Monday, August 30, 2010

It’s Signing Time with Alex and Bennett, come and play.

Ever since we watched cousins Juju and Gabe enjoying their Signing Time, we thought we might as well give it a try. Every now and then we pick one up from the library and the babies are little angels as they watch intently. Baby Signing Time is definitely a fave. (I have to admit though, the repetitive nature of the songs, and the exaggerated expressions from the host can really get on my nerves, especially when the songs get stuck in my head for hours, but I can put up with it for the lovely quiet moments it provides. I even find myself  singing the silly songs as we go about our day. Oh, the life of a mommy.) Even though we are not super serious about teaching them signs, it really can’t hurt. And I guess they are picking a little up, as evidenced in the video below. I don’t think they really understand the meaning of this little action, and it’s very close to clapping so I’m not sure how impressive it is, but I will say they didn’t need me to show them what to do on this occasion. They just came up with it on their own (but we had shown it to them many times before). They probably just associate it with their animal crackers, or food in general, rather than actually asking me for “more”, but it’s cute anyway. Notice their different signing styles. Silly boys. For once, Ruby isn’t stealing all the limelight.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My baby girl can crawl!

But of course she didn’t want to show it to me when I was trying to catch it on camera yesterday. (Well, she actually did perform very well once , but I accidentally wasn’t filming, when I thought I was. I just can’t win! Oh well, next time.) She did give us a good show of another method of transportation, though. This is especially funny when she is wearing something with snaps on the bum, cause it clicks with every scoot.

We also found her turning the pages of board books that she got out all by herself this morning. Looks like the wheels are really turning in that growing brain of hers. 005 012

Now, I have to go kiss her face.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Double Date and Update

Finally! We finally went out for DC Restaurant Week! Every time this event comes around (twice a year), we tell ourselves we are going to take advantage of the fixed-price, three course menu, but the best restaurants are always booked by the time we try to make a reservation. Not this time. We got a Friday night reservation for Ruth’s Chris Steak House, a sought out restaurant on the list of participators. I’m guessing that is a hot night for the week, so I was pretty proud to have snagged an 8:00 time slot while it was open. Our friends Ryan and Courtney had been to there for Restaurant Week before and said it was great, so we booked it for a party of four, and they joined us for a double date.

The traffic was horrendous both ways, but that didn’t ruin the night in the least. Valet took care of any parking annoyances, and the company and conversation were great. And can I just say that I have never tasted a filet so delicious. It was cooked to a prefect juicy medium, and it literally melted in my mouth, with the loveliest flavorful, crisp texture on the edges that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was also great to know that my mom was at home while the babies slept peacefully. Such a successful, elegant, quiet evening. This is the only picture of the night. Kind of embarrassing that I match the restaurant and their to-go bag. I didn’t mean to, I promise.


Now that was probably a little boring for you (I know all of you just come here for the babies, let’s be honest), so let me see what else I have.

Several more teeth have arrived, which isn’t much fun, but we are making it okay. At least they can eat more foods because of it (and seeing those top teeth when as they makes to Goofyish smiles is just cute). I have been feeding the babies a lot of different new things, including berry- banana pancakes, and cheese (grated cheese is perfect for beginners, I found out) which they love. Oh, and animal crackers. If I ever need a couple minutes of complete silence, those are the ticket. They aren’t always naked for eating time, but I think it might be easier to strip them as they start to feed themselves more, making quite a mess. We have lined the floor beneath them with a disposable tablecloth we can throw away when it gets good and gross. Very handy.051047

They are mimicking something new every day. It’s funny what they decide to copy, like when I stubbed my toe and gasped/inhaled loudly, Bennett kept breathing in and out really loud, just like me. Guess you had to be there, but it was pretty cute. I’m having kissing lessons with everyone each day because that is what I want them to learn next. They have the puckering down (see video from previous post), now I just have to teach them where to use those puckered lips (on me!).

They love water, whether it’s in the tub, pool, splashing spills on their high chair trays, and apparently warm rainstorms too. We found that out by getting caught in one during an afternoon walk. We didn’t hear one complaint as we briskly walked the rest of the several blocks home, getting completely drenched along the way. Ruby was even leaning into the falling rain, instead of hanging back where she was semi-covered. It’s one of the things I love the most about the East Coast, warm rain. 035037

They continue to scoot around, make messes, and get into things around the house. I have really started to get serious about baby-proofing as I put away end tables, put rubber bands around cupboard doors to keep them closed, and buy more gates. Ruby is pulling herself to standing on anything she can hold on to, so anything unstable is a hazard. This place is going to turn upside-down any day now, I can just feel it. I no longer have control over the cleanliness and order like I used to, but such is life of one with small children. We try to keep them contained to their play-corner, but sometimes they just want to explore new territory.002009 041 040

They are becoming regular church-goers, until naptime changes anyway. It’s been great to feel like an active member of the congregation again (even if it’s just for the first hour). The babies might be a bit disruptive with their laughing and playing throughout the meeting, but we try to keep the noise down with cheerios and juice.069 068

Ruby started this new cuddly phase. She has always been my least snuggly baby, but now will always lay her head on my shoulder, especially on the way to bed. It makes me so happy. Alex also does this funny, flirty head tilt whenever we are kissing or cuddling him. Bennett just like to be all sprawled out during cuddle time. They are definitely all very different.073023061

I decided we could probably take the cardboard bumpers down now, and needed to lower the bottoms of their beds anyway since they are getting way to big for the higher mattress setting. (We also got some new crib mattresses for the boys’ port-a-cribs, to replace the sub-par ones that were included with the cribs when we purchased them.) So with this whole new sleepy-time scenery we put them down for a nap to see how it would go. As I was going about my business while they were putting themselves to sleep, we started to hear a lot of laughter coming from their room, when what we usually hear is a little pre-nap fussiness, or blessed silence. It took me a second before I remembered we had taken the bumpers down, and then knew that was causing the funny giggles from behind their door. They were having the greatest time realizing that they were each only one or two feet from one another. With Bennett’s crib in the middle being covered on both sides, they had no way to see anyone else, so this must’ve been their first realization that they had roomies. I love to hear them laugh at each other when they are going down, or waking up. I’m not sure it will always be a good thing, and maybe they’ll want to have an all night party together in the nursery, but for now, I love to hear their sweet conversations.

