Friday, October 31, 2008


Never never NEVER use mothballs unless you want everything in your house to have the everlasting stench of the wretched things. Seriously, there should be a warning on the box about what you are getting yourself into.

Let me start at the beginning. Last week I pulled out my beloved, gifted, beautiful cashmere sweater for the first time of the season. To my unfortunate surprise, there were three holes nibbled in the arm. I decided we needed moth balls to prevent this from happening to any more of our more valuable garments. I was pretty naive about mothballs never having used them before, but I thought they were harmless and everybody had them around the house. So I bought a box, and the instructions looked a little complicated. So I had them in my return-to-the-store pile not wanting to make any wrong moves with a potentially hazardous material. I took my sweater to get repaired at a dry cleaning place and she told me how to use them, so I put my fears aside and opened the box of death. I put a little stash of balls in a few old tupperwares and put them in all the closets I thought might need protection from the pests. The smell was a stench that could kill, but I didn't think it would cause any big problem. So I continued with my previous notion that everyone uses these, so it's no big deal. An hour or so later I checked on the smell in the closets. It almost knocked me down and was making me feel sick. I started sniffing things and when I could smell in on the clothes, I decided to remove the moth balls immediately. I left the house for a while and could smell it on myself. I was so upset, trying to think of ways to tackle this smell lingering in my house. When I got home later in the night, I was practically livid because of the smell. It had taken over. I went around spraying a deodorizing floral spray that helped for a moment, but soon turned into mothball, floral smell which is just as bad, or worse. I tried to go to sleep, but I was too frustrated, so I did some research online until after midnight. Of course I read forum after forum thoroughly warning against using the blasted things. I was fortunate to only have them in my house for an hour or two. Others were dealing with cars, clothes, closets, or furniture that held mothballs for years. But I found many possible remedies to our situation. So last night I made vinegar and baking soda mixture for each closet to help sleep since it was the only remedy I had on hand. The people that had bad mothball problems for years said that washing the clothes really doesn't get rid of it, so first thing this morning, I moved every article of clothing from all three closets outside or to the basement. Turns out one of the best ways to rid yourself of the smell is a warm ventilated area for the clothes. We are so lucky to have a pretty warm day today getting up to the 60s. So here is what our back yard looks like. I was so annoyed with the amounts of clothes I have. It seems like so much more than I need when I was transferring them outside.And here's our basement, since there was nowhere else outside for these clothes. At least it's far away from the source.And all of our coats are in a non-effected room, draped all over the elliptcal and hung from the blinds.

This is also a very expensive problem. I went to the store and bought a lot of the things the websites promised would work. This was a near 50 dollar venture including the culprit mothballs. I guess I'll just have to stay away from the after holiday clearances so make up the cost. This was much more important. Here is the list of what I hope takes care of it: charcoal briquettes to absorb the unwanted odors, extra strong dryer sheets and fabric softener, fresh linen plug-ins, a cedar scented deodorizer to keep away the moths and keep a fresh scent lingering, more baking soda and vinegar, and I actually had some coffee stashed away (used in small amounts for various baking projects, mind you) that's also good in absorbing odors, and leave a nice smell behind. How can it not work with all this being done? I'm going to leave my clothes outside for as long as possible today, and hope that nobody thinks it's a free yard sale.
So I've opened every window and lit every scented candle. It's freezing in our house since it's only about 50 outside. The house it down to 62 and it's even hard to type with my cold fingers but I'll freeze if it means I am that much closer to being done with this. I go smell the affected areas now and then and it seems to be dissipating, but I'm afraid that even when I think it's gone, I'll leave the house and others will easily smell it on me, or come over and smell it in the house. I might get desensitized since I'm here all day. But KC has a very sensitive nose, so I hope he keeps us on track with the situation. And I'm probably blowing it out of proportion, since we really only had them inside for a short while. But, oh man, that was enough.

The irony here is that I cleaned the whole house yesterday and felt like I could really relax today. Instead I have this nightmare to deal with. Soon we'll be rid of this dreadful annoyance, but until then I'll continue to fret until it's out of our house and my life completely. Don't do what I did. Use cedar hangers, or anything besides mothballs. I'd rather let the mothballs eat my clothes, and that's saying something. This will save you so much anguish. I wish someone had told me this before. I think it's getting better already. I need to go close all the windows and turn on the heat.

There are more fun Halloween posts I want to write about, but I had to get this out there first.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Dude, be straight, be true. What is shakin' and bakin' here."

