn’t at all seem that long ago that I dropped my little, excited three-year-olds off, it’s also very obvious how much they've grown since that day all those months ago. I have nothing but love for all their teachers, Miss Mary Ann in particular. She remembered little details about each individual and would excitedly tell me about things each of my kids did everyday. She cared about how each of them were progressing in their own ways, and really made me feel like she loved each of them to death. I truly couldn't have asked for a better preschool to get my kids ready for the crazy world of kindergarten. We are so sad to say goodbye.

For a festive (easy) lunch, we picked up a pizza on the way to school, and ate on the grass. The kids thought that was awesome.130132

I went on my last solo Costco run for a while, and then the parents were invited to school for the last hour. The little program they put on was adorable. I loved watching them sing their hearts out to the songs I’ve been hearing snippets of at home, and they each got to “walk” and receive a certificate from Miss Mary Ann, who had tears in her eyes from having to say goodbye to all the kids. Such a fun, touching little celebration. 149152362363364367368369

Reading the books the teachers put together as a gift to all the kids. They are obsessed with these! Seriously hours of entertainment at home. They teachers put so much work into them!370371

The next day they had a little picnic where we could play and talk more than any of us parents have all year during our quick exchanges during drop-off/pick-up. I going to miss a lot of those kids and their parents too. The teachers brought all kind of bubbles, and water balloons, and popsicles but the favorite prize was the cute kites the kids got to have. It was a perfect windy day for kite flying, and we had a blast seeing how high they could go. 035039040041043

We said our final goodbyes to our wonderful teachers, and went home for a rest to mark the true beginning of summer break. And now that we’re a week or two into it, I’m remembering what life was like before blessed preschool, and am missing those couple of wonderful hours I had all to myself (something I NEVER ONCE took for granted the entire school year).  Things are just a little tense in the afternoons as we try to get into a new routine, and kids (and mom) are more exhausted than usual. But we’ll get into a groove and I guess I’ll go back to disappearing for the first half of every Saturday to get errands done. I am really enjoying having the days free to swim, veg in our pjs all day, or play as long as we want at the Chick-fil-A or IKEA play place without my phone alarm going off reminding me to drop off or pick up every Mon-Thurs. These kids really are the best company, and I’m really going to enjoy these couple months of freedom we have together.

So now, we enter the world of elementary school. Yikes! Do I really have kids that old?! Well, we’re not going to think about that yet. Until then, Happy summer!! And prepare for a last day of school picture overload…





Oh, my tiny babies, how you have grown.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Little Ballerina

Ruby has been in a darling little ballet and tap class this past year taught by a friend of ours. She never did show me much of what she learned at home, but I came to find out at her recital just how much she can do! Seeing her twirl and point her toe up on that stage was a great mommy moment for me. She looked like a little princess with her hair in a pretty bun, and her long lashes accentuated with a little mascara. 169171175183194196201199205206209

She was so dainty eating her pre-recital nachos.224347Backstage.046047

She definitely wasn’t shy up there. I think I’ve watched the videos over a dozen times. She looks so little from so far away! She’s the second from the left on the first dance, and on the far right for the second.

The boys were always jealous when Ruby got dropped off, but soon understood the routine and learned to like the mommy/boys time every Monday. They also loved the performance, and were so proud of their sweet sister. Alex made it his job to take special care of the flowers until we gave them to her. He was more than excited to have this responsibility. 054055

She was so thrilled to get those flowers, she didn’t let them go all night. 065069072075077356

Since many friends are also in the class, we decided to take all the little dancers out for frozen yogurt after the recital. It was crazy with all the kids on a bit of a high, but a fun memory. 080082083084

I love my little ballerina.217