Monday, October 27, 2014

Multiples with Multiples, and the big 3-0.

The day I found out my twin sister Melody was having twins was one I’ll never forget. She texted me a picture and I knew at first glace what I was looking at. Two little babies in one ultrasound pic. I screamed out loud and called her immediately! I just couldn’t stop laughing as I my eyes tears up. The irony was crazy to me. I always said that if Melody had multiples too, we’d definitely call the reality show people (joking of course), but little did I know that it was really going to happen! I freaked out, in a good way, for a long time, and we both reiterated how we just wouldn't believe it was happening every time we talked on the phone. This was just one more things we would be able to relate to closely with each other, and I was so happy she got to experience a situation similar to mine. Of course, we had different challenges, me having three instead of two, and her having three other little kids before her twins. But it was still a crazy coincidence that we’d both end up with these unique little families.

I bought a plane ticket for myself shortly after their due date. I couldn’t wait to see these boys! When they arrived several weeks early, it was so difficult to keep myself from just hopping in the car that day. But I was morning sick at the time, and had come down with a cold I was in now way going to pass to them, so I used my self control and waited until my flight date.

When I arrived at Melody’s house, now babyland, it took me back to my baby days. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those precious boy, Michael and Daniel. They were still so tiny and sleepy, and I loved every second of baby holding I could get. While the house was definitely in busy baby mode with scheduled feedings, cute baby gear everywhere, and tired (though you’d never hear them complain!) parents, I couldn’t help but feel like it was a bit more calm than I was expecting. They have a great schedule going on, and I guess with my triplet experience, two babies would naturally seem bit less chaotic. Though, I didn’t have three more older kids. They all are great sports through the big change, and Melody has the patience I could only dream of. I was just so happy to join the fun for a few days, 013014

Evy, Gabe, and Julia were also a highlight of this trip. I think the older two were a little disappointed I didn’t bring any kids with me. 016022029033037041042051

I didn’t want  to say goodbye, but I knew within a few weeks, my whole family was going to make the drive to Utah for the babies’ blessing, among other things, so I didn’t have to wait too long to see them again.

And that we did. It was our fall break, so we took advantage of the time off, and went to Utah. My parents and a couple of my sisters were out of town, and KC only stayed for a couple days until he flew back to work, so it was a little quiet in the beginning. KC and his parents spent a day with the triplets so I could spend some more time with the babies I missed so much. 090088

The trip was full of fun times with grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. It helped that I started to feel better around this time as far as morning sickness goes, but it was still exhausting without KC or my parents to help me with meals and bedtimes, etc., the things I haven’t had much part in since I got pregnant. But soon, the parents, and KC returned, all was well again.  040054072135143147

The last day of our trip happened to Melody’s and my birthday! Not just any birthday, but our 30th!! It wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be, but still, crazy to hit a new decade, and to be the age my mom was when she had me! This was also  a special birthday because it was also the day Michael and Daniel were getting blessed. I got to see a lot of family that I might not have seen otherwise, and have the tradition family blessing dessert, the Nightmare, for dessert! I kept forgetting it was my birthday, which seems to be a pattern as I get older, but the cards and kind words were fun reminders. Especially from my sweet husband and kids. I love their handwritten cards so much. It was a beautiful day, and I loved sharing it with the twins’ big day232233238243244239

I love Melody and love that we share an even tighter bond now. It’s still amazing to me to see where this life has taken us, and I’m sure there a still some surprises waiting for us!

Now I’ll just give you a picture overload, as usual. I know this was multiple events crammed in one post, but I can hardly make it to the computer these days between the kids using it, and my lack of motivation to do much of anything during this stage of the pregnancy (though I seem to feel the nausea fading more and more and the energy coming back, so hopefully I’ll back to my old self soon!) so cramming will have to do! 

I was relieved to find these two asleep in the last bit of our drive there. They asked “Are we there yet?!” a record number of times! (all those bag back there was a delivery of Seussical costumes we delivered for a friend.)011

Not this sweetie, though. A perfect travel companion! 015

First stop!021

Grandma Robinson’s house. 044064

Brady slept over!096100

The kids had a blast at Cornbelly’s, and huge pumpkin festival. I didn’t have my camera, but we stayed for a good three hours, and they could’ve kept going. I, on the other hand, could not. remember the no daddy thing?107

The Museum of Natual Curosity at Thanksgiving Point with Grandma, Michelle and Marco. Again, kids loved it, but it wore me out!121123

We played at Cami’s beautiful new home. I don’t have any great pics of the awesome playroom, but there’s a tree house, and the bridge pictured above (that the girls are preforming on). A kid’s dream!024140

The hot tub at my parents’ is always much anticipated. 101

So tired from all the fun. 153

The Ribeiras arrived! We crammed in the car like we used to back when we spent every day together in MD. But we had 1.5 more kids. Next time we see each other, we won’t all be able to fit!168

Awesome park with cousins. 170178

We loved having Nana and Papa home! Ruby helped them harvest, peel/core, and dry their apples. 191194197

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a jaunt to the neighborhood pond for some kayaking. 198205210215

More tired than they;d like to admit.221217

The kids love their Grandma…220

and their Nana.224

A trip also isn’t complete without a sisters dinner, especially when all five of us are together! Tucanos was perfect for this ravenous pregnant lady. 226

In Maryland, Matt and Cortnie put on a Spooky dinner for us (before we had kids). The menu is only pictures, and you don’t know what you’re going to get! They were so sweet to do it for the out of town kids, and it was a blast! (Ruby’s first course was a plate and a fork, some people just got food without a plate!) In the end, we circled everything, and had an amazing fall feast. Lili made the cute menu.252257

Matt always knows the way to the kids’ hearts.260

You too Drew! Those surprise doughnuts were a vision. 264

And then we had to say goodbye. We miss all these people so much, but it was definitely time to go back. There were colds coming on, and every part of me was tired from the late nights and single parenting. Maybe we can persuade some of them to come visit us. Next spring, perhaps…?268