Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Learning the Christmas Vocabulary

The triplets have really taken to all things Christmas lately. It’s music to my ears as I hear them say all these new words and phrases, and sing songs that they were too young to learn last Christmas. They love to point out any snowman they see. Earlier today we were shopping, and upon entering the store, Ruby gasped when she saw an inflatable snowman and yelled “Fwosty!” They are constantly pointing out our “sockings” , and have also learned who “Sandy Caus” is, though I don’t think they know quite what he does yet. It only took one time of singing through “The Twelve Days of Christmas” for them to join in on “five golden rings!” toward the end. And of course they love any Christmas tree the see. We’re putting ours up tonight (a small, toddler-friendly one this year), so I’m anxious to see how they like it when they see it first thing in the morning.  We are also planning on keeping them up extra late to see witness our town Christmas tree lighting later this week. I think they’ll love it.

Anyway, my little chatterbox, Ruby, and I had a little bonding time  talking about Christmas while the boys were taking an extra long nap.

Having these innocent, sweet toddlers makes Christmastime even more magical than it already is. Everything is so new and exciting to them, it has a way of rubbing off on me. And it’s only just begun!

P.S. They are learning a lot of about the true meaning of this holiday as well, but that is for another post.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Moses Basket

When the babies came home from the hospital, we used a Moses basket my friend gave us to lay them in throughout the day. And at nights it was handy to have next to the couch so I could slide whoever I was holding into it when they finally fell asleep, and get a little sleep myself.  It seems like a great place to place them for easy access, and so we wouldn’t accidentally sit on anyone snoozing on the couch (a legitimate concern when they were so small.) They looked so sweet in the little bed, either alone, or smooshed together. It didn’t phase me back them , how tiny they must’ve been to all three fit, even horizontally, in the basket meant for one child.11-1-09 073006 002 (2)069068

I was a little sad when we didn’t have a use for it anymore and put it away. It’s been under a crib storing blankets for about a year and a half. I was cleaning out there room a while, and I was thinking about giving it away when it dawned on me that the kids might like to play with it. Little did I know how right I was. They can’t get enough of the thing. Ruby is especially territorial. She drags is all over the house,  and even puts her dolls and animals to bed in it. But they find ways to play with in together. I’m pretty sure Ruby is responsible for all the piling of toys. It doesn’t seem like the boys really mind getting buried though. She also buries herself from time to time. She puts all her blankets, etc. in it, and them wiggles under them. IMG_2919IMG_2921IMG_2748IMG_2752021027IMG_2938IMG_2941

And now that they are giant toddlers, only one of them can certainly fill the whole thing out, and then some. Although, they do try to all squeeze into it together once in a while.

What other non-toy items could my kids find this entertaining? I might not need to buy anything new for Christmas. I’ll just pull out some old car seats and changing pads.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to Fall

I know, I was all hyped up about Christmas in the last post (and I still am) but I am truly enjoying every second of this perfect season we’re in before the cold hits. We have had the most ideal fall here. With the exception of a few rainy cold days, we’ve been graced with mid 60s sunny weather, which, when paired with vibrant colored leaves, is really remarkable. I mean, where else does a major highway look like this? (The picture doesn’t really do it justice.)038

I’ve been outside as much as possible lately. Walking around the lake has been a favorite pastime, as usual. With the leaves at their peak, it’s even more gorgeous. We like to feed the geese and ducks while we mosey along the trail. The kids think it’s hilarious, and try to throw their cereal snacks far enough for the ducks to eat it, but in only ends up a few inches from the stroller. 043046

Running has been one of my favorite parts of this fall. I can’t get out the door fast enough in the morning. And now that it’s not pitch dark at 6:15 AM anymore, it doesn’t feel quite as eerie as I wind through the streets. Though I usually don’t mind running in the dark at all. I like the feeling of solitude it brings. I’m really dreading the freezing weather, knowing it will be harder for me to make it out every morning, but I’ll try to make it work somehow.

Of course we make it to the park as much as possible. I think the kids crave the outdoors as much as I do lately. They beg to get out, and really light up when they’re playing in the fresh air. This winter is going to do a number on all of us. IMG_3001001

So, I just wanted to give a little plug to our wonderful weather, and gorgeous surroundings. It might have sounded redundant, but this time of year makes me so giddy, I wanted to write about it some more. I think it’s time for another picture update before all the festivities begin. I’ll get working on that. . .

Saturday, November 12, 2011

And so it begins.

