Saturday, July 28, 2012

Here we go again...

I'm sitting in the oral surgeon's office about to undergo another procedure. Thanks to hardly any recovery time after my wisdom teeth extraction, I developed an excruciating dry socket, and the pain hasn't quit. A MONTH LATER! I haven't been the most pleasant wife and mother as I try to get through each day trying to ignore the throbbing, incessant pain on the left side of my face. I thought it was starting to get better, but when taking pain killers every three hours just to take the edge off, and going back to soft and liquid foods this week, I knew something had to be done.

I did see my doctor, who concluded after an examination and X-ray, that it was probably just nerve inflammation, and he just sent me off saying he hoped I feel better soon. Well, the pain/pressure only got worse after that, so I came back for further examination. I didn't really want to be cut open again, but at this point, I just want them to find something so they can fix it! I'm SO tired of the pain, and unlike Dr. House (who I oddly sympathize with now) I don't have the luxury of popping Vicodin each day without experiencing the most awful nausea/vomiting ever. Hopefully after today, I will be on my way to being myself again. I forgot what it like to eat without wincing. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer So Far

You had to know there was a catch up post coming up soon. It’s been weeks, more like MONTHS, since our last picture party. Far too long, if you ask me. Let’s see what we have to show you this time.

Just playing. Alex and Ruby are often cuddling together, as you can see.015108192

I swaddled Ruby to distract her from whatever was making her whine at me, and it turned into a fun game for all.020028

These boys are such cute little buddies. It’s good for me to remember times like this, rather than the times when they are tackling each other, biting, and pulling hair.029032149

This group of pictures cracks me up because of the similarities in their expression in every consecutive shot. Maybe it’s only something I notice. Love those little men.219220221

B thought balancing Elmo on his mangos was pretty awesome.051


Wheaton Park has some serious slides. Even I was nervous to go down those things. 001006011014All the kids were excited when we spotted a turtle.016

It’s like this park was made for us, with the four person teeter-totter thing.002

Sometimes when we go to Six Flags, Alex is content to do this the whole time.013

B is usually game for some rides. 020

As well as Ruby. But she wasn’t too thrilled about this one, as you can see. (Again, she chooses to wear that hat, and put it on backwards. There really isn’t anything I can do about it when she has it in her mind to wear that thing.) 026

But what that girl LOVES is the dance party they have around noon everyday. She has pretty much made friends with the staff there. The boys are afraid to dance on stage but they like to groove in the aisles. 038047051

More Six Flags fun.082092098099101They let each kid have a photo-op if they want at the end. Ruby always wants to.106

First time at the water park.002005We felt a little better after we fit them all with the life jackets provided. 008

Another day we went to a different part of the park. It was the most beautiful day, and we got there right when it opened. It felt like a ghost town. It was awesome. 008010011

My little ones are a just a tad nervous about rides sometimes. 014016018026031Elise and I take turns riding the roller coasters when there aren’t any lines. I’m getting too old for those things. 038We found out about a  restaurant only for season pass holders. It isn’t really advertised. The prices were pretty decent and it was a great, crowd-free place to cool off. Fun.044

I’m just entertained by things in threes. What can I say. The peacocks at Watkins Park never disappoint.041136

It was probably a mistake to let them out to pet the sheep, since they freak out if I don’t do it every time, but they loved it, so oh well. 045050

One of Ruby’s cute/annoying projects. She freaks out of they all won’t fit.056

Sometime we adults even have kid-free fun!060

We tried a concert in the park. It was fun, but we didn’t hear much of the concert. Maybe we’ll wait a while for the next one.076080083084085Alex thought the man talking in the microphone was saying a prayer, and tried to sneak a bite of his granola bar during it. 088099Of course we ended up on the playground.101102

We went to this park specifically to play in puddles. They didn’t waste any time, jumping in the first one they saw getting out of the car.109114118120

Our first hayride was a hit! Even though both boys ended up on my lap by the end.146143150

Memorial day was great. We had friends over, grilled kabobs, ate crazy good food, celebrated Lili’s Birthday (her choice of cake flavor was lemon poppy seed with cream cheese frosting, which I made and layered with lemon cheesecake with lemon curd), and played in the back yard. Good times were had by all!001011014032033036039040044026059066073076022079084090100

One day we had a “dip-it” picnic. Sometime toddlers can be so easy to please. Sometimes.111

Some deliciousness we’ve been eating lately:

Spring Rolls119

Broiled avocado212

For a belated Father’s Day dinner (I was in Utah on the actual day), I made KC one of his faves, portabella burgers. This recipe is awesome. He was happy.061072Even Ruby gave it a try.069The big surprise was the chocolate covered pretzel, salted caramel ice cream I made (KC loves pretzels, especially if they’re covered in chocolate), and made huge chocolate chip cookies to go with it. Overload, but it was worth it. 077

The first juicy peaches of the season. We are fans.090

What’s a better way to celebrate your first tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden than margarita pizza?083088

And it just wouldn’t be summer without my favorite Key Lime Pie.007

While making ridiculously rich chocolate cookies (this was only half of the chocolate the recipe called for) I was remembering when I stirred bowls of chocolate 4 times this big on a daily basis. It was great.099

Okay, back to the kids. Once we were heading to Six Flags, and after seeing the crazy line to even get into the parking lot, we turned around. The kids were distraught, so we went to this place on the way home. It worked. They had a blast. 278275282284286287289

That day, we got home from our outings so late in the afternoon, we thought we’d just skip the nap, and go to bed early. We set up a little place for them to rest in the living room, and before we knew it, Alex and Ruby were sound asleep. Bennett, on the other hand, was having the time of his life playing with all the toys without any competition.048057050053055Alex was one unhappy fella when I woke him up. 059

When I got back from Utah, there were little roadways KC’s dad made with this tape. I decided to make a (very rough) hopscotch out of it. The kids have fun daily jumping on the numbers. 080


Heat wave! Of course the car itself was holding some of that heat, but still!067

Grilled Pizza! A summertime staple!071

While at our friends’ house, ruby took full advantage of the big box of dress-ups, sometimes wearing a few at once.072076077A never passes up a dance party.078

B insisted on wearing Ruby’s little shorts over his pajamas.004

He is also a fan of accessories.016

I must have been really desperate to vacuum, cause I never attempt it when they are awake, for this very reason. It was funny for a minute, until it was annoying and I shooed everyone out of my way!011

Wow, we made it to the end. Are you as tired as they are? I know I am. See you at the next picture party!189