I am pleased to present one of my favorite parts of Halloween time, The Blair Thumb. I understand this isn't for everybody, but it has me laughing out loud every time I see it (and I've seen it countless times). I haven't even seen The Blair Witch Project but a few moments on TV and this is still one of my favorite short films of all time. It actually made me think the clips that I saw of the original were hilarious since it seemed the thumbs had the characters right on. I think my family has incorporated many quotes from this movie into our everyday conversation without even thinking a second thought. Matty, I'll forever be indebted to you for introducing such an influential piece or work to me.

Someone made this trailer that has a few of the funniest parts, but not all of them. So if you need more, don't worry. Youtube has the whole 30 minute film in 5 parts for you to enjoy. But I guess I should warn you that there are a couple very short moments of slightly questionable material. But you'll probably be laughing so hard you won't here them.


Oh man. It gets me every single time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The latest tag

So, I was tagged by Cami, and here it is.

The rules: go to your pictures folder and select the 4th folder. Within that folder, you select the 4th picture and post it online.

Of course, a cake picture. This one actually has a good story though. KC, Joe Laura and I were a little foursome in our singles ward. None of us were dating (for a while) and so we'd hang out a lot, friend style. We started a tradition to have an annual picnic together after our November stake conference. And we actually did it for several years. I'd always make a huge French bread sandwich along with other picnic essentials. I'm pretty sure we ate almost the same thing every year too. The sandwich was a must. This is the cheesecake I made for the first one. The moment Joe saw it, he proposed. When I chuckled, rolled my eyes, and immediately denied him, he said, "You probably think I'm kidding, but I'm not." He sounded a little too serious so I'm pretty sure I awkwardly changed the subject. Silly Joe. At least knew that if I wanted to date him, it wouldn't take much to swing him my way.

Here are a couple pictures from that first picnic, just so you can match faces to names. I know it's not in the rules of the tag, but I don't care.

I remember putting my shoes in place of myself in the picture.

We thought we were so funny taking these dumb posed pictures. Sometimes being in a singles ward can make you do things that aren't really as cool as you think they are. (Notice I changed out of my church clothes as quickly as possible, and no one else did. One of my previously mentioned quirks.)

In this one, I think the camera had tilted slightly and the timer was already going to we tried to duck to make it into the picture. I'd say we did pretty good.

So, that was a lot more than you bargained for with a tag that only required one picture, but I couldn't resist a trip down memory lane. And since this tag has been around for a couple days, I'm not quite sure who hasn't been tagged yet, so go ahead and try it out if you haven't. It's kinda fun.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I found them. The perfect shoes.Dansko clogs. Others might think differently but, seriously, they solve a lot of closet dilemmas. I could talk about how many great features these shoes have all day, but Cami did it very efficiently here. (Turns out I talked most of my sisters into buying them too. I am very happy for them.) I'm in love and I think they'll last me a looooong time. I am incredibly grateful to call them my own. (Sounds dumb, I know, but I'm happy.)

Friday, October 24, 2008


The price of Costco gas today. It was less than $35.00 for the whole tank. I must be a miracle.

Monday, October 20, 2008

More webcam fun.

So they took these pictures of Mel and I at my parent's house yesterday. It warms my heart to see these, almost fooling myself into feeling like I was there with her. I saw these on Melody's blog and had to post them. I do so love my sis. And technology. (Hey I think Kip Dynamite has a song about that.)

Sigh. . .another birthday.

Yes, I turned 24 yesterday. Weird, huh? I'm in my mid-20s. I think people will stop acting so shocked when they find out I'm married, or when they here my age at all. Ever since I moved here, when I said my age it was so fascinating for some reason. Especially when I got married. People just couldn't believe I was so young and at that point in my life. My friends still think it's funny that I'm a few years (or more) younger than them, but they'll get over it soon enough now that I've joined the mid-20 group.

So, I had a great weekend. It was nothing like the past two birthdays when I got to have my twinny with me, but my friends and family made it fun all the same. It started on Friday when a few of my girlfriends and I treated ourselves to a much-needed pedicure. We were seriously giddy. And what made it even better was sharing nachos grande at Chevys afterward. They sang to me, and we shared the delicious complementary birthday ice cream. I was so happy to be with my girls. Sometimes, it's just essential that you get together and laugh, even if what you are laughing at isn't really that funny. I appreciate them taking time from their families so we could hang together. A great start to my birthday weekend.