I’m feeling the Christmas spirit inside me already, and it’s here to stay. With decorations lining the streets, and music filling the air, why not embrace it?! I’ve penciled in Santa visits and Christmas Tree Lightings, and hope to fill my schedule even more as the season progresses. I can hardly stop myself from putting up the decorations already!  (Don’t worry, I am not tossing Thanksgiving aside, but including it among the holiday festivities!) See Ruby  feels it too as she checks out the Christmas ads.IMG_2956

We officially started our Christmas movie watching last night. The kids were in bed, we pushed play on Home Alone 2, and enjoyed a picnic on the living room floor, as we laughed at the predictable, ridiculous humor that that movie provides. It was so fun to tear off pieces of juicy rotisserie chicken with our fingers, and eat it with hot-out-of-the-oven rustic bread with any of the toppings I laid out, including goat cheese, avocados, basil pesto , apple jelly, and my grandma’s delicious tomato marmalade. Such a fun night with my man, and looking forward to many more like it as we make the most of this magical time of year.



Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Make it work.

When Elise found out that the one and only Tim Gunn was going to be at Annapolis Mall, we marked our calendars. Lucky Brand was putting on a fashion show, and he was the host. With that being our favorite local mall, and always feeling up for a kid-less shopping trip, we thought, “Why not”.

Last Saturday, we arrived at the mall a few minutes before the fashion show was scheduled to begin, and could barely stay together as we pushed through the hoards of people.  It was mostly under control with the exception of people occasionally picking fights with security guards, and I nearly had an anxiety attack when I saw people trying to push double strollers through the wall of people. But soon, Mr. Gunn made his appearance, and the crowd went wild. We stayed for about two minutes of the show, and decided we’d seen all we cared to see.  018024027

After some shopping, we came back to see what the haps were. If you spent $100.00 on Lucky merchandise (so, one pair of jeans), you were eligible to have a signed copy of his book, and a picture taken with him. As much fun as it would be to see what he had to say in our 15 seconds together, the 200-person line was not enticing in the least. We left feeling like we got exactly what we came for (after stopping at the Clinique counter). It was the little bit of entertainment I needed that weekend. I guess I’m not really a super-fan type person, no matter who it is. I was more than happy to get out of there and go see the people I really care about. I’m pretty sure I’m their biggest fan out there. And I get to see then anytime I want, without standing in a ridiculous line.IMG_2727IMG_2733IMG_2730

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

“Mo Canny, Mo Canny!”

Halloween seemed to go on for days this year. I think we were costumed out by Monday. But it was a great weekend all the same.

A couple weeks ago, we kicked off the season with a most delicious pumpkin soup. Thanks Alton, for the great, festive recipe. I’m definitely a fan.IMG_2687

So, Elise and I were put in charge of the ward Halloween Party/Chili cook-off. I wasn’t super enthusiastic about this assignment, since, you know, I have triplets that make being in charge of anything difficult when they are awake. We decided to keep it pretty low key, which is my attitude for this holiday in general, so I hope no one minded. KC was kind enough to come home a couple hours early on Friday so Elise and I could set up. He took full baby duty to get them there, manage them at the church, and get them home and into bed by himself (past their bedtime, adding another element of craziness). The night was a success, with more than enough chili and pie to go around, and great costumes to be seen. As per tradition, each group in the church put together a booth for everyone to enjoy. We had cookie decorating, fishing, a piƱata, doughnuts on a string, face painting and even a treasure hunt. There definitely wasn’t a shortage of activities. I had a couple (seriously,just a couple) seconds to take Ruby and Alex (Bennett was content to stay in the nursery and play with toys) around the church to quickly go trick-or-treating. Alex realized what was going on, and wouldn’t stop saying “Mo Canny! Mo Canny!” We have a little bit to learn about manners, it seems.  We didn’t get many pictures, and it wasn’t what I had envisioned my babies’ first trick-or-treating experience to be. I was really looking forward to showing them the joy of Halloween, and seeing their faces light up as they discovered what happens when you say the magic words “Trick-or-Treat!”  and I thought the church was a great place to give it a try, since they’d be contained and safe without needing to be strapped in the stroller, but, I was setting out pies, and making sure everything was going according to schedule, so what’s done is done. The looked adorable in their “costumes” (I know, I’m not the most festive mom on the block, but the babies loved their hats, so we were all happy), and I was happy to have that party behind me. There were so many kind helpers that stayed to clean up, and Elise and I were home before 10. Lovely. Oh, and I tried to scrounge up a last second costume that wouldn’t drive me crazy while preparing food and running around. So half-hearted Superman it was. Thanks to KC’s mom for recently giving us KC’s childhood cape. I’m sure it will come in handy for future Halloweens. 056

