Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall is my light

I decided to finish my latest read, Ender's Game, by taking a relaxing walk in the lovely weather. I thought that this would be the time that I take a moment to talk about how much this time of year means to me. It's almost hard to describe how the fall makes me feel. As soon as those familiar smells start to fill the air, and the chill manifests itself, it's hard for me to go outside without being uplifted, no matter what is going in my life, of what that day has been like. And the the colors start to change, and we all know how breathtaking that can be. Is there a better time of year? I know every season has it's pros and cons, but I seriously doubt that any season can top the beauty that the fall brings. For some reason, everything about this season brings so many fond memories of falls past. Especially the smells. The cool air, the spiced oil in my oil burner, the warms soups and cinnamon and nutmeg infused pastries being baked. . .all so comforting. And let's not forget fall fashion. The layering, the cozy sweaters, the boots (I'm most excited about my cowboy boots), the list could continue. I was reading in a secluded park, swinging, and couldn't help but be overjoyed with the months to come. It always comes and goes so quickly, so I'm going to take advantage of it the best I can. I plan many trips to the National Arboretum, and many more walks, either alone, or with welcomed company. I try to ask myself why I love it so much. It may be that the dreadful, sweaty summer is finally over, the AC bill will be dramatically cut, that it's my birthday season, Thanksgiving is coming up (I'm already getting excited for the menu), or Christmas is that much closer bringing it's own set of excitement and warmth. Whatever it is, I'm going to relish in this awakening calmness I feel as the season approaches. And, as odd as it seems, I love that it's only a short while that I get to enjoy it. It makes it even more glorious and makes me live in the moment, rather than take it for granted. It's almost like trials we may have to go through in life. To get to that light at the end of the tunnel, we have the make it though the grueling times first. I guess winter and summer symbolize my times of trial, and spring is the little burst of light that helps me know that I am almost there. Fall is my light. I can relax for a moment.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Quirks

I thought I'd do this little tag about quirks. Quirks are interesting because we as individuals think we are weird because of them and feel that others will think we are too. But really they are just what set us apart from other people, so I don't expect to impress of shock anyone with these. I'm sure everyone has this weirdnesses, but I like it better that way. Who wants to be like everyone else?

I get uncomfortable during morning shows. I know they only have an allotted amount of time for each segment, and I get anxious wondering when they are going to have to cut their guest off. Why don't they just plan for less segments and take it easy? Some of the stories are a waste of time anyway. I try to relax and realize I have no responsibility in the matter and it will all work out fine, but it always comes back to me.

I can't stand going back to the house once I've already left. Even if I'm still in the driveway. I've already locked up and and ready to head out, and I don't like the waste of motions. This happens time and time again. I guess it's better than forgetting something altogether. I even remember this frustration when I was younger and someone in my family forgot something. It's probably the systematic part of my brain at work. I got that from my dad. I just makes me think, how much time will that add to our trip? When would we have gotten there without the turn-around? Do we really need whatever it is we are going all the way back home to get? So many questions! I think this is most aggravating when we have a long drive ahead of us and I have to re-order my thoughts about when we'll get there. I'm always relieved to get back to the point where we turned around and pretend it never happened. I know, it's not worth worrying about. Usually I spend more time being annoyed about it than, the time it takes to actually turn around. I'll work on it.

I misspell "just" almost every time I'm typing it. It always ends up being jsut. I've tried to fix it, but it's a lost cause. Maybe if I typed it over and over for an hour, I'd get the muscle memory going, but I'm not motivated enough for that. I think my spellcheck might start ignoring it since it happens so often.

I make awkward silences even more awkward by talking. I have to learn that a little silence is alright. Then I can actually think through what I'm going to say next, instead of saying something ungraceful and weird. I think I roll my eyes at myself as much as anyone else.

I visit IMDB.com regularly. I have always been one to recognize a face(names are another story). When I'm watching something and I see someone I recognize, I have to know what I've seen the actor in. And I need to know right then or else I'm distracted until I find out. I think when I was younger I even thought a cartoon character looked familiar that I actually thought they used her in another cartoon. With all the prime time dramas using a lot of the same extras, I'm constantly making connections of who's been on what.

One of my favorite parts of the week is changing out of my church clothes. I go straight to my room and shed everything, including jewelry, then put my hair up and put on the most comfortable clothes I can find. I think it's the most relaxed I feel all week. This is what makes firesides, or other Sunday night programs so annoying to me. There's no way I'm getting ready again. In those cases, the long comfortable skirts come out.

