Thursday, January 24, 2013

It’s Go Time!

So you might be wondering why I am sitting here blogging when there is so much to be done! Well, my obsession with record-keeping is strong enough that I really feel like I have to get a few things down about our last few weeks here. And I KNOW, with the little spare time as I have right now, it will only get worse in the coming days and weeks. Reality truly set in when the truck arrived yesterday morning! When I opened the door for the driver, Alex yelled, “COLORADO!” I think with enough repetition, the reality is setting in for the kids as well. 027

It’s been a bittersweet week as we tie up loose ends, and see friends for the last time. It’s definitely a weird feeling. But it’s been so fun to do so many things and see so many people. Let’s do a little recap of the last few weeks:

We had to do this one more time! They have really grown since the first time we put them all in here together.152161162

Ice Skating downtown! We have tried to go for the past few years, since it had been a tradition every winter the few years before that. We finally made it, and had a fun time with the Ribeiras. The amazing Co Co. Sala treat afterward didn’t hurt either. We’ll desperately miss those fun nights with the Ribs.281284289296302300303304

I finally got to see Corrine’s twins! They are the cutest little sweeties, and feeding those bottles, and hearing those little coos, grunts, and cries took me back! So glad I saw them before I go.IMG_6857

One night KC had to work late, so we went to visit. We might as well have gone to Disneyland. With the elevators, cubicle Christmas decorations, chocolate kisses on the front desk, a tv in the break room, and hot chocolate, they were in heaven. They still talk about “daddy’s work”.311316318319

Just cause they were happy, and willing to stand in line and look at the camera. Gotta take advantage of times like that. 192196197

Thanks you , wrapping paper, for helping me keep them busy while I was packing.647648652

There was plenty of this for a couple weeks. Now, even when I cough a little, Ruby suggests I get out the nebulizer.198

Enjoying a warm 60 degree day in January!002

poor girl, so park deprived, she had to resort to this to make this tiny slide any fun.013

Ruby’s best friend lately (a gift from someone at church).008009017

Floating Ruby.039

What?! The girls actually getting along for two seconds?!042043

We had a couple last plays dates with our friends! The kids loved all the babies, and even read them some stories.052

And Shalee brought over a cake for Rozlyn’s birthday. The kids think every birthday is Rozlyn’s birthday now. And that cake was so delicious.064075076077117080

Ruby got a hold of the camera…082087092109115

Winter is hard on my chapped boy. He fell asleep on my lap on a no-nap day.124

Found her like this one night. So sweet to let her teddy have the pillow.125


KC had a birthday. 36!! Since we’re in use-up mode as far as food, I didn’t have much to work with for the cake, but realized I had everything to make a flourless chocolate raspberry cake. And it was a bonus that I used up all the chocolate I’d had for a while! I love multitasking.142129143145148151153154

We had plenty to share, so he took it to a little last hangout with his buddies. (1)

The party continued the next day on his actual birthday. The Millers took us to the Cheesecake factory. So many bittersweet gatherings!048049051

Anytime I try to rest for two seconds, this happens.086

The kids were sick the first couple weeks of January, but we are glad we made it to Sunbeams at least once in our ward! It was tricky, but we made it through. That is going to be a tough transition…149163172

The short version of this next story is, Elise and I made plans to have a little park then dinner outing with our families before we left. Well, we had to stop on the way to get some camera equipment from a friend at the church, and then she got us all into the church to see a “puppy” that the friend had brought with him, and lo and behold, there was a huge surprise party for us inside!! We were touched, and I was close to tears as I saw all the faces in the crowd that made that day special for us! And people kept arriving throughout the evening which make it every better! Boot camp and church friends from near and far. What a great group of people I am leaving behind. I will never forget them, ever.  And what a sweet, amazing sister I have to arrange the whole thing. I really can’t say enough for how much help and support she’s been these past couple of years. If I wasn’t having so much fun being surprised and talking to everyone, I would’ve concentrated on taking more pictures. Luckily Elise took a few for me to have some memories.DSC_0659DSC_0654DSC_0657DSC_0666DSC_0677DSC_0680

And there is more fun to come before we leave with parents coming into town, girls nights, and sleeping on the floor! But with the computer leaving with all of our stuff in a couple days, it’s unlikely any of that will be posted for a while. I think the next time I’ll be blogging, it will be from the great state of Colorado. Crazy! I’m completely exhausted, so tired of making decisions, and eating off of paper plates (which I think I might actually love with the lack of dishes to be done). So pretty much sounds like we’re ready to get this show on the road! Wish us luck…and then wish us some more!