Monday, November 26, 2012

It’s never too early. (Lisa and Dana, this is for you!)

When I got home this morning, Ruby excitedly asked me if I went “for the race?”. I told her I just went to boot camp. Alex heard me from across the room and said, “Boot camp?! and seemed eager to get his work-out on. I can see this becoming a regular part of our morning routine.

Notice how Alex is doing some moves with only one hand. He’s following my lead as I’m holding the camera.

And what’s better after a good work-out than a nice not shower (or bath, in their case)? 017

A great start to what we can hope will be a great day.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giving of Thanks

Our Thanksgiving started out with a traditional 5k. This year we did the Greenbelt Gobble Wobble. It was much more family friendly than the one we did in DC last year (KC’s parents were hear to watch the kids while we went downtown). The kids were so excited to “go the the race!”. I wasn’t at all concerned about my time, but mostly just wanted to have fun with the kiddos. They took off on the path, while I hung back with some work-out buddies Lisa and Dana, and Becky, another great friend of mine, and did some warm-ups lead by the Head Sarge  from my boot camp. Then the race started and I ran ahead to find KC and the kids on the trail. It was so fun to see their little faces all snuggled up on a bench. They then joined me and we “ran” together for a couple minutes until they saw the playground, and then I was on my own again. I did a little running back and forth on the trail until I saw my gang again (the course had us go twice around the lake, and I was meeting up with them on their second lap), and ran with them for the last half mile or so. It was a great, relaxed, fun race. I loved that I had family and friends there to make it festive. After a quick post-race snack, I picked up the family at the park, and we headed back home feeling great about our fun morning together.047051055057063067068069070071

When we found out Elise and her fam were going to be out of town, we decided to brave going to a  friend’s house this year. I say brave, because a big meal with my kids around is never much fun for me. But I realized they are a little older this year, so we took our chances and planned on feasting with the Stromsdorfers. As time went on a couple more families joined us, and we ended up with a great crowd, all with kids around the triplets’ age. So although our kids did cause more of the ruckus, as least they weren’t the only toddlers running around.

After the race, I did a little last minute food prep (most was done on Wednesday while the children played happily, which was lovely ), put the kids down for what we hoped would be a nap, but turned into two hours of craziness in their beds, and headed over to the Stromsdorfers around 2. We set up the cheese ball and the veggie tray and deviled eggs, and snacked on those as got everything set up. Soon the spread was out and after a  prayer full of gratitude, the feast began. We all filled plates for our kids, and finally got to eat ourselves. The kids were way too busy having fun jumping on the tramp full of leaves and playing in the big back yard to think about all the delicious food (except when it was on my plate, of course), which made it even easier to enjoy it ourselves. We ate outside in the gorgeous weather, and everything just tasted amazing. I was in charge of the stuffing, pretzel Jell-O, the peas, cheese ball, and veggie tray (and the pies that are coming up). We had a very full car. 171178180182186190189194197200201202188203209212

Soon we migrated inside to lounge and play games, or at least try to while the kids were all over the house. The triplets were getting crankier by the hour without a nap, but we made it through the afternoon without too much frustration. We pulled out the pies around 5, and stuffed ourselves a little more. I brought four kinds. I couldn’t help myself. Banana cream, pecan, pumpkin, and pumpkin ice cream (pictures aren’t the greatest. We were in a hurry to eat!). I really put myself over the edge during dessert. The kids just loved the ice cream, of course. 215214216223224225230235240241242243245246

I was definitely done dealing with them after that, so we dispersed the leftovers, packed up the food and headed home around 6:30. It definitely wasn’t a relaxing holiday for us. With three toddlers, you just come to expect a bit of chaos wherever you go, especially at a meal of any kind. But I will say that we never would have attempted eating at someone else’s house until this year, so I’d say we turned a little bit of a corner. We take whatever progress we can get! It was their fourth Thanksgiving, and definitely the least crazy of them all. Not that I wasn’t incredibly exhausted by day’s end. I fell asleep probably 10 minutes into whatever wind-down show we were watching, and slept and lovely deep sleep. It was a wonderful, low-keyish Thanksgiving with great friends.

I’m thankful for so many things every day of my life. It’s nice to have a special time of year to reflect even more on those things. I am a blessed girl. 

Friday, November 09, 2012

They call it playing at the park, I call it wearing them out for naptime.

It seems these kids are liking naptime less and less as we are inside more with the cold weather upon us. But mommy here still needs a nap most days (remember how I wake up to work-out at 5 every day?), or at least a little bit of peace and quiet to regroup. And although they are content to just stay in their cribs for a few hours, and do eventually fall asleep around 2:30ish (making it so I have to wake them up before 5 if I want bedtime at a decent hour), it’s pretty frustrating as I replace blankets, pillows, clothes, and other messes they make while they act like crazies as I plead with them to just SLEEP ALREADY! I know it’s only a matter of time until these amazing 3 hour afternoon naps are behind us, and sometimes we do skip them if we want an early bedtime, but right now these kids still need a consistent afternoon nap. They are not so pleasant to be around without one, and neither am I. During the winter, I’m going to have to come up with some work-out routine for them to burn some energy indoors. But until then, if the weather permits, you can bet we’ll be bundling up and heading outside. 417

Today it was about 50, and it was a perfect fall day to play at the park. Amazingly we still have a lot of leaves on the trees and the ground after the storm. The kids found the jackpot behind the little town hall in the same parking lot as the park. We ran into our caretaker friend, who is always thrilled to see the “Three Mudskateers”. He even wanted to take a picture of them in front of the town hall sign, and brought us inside to meet some of the staff. Funny guy.  The kids really just wanted to run around doing anything but play at the playgroup, and as long as they were out of harm’s way, I was happy to follow them anywhere their little legs carried them. We even went on a mini-hike on a trail behind the park. While we were trudging up that hill, all I kept thinking about was how worn out they’ll be when we get home. Is that bad?I also liked that they were having fun.

Please forgive my grainy Ipod pictures. 436440452439458466469472476480484486

I haven’t heard a peep since I put them in their beds a few minutes ago. Mission accomplished. Of course on a day I get them all primed for a nap, I don’t get one. And boy would I like one with this cold I have. But I have an appointment (just a trim at the salon) to get to while they slumber away. I wanted them to be extra tired as to not harass Elise while I’m out.  Oh well, a change is as good as a rest, eh?