Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Exploring new Territory

The first couple weeks were rough. The kids and I were not getting along. I’m sure I was feeling nervous about being in a new area by myself and three kids all day even if I didn’t realize it. And I’m sure they were wondering what the heck was going on. But even with some emotional breakdowns, and the terrible threes at their worst, we still managed to have some fun as we explored what this new area has to offer. The first thing I did was take the kids to an awesome park a couple miles away. They loved all there was to do there. And there was a lot! I loved the KC was only a couple minutes away to help me round them up when I was done dealing with their nonsense. There was a moment of panic when I had to ask other people if they’d seen another little boy in a elephant back pack. He was pretty far too! At least we got some sun. Ugh. The next day we went to another park and had a much better experience. It pays to keep trying, I guess. 007015017024025028030033035041001003

After that exhausting first week, I treated myself to a solo movie night at a local theater. It was an awesome place, and I found out when coming out of my movie that they offered complimentary popcorn and drinks! Looking forward to another movie at this venue.118120

Our first weekend, KC’s co-worker he knew from the MD office arranged to have a few others from the office meet up at Little Monkey Bizness. It was a blast. Perfect for these kids. Alex really went to town in the art room. We’ll definitely go back one of these days.012015019021028030032033036

We’re so happy to have relatives in the area. KC’s cousin Alicia has had us over a couple times to play and the kids love it! They even have this cute park across the street. We look forward to many more play dates in the future.009010

We met up with Jen again (KC’s co-worker and now our good friend) at Wash Park, apparently THE park in the Denver area. It was a beautiful day, and they had a fun dog, and the playground was awesome. Except for a little potty trouble, it was a win! Rarely do we stop at KFC, but after my long run that morning, it never tasted so good. 052056060062064

After our first bit of snow, I threw on some boots, etc. and took the kids for a stroll. Didn’t go so well. There was a lot of loud crying for the whole complex to hear. And it was over something silly like not agreeing on which way to walk. They just find the tiniest things to complain about, and with three toddlers complaining at will, it starts to sound like someone scratching a chalkboard in your ears all days. We’ve tried again a couple more times all decked out in our gear and it gets better every time. They do look adorable all puffy and snowy. 092093097103107116111114

We love our Costco, and the kids have already made a lot of friends there. 135137

Of course we found the closest Chick-Fil-A.139

My favorite place we’ve found so far is the Library. It’s so lovely, and kid-friendly, and fun. I have my card and already have a list of things on hold. We love the story/singing time, and the kids can’t wait to get to the play area! They’re doing great at holding hands as we walk through the parking lot. Little by little I see some light at the end of this toddler tunnel!170175176182185187190191193198200201So much fun carrying all this around.203210212

This is the measly “playground”at our complex. Lame. 216217

The boys were in need of some haircuts, so as usual, I got out the stuff and went for it. Well, I’m not sure what happened, but Alex’s has some major rough spots. I didn’t want to make it worse, so I asked the RS president when she called if she knew anyone in the area that could fix it. This sweet lady got us in that afternoon! Home-based salons were not the usual thing in MD, so it was great to be able to find one so close by. The kids were a little excited to be there but we left without any damage being done.  He looked so much better after, thanks to Cheryl. Phew. 038001003

There is always more to say, but I’ll leave this post here. I’ll be back to share more of our Colorado explorations soon!