On Saturday I was helping Jan and the kids at a wedding they were participating in. Jan was a bride's maid (matron I suppose), so she wanted me to sit with the kids during the ceremony. This wedding is a story in an of itself, so I won't go into it too much (a little 2 year old ring bearer falls while rehearsing and having to be rushed to the hospital for stitches on his head, arriving minutes before the ceremony, Iris, the flower girls, screams down the aisle because she didn't want wade to throw her flowers on the ground, the maid of honor faints during the ceremony). Let's just say it was unforgettable. Anyway, after I was relieved of my babysitting duties, KC and I barely made it to our stake temple session. I nice break from my hectic day. There was a sweet elderly lady in the session. In the dressing room I overheard her daughter-in-law introducing her to someone and saying she would be 82 tomorrow. I went and told her that it was my, and my sisters birthday tomorrow too and wished her a happy one. She was delighted and said there's no better present than coming to the temple. What a sweet thought. We saw some friends, from our ward and the singles ward, and went to get a late night milk shake and onion rings. It was a great time catching up, but I should learn that even though the onion rings look so good in the menu, and even better in the person, it's not great to eat a bunch of them at 10 pm. Especially when you had nachos the night before. I know better now. But still, a good time.

The next morning, that actual day, KC got up extra early to make me one of my favorite breakfasts, a delicious breakfast sandwich. While he was cooking and filling the house with delicious smells, I let myself relax and enjoy the morning, until we went to church. We came home and I got to open my birthday presents and packages. It was so fun to get cards, gifts emails, and even notes of my facebook wall from friends and family that are far away. I was almost in tears reading the darling cards from my nieces. I told KC that I really wanted a web cam, and guess what, he followed through. I was so great talking to my whole family, seriously all of them, via web cam. It was almost like we were all actually together. First we talked with the Turpins. Jefferson is hilarious. He always likes to send the winks and thinks they are hilarious. Earlier in the week Molly asked me what I was doing on my birthday. With the girl's night, and KC and I planning to go to dinner on Tonight, I thought we had it covered and didn't need a big thing on Sunday. She wouldn't hear of it. She was so sweet and said she'd arrange to have our friends come over and we could have a nacho bar (my friends really know what I like). I insisted that we didn't make it a birthday party and just make it a pot-luck game night like we usually do. So we did, and it was so fun. Molly made a completely delicious pumpkin bread pudding for my birthday cake. Totally my style. We got some Wakee six time in, and had a fun time laughing at the little one year old boys. I appreciate them making my birthday a little festive, even though I asked them not to. I then got on the web cam with the rest of the fam at my mom's house. It's so fun I can actually watch the the little kids grow up now. Julia is getting so big. I instructed Melody to get a web cam asap so we can chat on it occasionally instead of the phone all the time. It's just amazing to be able to see them, though it makes me miss everyone even more. Melody and I have only missed a few birthdays together in our whole life, so this took the sting off a bit, but still it's lame. We are going to have more big parties when they get here in a few weeks.

And it's not over yet (as if that wasn't enough). As I mentioned before, KC and I have dinner plans tonight to celebrate together. I'm really not that high maintenance that I need my birthday to last 4 days, we just have a gift certificate for a nice French restaurant in DC that expires soon. We thought this was a good time to use it. So the fun continues.

Birthdays are always a little weird to me. Especially the last few. This is the reason for my sigh in the title. I always just wanted to turn 21 and stay there forever, but the years continue to come. This hasn't been the easiest of years, to put it delicately, so that another year has already past makes me feel kind of unfulfilled. I just feel a little stuck. I don't want to get older, but I want things in my life to get moving along. You can't have one without the other, and I don't really have a choice anyway. Things are just a little different than I thought they would be. But this past year has also been filled with so many great times that I must remember. I was thinking while I was in the temple that I can't keep waiting for the finish line in everything I do. I need to enjoy what's happening right now. It's a bad habit of mine to always want to get to where I'm going without enjoying the ride. The years just really slip through my fingers so quickly. So since I can't help but get older, I'll try to enjoy this year even more. Thanks again to everyone who helped make it a great and carefree birthday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A few little intruders

We have recently been graced by the presence of a few little friends around here. Some pleasant, and others, not so. The first to manifest itself was this little guy.Yes, that is a bat in out basement storage room. How is it that I cleaned that room from top to bottom a few weeks ago, and missed him hanging there on the wall? Well, I discovered him when I was getting some rarely used dishes for a gathering, and almost bumped it as I was rearranging things. I was a little freaked out, I must admit, but not so much as if I was a mouse or some other pest. I knew KC would be excited to see it. He has some fascination for bats since they are not considered pests and eat mosquitoes (giving them a special place in my heart too, but I still don't want them in my space). So he came down to survey the situation, and after a few "Whoa, cool." comments, we were starting to worry it would wake up and fly at us or something. But as we looked closer, we noticed the dust particles hanging from the poor guy, realizing he was probably dead, and had been for a while. Again, how did I miss him before? Anyway, KC made some sort of bat catching apparatus in case it was alive, and switched to a zip lock bag when there was no catching required. I'd be okay if his friends didn't pay us a visit any time soon.