Monday, August 16, 2010

New skills to show you.

Ruby Cruising:

Alex Grooving:

Bennett Pat-a-Caking:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The More the Merrier!

I have a moment or two so I want to tell you what’s going on around here. You know how I hate leaving Utah every time we go because my whole family is there, and I really like them? Well, I am happy to say that Elise, my little sister, will now be moving closer to us! How close? Into our basement apartment!! This brings me so much happiness. We will have the greatest time, and with our babies being very close to the same age, we can be there for each other during the long boring days motherhood can sometimes bring. We also have plans to exchange babysitting for date nights, Sunday (or any other night) dinners together, and lots of movie/TV nights. It’s going to be a party around here, and I am very excited, if you can’t tell. DSC_0539

We have, of course, talked about the risks that are involved when living with family, but have decided that a one year lease is just right, and we can make it through anything in that short amount of time. Everyone will still have their own entrance, space, kitchen, etc. so we don’t have to be in each other’s way, unless we want to be. I just hope my babies aren’t too rambunctious for the downstairs neighbors! We can’t wait until September 30th when Elise and Penny arrive, Jeff only a few days after that.

This came at just the right time for me. I was feeling like a change needed to happen in my life. Being far away from family with these babies has been difficult. Yes we have had A LOT of wonderful visits from family, and I couldn’t be more grateful for everyone’s willingness to make the trip. But now that the hubbub has died down, I find myself wanting those close relationships around me ever more. (It is hard to enjoy your visitors and have a good time when you are desperate for help. Now it’s back to being about fun and enjoyment when people come over.)

I get a little jealous when I hear about the get-togethers in Utah, sometimes a few times a week, for the cousins to play, to have pot-luck dinners, or weekend campfires. I just know we’d have a blast joining right in. Not to mention giving me a little variety in the week. When Cami and her fam lived here, and Matt for a short time too, we felt like a good enough portion of the family was here to have our own fun. But since they all left, it’s been just a little lonely. We’ve been busy enough, and like I said, have had plenty of visitors to keep us occupied, but we are still lonely for our families that we love. Our social lives are surviving just fine with the great friends that we have become close to, but there is just something different about family, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, that was all just to say that I am a happy girl to have my little sister, who I love dearly, decide to share a year (at least) of her life with me. Not to mention her husband is pretty cool, and her baby is so scrumptious too.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Tweedles

I recently finished reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass for my book group, and have to admit that my boys sometimes remind me of these funny identical characters. Tweedle_Dee_and_Tweedle_Dum

Especially when they are dressed in these bright outfits. All I need is a couple bowties, and hats with flags on top and we are set for Halloween. We found them playing like this the other day and I couldn’t look away. Funny boys.075076080079

P.S. I realized there wasn’t a picture of mom in the last batch, and that just won’t do, so I added one.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My mom and I have been having such a good old time, that I haven’t really found the time to post. We have been cooking up some new fresh recipes, watching a great BBC mini-series (Collision), among other great shows, exercising, and going somewhere with the babies everyday. I don’t think we’ve missed a day yet. The babies are always so happy to be out in the world, so we are more than happy to take them there. They are mimicking us like crazy, and turning into big kids way too fast. I don’t know how they survive all the kissing that happens around here.

There isn’t anything especially momentous say at this precise time, so  we just wanted to say hi, and show you some pictures of our everyday living. We do have some big and very exciting changes coming up, but I’ll need more time to get that post in order. Here you go.

  • Strolling through IKEA was great fun. Ruby somehow ended up with a few more toys in her stroller than we started with. 003 005 006
  • Loving the new straw sippy cups.013 015
  • We love Ruby’s tiny bit of curly Crusty the Clown-esqe hair (bald on the top, long on the sides).021
  • Daddy time is fun for all. I wish you could see how their faces light up as they hear the door open when he gets home from work. They’re like little jumping beans.028 031
  • We were so happy to get a visit from Molly for the first time since she moved to Virginia, and found it quite funny how crammed they are now when we try to fit them all on one lap.041
  • We are all fans of their little barricaded play corner. Who wouldn’t love to play in there?002060 061
  • Where else?064
  • A new game. They went wild looking at themselves and each other in the mirror. Ruby especially loved licking her reflection. 087 090094
  • The mischief begins.098105 108 

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

This girl is just full of surprises.

She is also good at falling asleep in uncomfortable-looking positions.  019

And even though her brothers don’t wave or clap on demand for us yet, it doesn’t mean they aren’t highly entertaining and cute by doing other things like fish-faces and eating my knees.


And they’re all fun to snuggle on early morning walks (it was B on this day).027

Also, the other day I ran into a friend from the hospital  where I worked as a newborn photographer/snap-shooter (no talent required or needed), and she was going crazy when I told her that I had triplets since  the last time we spoke, when I was in the adoption process. Her response was something like, “Girl, I am so [add several expletives here] happy for you!“ She knew how much I wanted a baby, and actually has twins (that started out as triplets and she lost one at 24 weeks), so we had a lot to talk about. It was great to catch up and really made me realize how far I’ve come since then, and how happy my babies make me. Crazy.