Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He Sent His Son.

Easter Sunday was beautiful, as usual. In fact, I was trying to think of an Easter that wasn’t sunny and gorgeous with blossoms and chirping birds. It must be that the Lord wants us all to really be reminded of His son and the beautiful world we get to live in because of Him. I’m grateful every day for the love and forgiveness my Savior has for me. So very grateful.

The day started with Easter baskets for everyone. We didn’t exactly hide them, but I think the kids were still surprised. Holidays as just so fun as a mom. I was so excited to watch them enjoy what the Easter Bunny had left for them. 003039007018015011024035027036041

Then, of course we had to take a million pictures of them all clean and shiny in their church attire. We didn’t get one family picture, but the kids are the best part anyway. It’s nearly impossible to get them all in a picture together these days. And when they are together, there’s no way everyone will be looking/happy, but I like that it’s true to life.

058B, R, A





We enjoyed Stake Conference as a family (we were late due to naps, and tried to catch tidbits of the meeting on a tv while in the nursery, but hey, we made it). Later that afternoon we had some friends over to enjoy an Easter meal together. Everyone contributed, and it was most delicious. I have to say, it was so nice to only have to make a few things, rather than the whole meal. I made the ham, egg salad filled cheese puffs (instead of deviled eggs because it just sounded more fun), and a frangipane fruit tart. The deserts were especially colorful (the other was a fantastic rainbow cake for a sweet one-year-olds birthday), which was very fitting for Easter. As busy and chaotic as it can be to prepare for and eat a dinner while you have toddlers running everywhere trying to undo/destroy all your preparations, it turned out to be a perfect evening with some great friends. 153167163DSC_2147171181

I love Easter. I love Spring. I love when the candy goes on clearance (I haven’t yet eaten ONE Cadbury egg!). Maybe next year we’ll be brave enough to actually dye some eggs and have an Easter egg hunt. Maybe.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

All in a day’s play.

I try to occasionally think of new things to keep the kids entertained besides our regular toys, shows, and routine. Don’t we all? I probably need the change as much as they do, if not more. While KC’s mom was here we were discussing new, low stress ways (cause things like the park can be very stressful to a mom in charge of three one-year-olds) to have fun with the kids. She mentioned a sand and water table. I knew immediately that it would be a bit with the kids. But Then I remembered my sister Cami getting some long storage containers and filling them with sand and water, fulfilling the exact purpose. And then there is more room for everyone to play, not to mention being significantly cheaper. So I gathered a few things here and there, and set it up in our screened-in patio. I opened the gate to the kitchen, which made my babies pretty excited to enter that forbidden territory, and led them outside. They were ecstatic. First they just surveyed the room, and touched everything they could reach. Then they eyed the sand. In no time, Ruby was eating the stuff by the handful, and wouldn’t stop. Gross. Since they seemed more interesting in the water anyway, we closed that up for the time being, and let them splash away. They were in playtime heaven. .  002005014037048

We learned the next time we went out to just take off their clothes first.076069150

And even though they didn’t like the idea of going inside, we took them all to have a nice bubble bath after, which just extended the playtime in their minds.DSC_1988

I can’t wait to use the patio all summer. Think of all the sunscreen I don’t have to apply, and all the mosquitoes I don’t have to swat away. We’ll probably just bring their pool in there too. And many thanks to whoever decided to install a ceiling fan in there.

Another idea I had the other day was going to an outdoor mall I love. I remembered they have a play area for kids that I’ve always just walked by as I shopped, never thinking twice about it. But I realized it might be just right for us now. In general, I don’t like the idea of play places. All they look like to me is a petri dish of germs. And my kids haven’t been old enough for them anyway. But with this one being outdoors, and more of a fenced in roaming area than lots of tunnels and balls, I thought we’d give it a shot. After some shopping (successful shopping, that is) we let them loose. Ruby was so funny. I put her down to get another one out of the stroller, and she walked a few steps and then just stood there looking nervous. Sometimes she gave me sideways glances, and sometimes looked at the nice man next to her who thought it was hilarious. I have never seen this shy side of my girl. Within a couple minutes she was ready to take full advantage of this freedom, and started running around with a huge smile on her face. The boys immediately took off. Soon they were doing laps around the place.  They all loved looking out the fence, and climbing on the chairs. They made a lot of friends, and Bennett and Penny had some fun in the cool train. I’m so glad this idea donned on me. I think we’ll be going back very soon (which means I’ll be going back to the mall very soon, which could be a very good, or very bad thing.)006004017016018021022024026

I wonder what other age-appropriate, triplet-friendly activities are out there for my little ones to enjoy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lots of Googlers.

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you might remember that because of this post (which still gets hits now and then-ha!) I had the rare, yet very pointless, opportunity of being the first non-sponsored entry on a Google search. Well, it has happened once again. I only realized this recently when looking at my blog stats (an interesting new feature blogger has added) and noticed just how many new hits this post has been getting. I can only imagine how many newbies to IVF start googling around for information. Every day my live traffic feed shows many new arrivals from someone googling IVF protcol, something I’m sure I did myself when I was new to the process.

As willing as I am to share these part of my life with cyberspace, after a few months of seeing new arrivals from google everyday, I’m starting to feel a little funny that my blog is so visible to anyone googling this hot topic. Makes me feel a little naked, in the virtual sense. I mean, I never wanted to go private, but I never cared about being so out-there either. I changed the title of the post from IVF Protocol Documentation, to just IVF Documentation to see if I could take the hits down a notch. I don’t think it did much in the way of moving us down the list, but oh well. I can only hope that my experience has been a small source of information to those who needed it, and that those who find my blog are nice, well-meaning, (not scary) people. And hopefully those most-likely infertile visitors look at what is happening presently on this blog for a little hope while they endure their treatments. We’ve certainly come a long way, and I am thankful every single day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Pink Hat

In the spirit of Easter, I thought I’d share this with you. A while ago, I bought Ruby a cute little Easter hat I found in the Target dollar spot. Knowing my girl and how much she loves clothes, I knew she’d love this new addition to her wardrobe. And she does, but a certain little boy seems to love it more. Bennett can be found wearing this hat at any given moment during the day. He finds it, probably drawn in by its brightness, casually places it on his head, and carries on with his important playing duties. This has been going on for weeks. I always ask each Elise if she has put it on him, but it’s always Bennett who does this all by himself. I can’t blame him. It’s a pretty cool hat, and it fits him perfectly. It always makes me laugh when I see him wearing it unabashedly as he wanders out of the playroom. I’m going to let him continue to enjoy it since it obviously makes him happy. Here are some moments with the famous “at”.


I’ve pulled out my more masculine hats to play with, which worked temporarily, but they just don’t catch the eye like the pink hat.


Alex isn’t completely innocent here. He has been seen wearing it a time or two, and just today he was happily sporting Ruby’s purple sunglasses.


010(Then everyone had to have a pair of glasses to play with.)110115

But it’s Bennett who is wearing it 95% of the time. Of course this means nothing about the boyishness of either of my little men. After all, Bennett is usually playing with cars and trucks while donning the hat. But I think I’ll take the advice from my sister when she wrote about a similar circumstance in her home, and get some boy-type dress-ups, before they start demanding to wear Ruby’s tutus.

And don’t worry, Ruby does get to wear her hat on occasion. My girl does appreciate a good fashion accessory. 043038024017