Another visitor, that I quite enjoyed, but this floppy-eared friend. We think he lives in the rubble in the neighbor's yard (old tires, garbage cans, etc.). KC said he's seen a little bunny come in and out from time to time, but I first saw it when visiting relative of another neighbor knocked on my door asking if our bunny in the front yard should be put in a cage or somewhere it couldn't get hurt. I just told him that the bunny knew the territory and it was fine with us if he wanted to much on the weeds. His daughter came over to see it, and I couldn't resist a couple pictures. I like this one of his ear up because he did that when I made a little noise to get it's attention. He was so comfortable and let us go all the way up and pet it without being scared in the least. He's welcome around here anytime.

The third and final intruder I'll mention is little Iris. Okay, she was actually invited, but I wanted an excuse to write about this cute little girl. I've been babysitting Wade and IJ for over a year now, so I really feel like part of their family. I brought IJ here one day instead of staying at their house. She is starting to think about potty-training, so her mom got her these cute little undies to get her excited. She doesn't really want to wear them, but she does want to take them everywhere she goes. I love how when she came over, she was so excited about the little table I got, and went immediately to it, placing a pair of the underwear at each chair. Why?When I was making lunch, I caught her playing house (talking to herself) a few times, and popped my head in to see. Of course she smiled and got all shy, but she actually loves to get caught. When I was changing her very stinky diaper, I told her "Iris, this is so stinky! You should go in the potty so I won't have to do this anymore." To that, she pointed at the stinky diaper, and said, "I did that in you room." I loved that, but when I told her mom, we decided, that is when you know they are competent enough to understand the basics of potty-training. I also loved doing these braids in her hair. That day, she sat completely still and happy the entire time I did it. I just love how it naturally did the cute little Dorothy-esk curls at the ends. I just love her locks. And what is this wink?! That girl cracks me up. There's so much more to say about this cutie, but I'll stop here. Now, I wonder what other funny guests we'll have around here in the near future. I was just told that there will be some in mid-November. Namely, Amber and Melody! Hooray, they are welcome for sure!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Trap Shootin'

For our mutual activity last week we went to the shooting range. A few of the kids and adults were experienced and had a great shot, but there were quite a few of us that were amateurs. I, being a always-take-the-safest-route person, was pretty nervous and initially only wanted to take one or two of my allotted 25 shots, just to try it out. But with a little coaching from one of the experienced young men, my 25 shots went swiftly by and I was actually ready for more. I think it was because I was pleasantly surprised by the number of clay disks I actually hit. Okay, it was only about 7 out of 25, but for someone as new to this as I was, I was pretty proud. So, even though I consider myself quite a girly-girl, I'm glad I can break out of my hair product, and pedicure ways to enjoy a little outdoor adventure. This is my girl Asanatu, and me trying to act tough. Okay, I'm the one trying, she really is tough.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Someone actually made it last night. A cheap version, I might add. I wanted it in Cookie Monsters actual voice. We still like the one Animal sings better. Pretty funny.

Oh, the power of Micheal Scott. We had well over 600 hits within a few hours of the airing of the show when people would google "Cookie Monster sings Chocolate Rain." I guess a new batch would arrive when the next time zone saw it. KC had a good time watching our live traffic feed scroll continually with hits from allover the world. This blog was number one on that google page for a while and apparently, that is hard to do. I only blogged about it so fast so I wouldn't forget what he actually said. And, don't worry, we saved our few minutes of google fame before the internet erupted with more people adding things of this nature, bumping us down. Who knew?

Cookie Monster sings Chocolate Rain on Youtube?

I laughed hysterically when Micheal Scott said this. Too bad it doesn't really exist.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Oh, sure. I'll do it.

I was tagged by Sarah (unless she meant another Emily, but no last name was specified and I'm lacking anything else to blog. Well, I'm sure there's something, but this was easy, and brainless, and I never have enough brain-free things to do. Ha!)