On Saturday, we went trick-or-treating at Wegmans. It was a little crazy, but while the kids got candy, we sampled delicious food. Win, win. Oh, and it snowed that day. The kids thought it was great.071

And just because it was part of the weekend, I’ll add that we all made it to Stake Conference, where we spent most of the time in the nursery, but later that evening enjoyed leftover ward party pie with some friends. The perk of being the party planners. IMG_2845

So, by the time Halloween rolled around, I was feeling like all was already said and done. The kids hardly understood what was going on anyway, so I wondered if I should even do anything different. I thought it would be fun to go to the little pumpkin patch at Watkins Park, but after loading everyone up, and strolling down the path, we saw that it was closed on Mondays. Perfect. Here I am wracking my brain for something festive to do with two-year-olds, and I get shut down. Luckily there is an awesome part there too, and lately I’ve been feeling more and more confident to let them play on their own at the play ground. I still run around the whole time in case people are about to fall off a ledge, but they seem to do really well for the most part. I appreciate a fenced in park when possible, but this park is so big and open, that they could really run free without me feeling like they were in danger of cars, etc. Not to mention we had the place to ourselves. This is a big development in my life a mommy.  A great Halloween morning. 002006007012014008023033

As soon as they ate their dinner, and I took off their clothes, I knew I had made my decision that trick-or-treating was out. We were all tired, and the thought of getting everyone ready, listening to whining because they’d want to get out of the stroller (cause I really couldn’t see us letting them run around in the streets after dark-ha!) and going to bed an hour or more late again didn’t seem worth it to me just to have a bunch of candy lying around. Plus they would just want to eat all of candy right then. Not a great thing to add to the bedtime routine. So next year, I’m sure we won’t be so lazy, and the kids will truly enjoy what this holiday has to offer.

We went downstairs later and ate homemade pizza, and apples dipped in caramel. We looked through our scary movie options, and I was so disappointed in myself to not watching any of my faves this year. Not ONE Alfred Hitchcock, not ONE! I’ll have to remember to start watching early next year. Luckily I read Frankenstein for my book group. That definitely set the tone. And it was even spookier that I listened to it as I ran in dark each morning. DSC_0876IMG_2872

So it was a bit of an anticlimactic Halloween, but still fun to hear my little ones say their first “Trick-or-Treat!” It’s always nice to get it out of the way and start prepping for the wondrous holiday season. I’m more than excited for that, so let’s start haulin’ out the holly!

Alex the “Panna”IMG_2861Bennett the “Koowawa”IMG_2866Ruby the “Owloo”IMG_2869

IMG_2852(They were less than enthusiastic about pictures that day, but we are happy to have any group picture lately, so I consider this a success. )

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Obviously, the Jury Commissioner is not a mother of triplets.

It finally came. My first letter instructing me to report for jury duty. I’ve always wondered when this day would come, and was always grateful that it hadn’t yet (I get the same feeling of fear and relief every time I think about having to get my wisdom teeth taken out). If only they had written me a few years ago, things would be different. But seriously, it’s a bit tricky for me to take an entire day off of mommy duties without trained childcare that I’d be worried about the entire time, or KC taking off work. (And really, if I get to take an entire day off, is jury duty really what I’d choose to do with those precious hours?) Elise is even going to be leaving town that day, so I was really wracking my brain to see if this was really a possibility. I decided to check the little box on the back of the form, stating that I would not be able to report due to the inconvenience it would be to my family and included a letter stating my circumstances in a very professional manner. I even said that I look forward to serving at another time when my schedule permits.

Apparently that didn’t cut it, since I got another letter yesterday stating that my request has been denied. I could write more letters, and keep fighting it, but I think that would make it more trouble than it’s worth.I know it’s important, and I’m happy to serve, and I suppose it’s just one day, but a lot happens in one day with two year old triplets, so my mind gets  a little crazy thinking about all that will/can happen while I’m not around. I mean, I pack an entire backpack just to go to Target! I know it’s not that big of a deal, and everyone that is asked to report has a lot on their plate, so I’m sure they just laughed at my request, but it was worth a shot.  KC said he could take off a day of work, so I’m sure it will all work out just fine (but again those precious personal days are really something we like to save up for more family-oriented occasions). And hey, maybe I’ll call that morning, and be told I don’t need to report after all. I just think if the person(s) calling the shots here was a mother of triplets, or even a few very young children, she might have a little more sympathy for little old me. I can only hope that the case is good enough to make it worth my while.