Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas Wrap up

Yeah, I am just getting to the Christmas stuff that hasn’t made it onto a post yet. I meant to do it before, but it’s just hard to sit at the computer for longer than printing out the endless coloring pages the kids ask for everyday. Nevertheless, I would like to get some fun Christmas memories down.

Ruby had her first little dance recital. Of course my video didn’t turn out, but it was just as well, since Ruby was pouting instead of dancing because her scarf wasn’t tied how she wanted it. Still, it was a darling, short (two quick dances) program, and I can tell she just loves that class. She also loved getting to wear a little make-up. her lushes lashes really show up with a little mascara. Such a beauty.240244246250253259

That night, I took her on a little date to the dollar store  to go Christmas shopping for the boys, and to get a prize for herself to celebrate her first recital. I can’t even say how much outings like this mean to me. Sharing that time talking to each other, making decisions only between the two of us, and just watching her every move with no other distractions. It was priceless. And I just loved how much thought she put into each gift she picked out. She didn’t get just anything, but thought about who she was shopping for and what they would like. And she was very obedient and thoughtful about her own prize as well, picking out just one thing, and putting it back when she decided on something else. We took the boys a separate time, but we just quickly took them in the store one at a time while on the way home from something. Same feelings there. I loved watching Alex’s face light up when he finally found the perfect gift! KC took Bennett, but said he was a joy to shop with as well. They are growing up to be such sweet siblings. 006008

The last week of school before Christmas break, there was a Christmas sweater, hat, sock, and pajama days.  The kids loved participating in the festivities. But don’t even get me started on the socks. After a long search I never did find Christmas socks in their size. They didn’t seem to mind. 047231232

This was part of the Christmas gift they gave to us at school! I’m keeping them forever.068

One Friday we didn’t have school or plans, and I was feeling festive and crazy, so we took a bit of a drive to the nearest Bass Pro Shop to see Santa. I didn’t really have this on my to-do list, but I thought the kids would like it. It was quite the production! Activities, rides, crafts, movies and pictures with Santa, all free of charge! We had a little over an hour to kill before our designated Santa time, so we played and played until it was our turn to stand in the line. Piper and Nicole joined us too! I was a tad frazzled by the end, cause you know how four year olds can be with the whining and whatnot, but we made it, and the pictures with Santa are pretty cute.082086088092099102107109110116128130137142IMG_2504IMG_2510

We bought a big beautiful tree at Costco, and it smelled so intoxicatingly good. The kids couldn’t wait to help decorate. And while it was a stressful morning, and not nearly as serene and festive as it looks, we still made some good memories. 165173IMG_2448IMG_2454188IMG_2455IMG_2464

I really, really love un-decorating and having a fresh clean house again after the holidays, but I do miss my Christmas card garland. IMG_2677IMG_2678

I was asked to help with the dessert for the Relief Society Christmas party. The presidency had an elegant evening planned and asked the the dessert be the grand finale of the night, wanting it to be “very fancy”. So I came up with this little chocolate mousse, cranberry/raspberry parfait, and my friend Michelle worked with me to get it all done. I had fun folding giant bowls of mousse, and drizzling chocolate. It was definitely more play than work. The candied cranberries were a bit of an afterthought, but I thought they added a festive flair. It was a fun night, and so many put a lot of work into it.719725743754

A friend invited us over one morning for some cookies decorating. Such a darling group, and the kids all did a great job. And much sugar was consumed, as expected.774775793801

I asked my mom if anyone was using her sucker molds, and she said they were all mine! I was giddy, and the kids and I had a great time making a Christmas batch. Green mint, red cinnamon, and yellow butterscotch. So many memories can flooding back remembering the countless times my mom did that with us. The kids ate more suckers than I’d like to admit, but that’s all part of the fun, right?242246248250261264274279

Here are my little Christmas Eve baking buddies making cookies for Santa. KC had to work for a few hours that morning, so this is how we used our time together. They are getting more and more fun to bake with, and those cookies were ridiculously good.213217225227

A post-baking snack.228232

I was a fun season, but not without it’s 4 year old drama. A lot of it. Sometimes in the middle of all the fun things we try to do, I wonder if any good memories will come out of it because of all the chaos that is happening. Well, looking back now, most of what I remember is good, happy times, and it makes me sad to think how much older my kids will be by next Christmas. But I’m sure they’ll be just as cute and even more fun, so I won’t be too sad. Love these kiddos.

More New Year festivities to write about! The run really never seems to end!