I think I'll need therapy when/if I ever cut my hair. It's become a little bit of a hiding place for me. Especially with the bangs. I can be completely away from the world. And it hides wardrobe malfunctions and skin imperfections. I'm not ready to do with out that security blanket quite yet. And not in the near future. It scared me to think it is only a snip away from being gone. But I do love the idea of having a new hairstyle someday. As much as I love having long hair, it annoys me quite often. But not often enough I guess. KC wouldn't mind seeing me with another look on me, but he can wait.

I'm not a fan of the overuse of punctuation. What is the use of 12 exclamation points, when one or two will suffice? Or more that three points in an ellipses? I just don't understand.

I do not procrastinate. It's actually more of a lifestyle that a choice. I can't help it. I don't like to have to think about something twice before it gets done. I just start to get disappointed in myself when things don't get done (like right now, since I'm blogging instead of more important things). I still happens occasionally, but I stay on top of things most of the time. It's all part of enjoying life. Work, and then you can play, guilt free. I think this also goes with my punctuality. I usually have to really try to be late to something. In fact, I used to have the problem of being early to everything, but KC pulled me out of that pretty quick. Now I'm just right on time, which still makes me a little anxious. I like to have time to spare. I think it's ridiculous that people can be late over and over. You'd think they would figure it out.

I crave eyebrow massages. I carry stress in my face, among other place. I'd love to have regular appointment to have my face worked on. Maybe I'll look into that. KC is always smoothing out the space between my eyebrows since it's often scrunched together and I don't notice. He'll probably save me from a few wrinkles in the future.

I don't really know how many I'm supposed to do, but that's enough for now. It's pretty much like the "1oo things" post that went around a while ago. I think I feel another one coming on.

Let's hear your quirks everybody.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Ovaltine Please!

The other day at the store I decided to buy this.I don't drink milk much. Besides baking, our occasional bowls of cereal, smoothies, and now that it's colder, soups, I really have to try to use it up. Not that I don't like it, I just don't think to drink a glass of it during the day. We hardly ever, I dare say never, finish a gallon of milk before it goes bad. Hence this post. I would like to use it up before it goes bad though, so it's not as much as a burden to me and the fridge. My solution is this chocolaty drink. I've always thought it was kind of ghetto because of the hokey commercials. But the kids I babysit beg for chocolate milk all day long, and this is what their mom buys. So I decided I would try it and it would be a good way to use up the milk, have a healthy snack (or treat really), take in all those fortified vitamins, and get my chocolate malt fix for the moment. We love malt around here. I shake it up with my skim milk and I'm set for snack time (I probably have too many snack times during the day, so it's good for me to have many healthy options). I'll probably keep us nice and stocked with it from now on.

Pardon me for getting so excited about such an insignificant topic. Gotta enjoy life any way we can, right?

I highly recommend this film

These sweet folks really made us smile, and sniffle. I can only hope I am into something like this when I'm as old as they are.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good times with friends and family

So, we've had quite the couple of weeks. As you see below, my parents came and left last Monday. The week went as follows:

Book group: Tuesday night was our monthly book group meeting. We had read Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. We all had a few different opinions on the book. But we agreed that all the people are just nuts. It was a little dark, but that's my style so I happened to like it. It was nice to have something to listen to as I got ready for the day, or cleaned the bathroom etc. They have the book available on librivox.org. It was Christina's pick, so we went to her house where she had a great spread of treats complete with a chocolate cream pie version of "the moors" and fun size Heath candy bars. Too bad I didn't have a camera in my possesion at the time. A rare occasion.

I got to choose the next, which is Ender's Game. KC and I have been listening to it all weekend in the car and are loving it. Can you tell I like to listen to my book whenever possible? This time I checked out the CDs and the library. The reader is really entertaining.

A visit from Mom Robinson: The next day, we were happy to have KC's mom visit us for a couple days. BYU sent her here for some business, so she came a couple days early to spend some time with us. I had some great one on one time with her while KC was at work. We took brisk walks in the mornings with the newly crisped air (I am looooooooving the weather being cooler), talked for hours, and ate at some great restaurants. One of which was downtown, and reccomended by a friend of Janice. It was called Georgia Browns, that made upscale, down-home southern food. Who wouldn't love that? It was a beautiful night in DC and we loved the great scenery. It really never gets old to walk by the huge, historical buildings and monuments.We were delighted to have her stay with is. Janice and I agreed that it was nice that we actually had time to just sit and talk, rather than be running here or there, as it can be when visitors come.