4 Random Things I Like About My Husband:
1. He'd rather look at a map, than directions.
2. He has nice hair (that I'm afraid doesn't show it's full potential when I cut it).
3. He watches the movies and shows that I like with me, and even enjoys them sometimes.
4. We have the same taste in a lot of things including music, fashion, movies, furniture, etc.

4 Movies I Can Watch More Than Once:
1. Psycho (any Alfred Hitchcock)
2. Waiting for Guffman (hahahahahaha)
3. Any M. Night Shyamalan movie. (The Sixth Sense, The Village, Lady in the Water, etc. I know, it's more than one. I couldn't choose.)
4. Return to Me
(Had to throw my chick flick in there.)

4 TV Shows That I Watch: (Who really only has 4 shows)
1. Pushing Daisies
2. American Next Top Model (Hooray, Isis is gone!)
3. Project Runway
4. Law and Order SVU

4 People Who Email Me Regularly
1. Jan (giving babysitting details for the week)
2. The Bank
3. Blogger occasionally alerting me about comments
4. Christina

4 Favorite Foods:
1. Breakfast sandwich, with the egg over-easy
2. A malt, Oreo shake
3. Huge, cold pickles, like the ones in Disneyland
Nachos supreme

4 Places I Would Like To Visit:
1. Ireland
2. Disney World (I've been there before, but I want to go again with KC)
3. Hawaii (same as above comment)
4. France. I have to see where my French pastry training began.

4 Things I Look Forward To In The Next Year:
1. Going to NYC!
2. KC taking his PE exam.
3. Putting a nice full Christmas tree in our living room! (We finally have a real living room, for a big tree!)
4. Adopting a baby (I was really hesitant about writing this, thinking I might jinx it, but I'm tired of pretending like I'm not thinking about it all the time. We're in this for the long haul, and hopefully we at least have a lead in the next year. Is that too much to ask?!)

4 People I Tag:
1. Melody
2. Lili
3. Drew
4. Cami

Oh, whatever. Do the tag if you want.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Brunch Time

I've been wanting to have my friends over for brunch for some time, and I thought conference weekend was a good time to finally put my plans into action. Conference starts at noon around here, so we had plenty of time to eat, and chill for a while before the final sessions. I put together a makeshift long table so all 11 of us (minus the several kids who crawled around or sat at the kids table) could all sit together. I was able to put the food in the little nook in the living room and I think it worked out pretty well. I love brunches. I love the time of day, it always has my favorite kinds of food, and you have the rest of the day ahead of you. It was a nice morning. I didn't get the quality or quantity of pictures that I would've liked (you know how it gets when you are in a hurry to get food out) but the pictures and captions should fill you in on any additional information.

After everyone left, KC did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen like a madman, and we were able to relax and listen to the teachings of the prophets together. (We were probably a little too relaxed-zzzzzz.) We enjoyed watching "The Pursuit of Happyness" on Netflix between sessions. And we couldn't resist a walk during the excellent sunset. It was wonderful to spend the entire day with KC. It's so much more fun to lounge with him on the couch with him, than all by myself. And he's a better pillow to snooze on too. It was a great weekend.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Now THAT was a talk to remember

I heard some good things in the little bit of conference I saw today. I talked to my mom on the phone when the boys were headed to the priesthood session. I told her I was going to catch up on a few talks after my little babysittees were snuggled in bed. She told me to start with Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge from the afternoon session. I wonder if there was one person who didn't get an answer from that one. He was so straightforward and exact. Christ is the only way. Any other way is madness. 

Thursday, October 02, 2008

What is going down here

As I was perusing my queue on Netflix, I noticed that they had changed a lot of their previously mailable DVDs, to their "watch instantly" list. And I'm not talking about a few more documentaries, or TV shows. These are new, and old shows that are big hits. Like: Dan in Real Life, Enchanted, Pirates of the Caribbean-At Worlds End, a bunch of Woody Allen films. . .I mean, I could go on. Go see for yourself. (Not that this was recently added or anything, but I can't wait for KC to watch Soylent Green with me.)

Needless to say, my watch instantly queue is h0lding 39, while my DVD queue is at a mere 14. Who would ever rent at Blockbuster again? Seriously. I thought we were getting our money's worth with a few mailed DVDs every month and the TV episodes I watch during my workout, and other show we enjoy occasionally on the play now feature. We will definitely be getting more than we bargained for. But now we have too many shows to watch and too little time. Especially with the awesome shows on right now (I've yet to watch last night's episode of Pushing Daisies, and I'm dying).

I swear, I do read and do other things. I just really happen to like watching movies.