Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm So Proud

Last night I did something I haven't done in a long time. I really conquered something I didn't think possible. I wanted to go to a movie with some girls. With trying to merge busy schedules, we decided on the 10:05PM showing. I am known for falling asleep in movies that start much earlier. Whenever I fall asleep, it ruins the movie for me, and everyone that laughs at the movie and wakes me up, suddenly become this stupid bunch of people that are laughing at something not worth laughing at ( I think I'm partly mad at whatever I've missed). This is my mentality when I am tired. So earlier the day of the movie, I tried to take a nap and it was about 30 minutes. I didn't think it was enough. KC just kept warning me, "Honey, you always fall asleep. I don't know if you'll make it." Of course, he has learned of my early bird lifestyle the hard way. Sometimes I don't even remember the harsh things I say at night, but am gently reminded of them in the morning when, by the way, my mood is at it's best. My friends from high school will tell you how rude I was at sleepovers just because I was tired and they were just having fun. Something really comes over me and I can't help my words or actions. It's like I have a small version of the Hulk inside of me that comes out after 10:30 if something upsets me. I hope it wears off someday because this life guarantees more night distractions through the years. Maybe when the kids come, KC will be the night go-getter and I'll be the morning retriever. We'll have to work something out. I don't want anyone else to have to witness this side of me. But, the point of this whole post was to announce loud and clear that I did make it though that movie and got home at 1:15AM without my hulkish attitude anywhere in sight. I was chipper the whole way through and it wasn't even an act! I'm wondering the last time this has happened. I even drove...safely. I really feel like I've accomplished something. I hope someday, somewhere, it will happen again.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

KC's Appreciation

I know what you're all thinking. Two posts in one day? But I just had to tell of my appreciation, for my husbands appreciation, for me. As we sat down to our quiche dinner, (Or any dinner for that matter. Tonight it just happened to be quiche.) He was commenting on how good it smelled and how he couldn't wait to eat it. Then when we started eating it, he began to comment on the texture of the flaky crust and how much he was enjoying it. When he finished his wedge, I said "a little more?" and he gave me a very long but sweet explanation for why he wouldn't care for any more. He told me about the level of appreciation he had for the quiche right now. He was satisfied to just the right amount. He told of his appreciation for the meal with one hand and the fullness of his tummy with the other. The higher the fullness hand got, the shorter the rises of the appreciation hand became, and eventually started going down. This shows so well the way KC thinks things though and can explain them a way that I don't think I ever could. I think we all know what he's talking about. I know that some great meals can be ruined if I get too full to remember how delicious the meal really was. All I can think is "I ate way too much." Most of our dinner conversations include questions from KC about what it entailed to make the meal, what this flavor or that flavor was, what ingredients I used, how satisfying it is, and even sometimes he comments on how nice the plate looks (we all know when we've made a nice colorful plate). Not because he's picky, but because he's intrigued. Sometimes I'll anticipate all his questions, and try to remember all the things I put in so that I have an answer for him when we asks. I might even answer before he can ask. Some meals are made from whatever I have to use up in the fridge so I really can't remember what to tell him. These nights I just say, "can we just have dinner and not talk about the food?" Then I feel bad because I really should always be grateful for his constant appreciation for the meals I prepare. Lunches the next day usually come out of dinner the day before so sometimes I even get double appreciation for one meal when he gets home from work and reports on lunch. A friends the other day told me that her husband never says anything about the food she makes. She said she asked once, and he just nodded, shrugged his shoulders and said "yeah, it's good." Why would I ever ask my husband not to appreciate me? I'm a lucky girl. I hope this sticks, along with his daily dish washing.

I will resist!

I'm trying to resist buying anything that I know will be 75% off starting on December 26. I've never been one to decorate but since there is no one else (mom, roommates, sisters) to do it, I have to, and want to, do it myself. But since me are leaving a few days before Christmas, I feel like I should take advantage. We did buy a tree and it's not a Bonsai. Not much taller though. Lowes was the only place (out of several places that we looked) that had any real trees under 6 feet. It goes about to my waist and KC being the man of the house put on the lights. But we've also yet to get an extension cord to turn those lights on. I'm improvising on trimming, candy canes, and ribbons, but I think our humble tree will be a great memory for our first Christmas together.
As my other siblings have mentioned on their blogs, Gingerbread house making was great fun thanks to all the hard work by M,C,and J. KC and I made a gingerbread house 2 years ago at a party. We to achieve the same effect, but it turned out quite different. We had fun at both occasions as you can see from the picture. Every one's house was so creative. I loved Jacks gumball "Christmas light" roof.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How long has that commercial been running?

I was watching TV and saw that seasonal commercial where the snowman walks in the house because he smells the soup. When he starts eating it, he starts melting. At the end, there's a little boy with snow dripping off his shoulders. I feel like I've been seeing this commercial for years and it always kind of scares me. Why is there a little boy inside all that snow. But I do like it because it reminds me of past Christmas seasons. Man, it's coming quickly isn't it? I really want to show KC the Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special. I don't remember what year, but we have it on tape at my house. That is a huge tradition. I laugh just thinking about it. We have tried to find a tree that won't take over our whole apartment and they are all too big. They don't harvest them small enough for us that often. We're thinking of getting a Bonsai pine tree and we can use it every year and it would be less than 2 feet tall. They live for hundreds of years if cared for properly. I'm only kidding as it wouldn't be tradition like the other photo. (Although mine would not have teddy bears and stuffed snowmen around it.) At least we'll be going home for Christmas where there is plenty of space for trees that are easily two feet taller than that tallest part if out ceiling. I hope everyone has had more luck finding their perfect tree, or at least are planning to.