Sunday, November 30, 2014

Trick-or-Treating, and Giving Thanks

It’s been a busy holiday season as usual over here, always having places to go, and things to do. Though maybe not as eventful as years past. It doesn’t take much to make me feel busy and tired with this baby getting bigger by the day. But I don’t think the kids will notice if we do a little less this year. They are having fun just putting up decorations, and listening to their favorite few Christmas songs over and over. Let’s start with Halloween and go from there.

My friend Emily mentioned they were going to the Halloween Fest at the Denver Aquarium the weekend before Halloween. Kids in costumes get a discount, so we thought we might as well tag along. As we were dressing the kids up, Alex sweetly mentioned he was thinking about being Superman instead of Redbird, the costume we decided on and bought weeks earlier. Wanting to preserve the peace of the morning, I told him to go into the dress-ups and find the costume quickly, and he did. A little curl on his forehead and he was the happiest little boy you ever knew. I wasn’t so happy, not feeling my best that morning, but he’s hard to argue with because of how sweet he is. So we took a few quick pics ( never as easy or as pleasant as it sounds or looks) and were off. 076088014015017028029038043069046047052054

There were some cute crafts before we walked in. The aquarium itself was amazing and the kids loved it. They even had a mermaid show. I was about the triplets’ age when I saw The Little Mermaid for the first time, and I would have DIED if I saw this show. It was pretty cool. We got talked into face paint, and decided to take a little train ride, all the while there are people giving out candy all over the place. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Just put it on the record that I did, in fact, make Halloween cookies with the kids. I was downright exhausted, but they had been talking about it for weeks, so I didn’t want to let them down. We made some fun memories. 086087090092

We let the kids draw their desired faces on their pumpkins, and attempted to carve them. The kids were so thrilled to see their ideas light up when we were done. 156

The night before Halloween, the boys dressed as a skeleton and a ghost. They don’t let any opportunity to be festive pass them by.052053

One Halloween Day, we were pleased to find out the kids were allowed to wear their costumes to school! Just for the little party, and then they had to take them off. Still, they were excited. Alex happily wore his redbird costume this time. We got all ready, and took more pictures. I was able to squeeze in last years costume, but this year I was a peanut m&m. I decided to join the party and help where needed. 069071007008072073091

We went to KC’s work  to do a little pre-trick-or-treating.095096097

The weather cooperated pretty well for the main event. The kids had a blast as we went around with some neighborhood friends. There were some pretty scary set ups and the kids were not at all interested  in getting candy at those houses.  I must admit, I laughed pretty hard when they screamed and ran as something jumped out at them. 099100

We somehow managed to get them to stop eating candy, and go to bed. The next morning, I did this, and had a good laugh.

Our ward party was the next day. We were so tired of Halloween, and dressing up, and pictures, this is all we have to show for it. At least I got rid of some of their candy at the Trunk-or-Treat. 104

I guess Ruby wasn’t tired of dressing up, because she decided to make a cat costume before church, inspired by her shoes. 108

We took a fun weekend trip to Breckenridge. I don’t think the kids remember the last time they stayed in a hotel when they were about to turn 3, so this was especially exciting. Of course the pool was the highlight. It was so warm, and you could swim inside or outside despite the cold temperatures. Even the splash pad sprayed hot water. They thought we had moved there and were sad to find out that wasn’t our new house. Sillies. We tasted some amazing food, and did some shopping. It was more than enough space for us, so we invited my mom and dad to join us for a day or two. It was such a beautiful weekend, and we were so glad we went. 028033046048056062064075085091094098102109115119120131138

We’ve had a lot of snow which made the kids ask constantly if it’s Christmas and why we weren't putting up the Christmas tree. Love their enthusiasm, but wow, it can take a toll. I did let them put up their little tree, while I put up stocking and things the weekend before thanksgiving, and they were beyond thrilled. I don’t mind an overlap, especially when it comes to Christmas music. A few weeks isn’t enough time to listen to it all! 036037057073005

We had most of KC’s family in town for Thanksgiving which made it feel extra festive. His parents were staying with us, and Michelle was staying with Nicole. The kids sure kept those grandparents busy, and they were so kind to happily oblige to almost every demand. 012013016018

Janice did a lot of the food prep, while I took on a few assignments of my own in between rests. It seemed to go smoothly. The other girls arrived around noon with a couple more sides, and we were sitting down to a beautiful meal by about 2:30. My constantly hungry body was looking forward to this meal for weeks! Actually, since the moment I started feeling sick at the beginning of the pregnancy, I knew that by Thanksgiving, I’d be past 20 weeks and definitely be feeling better for the big feast. Knowing that got me through some of the more discouraging days. It’s hard to believe it’s already come as gone. This year, I was very thankful to enjoy the smells, and food, something I didn’t think was possible a couple of months ago. It was so delicious, and fun to have cute baby cousins sit at the table with us. 025027033The kids were adamant about having “yellow corn” (had to be on the cob) in the feast. They learned a song about foods we eat at Thanksgiving and corn was one of them. Thanks to Costco for having fresh ears for us!039037038

I didn’t go on a picture taking frenzy of all the food and people like I usually do. I’m just a tad lazier this year than usual, so I guess it was just too much to ask of myself.  

Later that evening, we went to KC’s cousin Alicia’s house were more relatives were gathered. We enjoyed many pies, watched movies, Facetimed with Camille. and dipped chocolates in honor of KC’s Grandma. It was a great end to the day, and I was more than ready to relax in my bed when it was all over. My back was feeling the extra time on my feet.

Now that the Christmas season has officially kicked off, the kids are in full swing Christmas mode. A paper chain in necessary for my sanity, since the kids ask almost every single day if it’s Christmas Eve and if Santa is coming tonight. There are almost always tears when I tell them we still have a few weeks. They may want to rush things, but I love soaking up the season as it passes much too quickly.

Here’s to a great start to the holiday season!