Williamsburg, VA with friends: We left Friday afternoon and returned yesterday from a great weekend with some friends. We have been planning on vacationing together for a long time, and Molly finally put in into action. Her parents graciously let us use their time share. We stayed in charming suites, and enjoyed eating, swimming, touring jamestown, and playing games together. I got tired of carrying the camera around, so they pictures stop after Jamestown, but the fun continued with Cracker Barrell, working out in the great gym, mini golf provided by the resort, outlet shopping, hot-tubbing, and pulled bork sandwiches and apple crisp. We stayed with the Calls in one unit, and the Murpys and Millers were together. It was our unit's night to make dinner. We loved the crock-pot pork, yet again. It was great gathering around a crowded table of so many people with everyone trying to talk at once. It was like I was a young kid with my family again. We played more games late into the night. We found our people get pretty punchy when we are up late together. The next morning we had to pack up and each went to our desired destinations. KC and I went straight home and both took long naps to catch up on our sleep lost from staying up late into the night.

We loved our couple weeks of fun with our family and friends. But now a normal week has begun and life is back to the same old. I think we'll enjoy a seemingly uneventful week.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


As I'm watching the Emmys, I am completely embarrassed for all five of the hosts. Especially Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. They're pretty pathetic. Who decided there would be five hosts? Did they really think that would work? It's uncomfortable.

I have a lot more to catch up on,I just wanted to add this.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mom and Dad

We were delighted to have my mom and dad visit the east coast this past weekend. They came for an annual conference in DC, but we loved being with them in the short time they weren't wrapped up in that. This time we actually had enough room for them to stay with us for a couple nights (they actually had their own room), and then with the Turpins for the other couple nights. They were wonderful, effortless guests. They left yesterday and we miss them already. My mom is seriously my shopping muse. We always must have a shopping trip together, because I always have the best luck when she is around. We played games for hours on Sunday and all had a good laugh. We hope they come again sooner than later. I never like dropping them off at the airport (or in this case, the metro station that takes them to the airport). I don't like wondering when I might see them again. good thing I talk to my mom nearly everyday on the phone. And KC's mom is coming tomorrow! What timing! That takes the sting off a bit. It also helps that Melody and Amber are looking in to coming next month! (I'm actually starting to believe they are really coming.) So keep the visitors coming. We are happy to host! We miss you and love you mom and dad.

Monday, September 08, 2008

In a cottage in the woods

We had a great time this past weekend in Berkeley Springs, WV with the Turpins and Cottrells. We stayed in a charming cabin tucked away with an amazing view. It was raining most of the time, but it made it all the more fun. We enjoyed the hot tub many times in the 2 days. One time, all six adults piled in late into the night, another time I got in all alone in the early morning hours, and KC and I enjoyed a relaxing time in the evening while the others were putting the kids to bed. The hot tub faced the endless woods, and in the morning it was so foggy and gorgeous. We played games non-stop (mostly Password, and Wackee Six), enjoyed good food, and did some lounging as we either watched football, the boys play gamecube, or found something on the Dish Network that was provided. It was just right, and I think we all had a great time. The little boys thought it was great and were always keeping themselves occupied in the gameroom attatched to the house. It was wonderful and only about 1 1/2 hours away. I think my favorite part was that I never even touched my make-up or hair the entire time. I could get used to that.

Of course, in true Emily fashion, I got sick while I was trying to get away from it all (this has become a pattern on most get-aways). It happened at the very end of the trip so the fun was not interrupted, and all KC and I lost was a good nights sleep (that we made up by sleeping almost the entire day that we came home). So I won't dwell on that.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A new tradition

It seems we have started a tradition to make ice cream on Labor Day. We did it last year at a picnic with friends, and this year KC threw an ice cream social for the Elders Quorum and their families. We figured it was a good time to use up the fresh peaches I picked. We had a great turn out, and way too much ice cream and toppings to go around with what everyone else contributed. Looks like we'll be having ice cream at another church event soon. I am happy to have quite a bit of peach ice cream left over though. I'm hooked.

And it must be a miracle that I only got one misquote bite last night. I am still recovering from 19 I got on Saturday from doing yard work for an hour or less, with repellent on (two of which were through my pants). so maybe they took pity on me and want me to get a little sleep at night. Or they were actually repelled by the citronella candle I had under my legs the whole time, and the constant bug spraying.

And I just wanted to add a picture of the blanced peaches we used in the ice cream. I think they are so cool looking. Like glass or something. I think all fruits are little works of art.